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Am I the only one that love those places?
Or am I one of many that goes there once every few weeks .. just love to get a good massage and happy ending from a cute Asian woman ..
What are your thoughts of those places ?
I always wondered if there legit?
I would love to go and fuck a tiny Asian girl.

I have gone to Asian massage parlors many times over the years and it is the most wonderful feeling in the walk in, get naked, get on the table, close your eyes, forget about lives stresses, experience and wonderful (legitimate) full-body massage (some of the "therapists" are better than others)...and then...turn over and have the cute Asian girl jerk you off to completion!!! She then wipes it all up, rubs you down with a hot towel, dries you off, and (in many cases) gives you a hug and a small bottle of water.

It makes one feel like a King. No one gets hurt, the customer treats the girl with respect and appreciates her being there and making him (or her) feel wonderful, there is no exchange of body fluids (so there there is no risk of AIDS, HIV, pregnancy, etc,), and the girl gets to earn a living and provide a service that makes the customers feel better. The customer walks out of the shop feeling lighter on his feet, happier, more peaceful, and in many cases goes back to his wife and kids, or girlfriend, feeling more relaxed and more pleasant to be around.

Honestly, there is nothing wrong with any of that! Just my two-cents!
Do they ever fuck you?
bradshaw has the full picture, no fuckie and will not fuck....but oh what a relief it is

Of course those were the “good old
days” when life was carefree and nobody cared if you got a handy. Now it’s all “human sex trafficking”
and everyone involved has to go to prison. So, there’s that ....

I have never had full sex in a massage parlor. But if you treat the girls right...and with patience and respect (go slow)...they will often let you rub their tits and even put yopur hands down their pants or panties! It's all open to negotiation...just don't be afraid to place your hand on their leg as they are massaging your back...if they do not immediately remove your hand, wait a few minutes and touch their thigh...and so on. LET THE GIRL CONTROL HOW MUCH THEY DO.

The key to making the girl feel comfortable is (1) pay them a nice tip upfront...before the massage starts, and (2) go at their pace of comfort and don't push too fast. And treat them nicely. That's my best advice.

Any ones that people know in Florida?

I always wondered how you keep from getting "ripped off" in these places. While you're getting the massage, where is your wallet?

I always worried about it too
But never happened to me something like missing or stolen from my wallet ...
I don’t think they will do something like that because they want you back .

You only take in what’s required and leave your wallet in the glove box.

I've been to many of them when I used to travel. If you are a regular, you will be offered sex. Even if you aren't, a blow job was always part of the service. Some of the places I went didn't even massage you. The girl just got naked with you and played with your dick.

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Full body massage and oral to mf couple in Dallas, Texas. A gentleman you will really like desires to meet a male/female couple locally to treat to a full body massage ending in erotic massage and oral for each. No reciprocation required, but none refused---your choice.

Hey guy's its worth checking into.
Can anyone tell me if there are any masturbation clubs in Fort Wayne, and where they are located? Also looking for someone who gives a sensuous or erotic massage with a happy ending. If this is your profession, then I'll gladly pay your massage fee.
Foot Massages
Although I'm not particularly into feet as a sex thing, (other than just part of an erotic whole body massage) I too give a pretty good Foot Massage.. .. .. I'd be happy to demonstrate, But, I assure there will be more than a foot rub.:):-P:)
3 Mouths On 1 Body
We have done this a few times. It seems to work best when massage is used as well. There is nothing like an all over sensual massage to light up all the nerves and heighten the feeling before having 3 mouths and 6 hands bring you to an earth shattering orgasm or orgasms. It takes a bit of time when 4 people are involved but wow is it worth it.
Ass Worship
I love to play with a man's butt, massage it, kiss it, maybe give a prostrate massage. I can spend as long as you want doing this. If in San Francisco and north to the oregon border i would love to make you feel good
Hot Rock Massage

This is a spa treatment from the Arizona desert. Select a large, flat smooth stone, the size of your palm Heat stone in a low temperature oven until warm but not hot. Rub some scented massage oil into the stone and use this heated rock to give your partner a soothing massage. The heat from the stone relaxes and penetrates the muscles. Use up to 15 drops of essential oil per 1 oz. of unscented (carrier) oil. Start with less drops, you can always add more. Try Sweet Almond, Grapeseed or Apricot Oil as your carrier oil.

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