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Great new interest ... never had a real dick that was 12 inch or more, but I sure have some dildo's I like playing with that are 12 inches or more ...
My largest so far is 11x7... Man, what a treat that was... It was also my first - when I was 19... I'm now 48...
I have to say I've been very fortunate to have had some really large cocks both down my throat and up my ass. As you might expect the larger ones were all black.... I know what a surprise!!! I have had 12, some 10 or 11 inches, and a couple 9 inchers.... There is something very dirty and hottttt about sucking a big fucking cock, especially if the guy is DOM and he is calling me names while her fucks my face and ass. So if you're hung and want a great BJ and tight piece of ass, and you're in or near NJ drop me a line....
let me suck so we can have fun and sex
llets have a 3 some wen iv sucked you. we do any thing to do with sex
mmmmm never had one but would luv to fine one so i can play with it n suck on it all night
The bigger, the blacker, the better!! I love the 12 inches!! Kiss
this is my hugest fantasy of being with an black guy that has an 12" cock.i would love to try to take this all the way up my ass slowly till he works it fully in @ starts to piledrive my tight white ass. well thats my fantasy. i've only had a 9 1/2 " for the largest cock to plunder my tight hole.
looking for bf/gf

Would like to fuck guy with 12 inch cock in austin tx area
im wanting my1st with a guy white or blak want it deep in my ass
I have had afew 12 inch cocks most were black but they were all awesome:-P
My largest to date was a 14 inch one, it got stuck in my throat.
Like My Photo ? May - Be You Can Stop By Some Time If Interested ? Kiss
Wow... I have dined on a few 12"... not fortunate enough to have enjoyed one as a pile driver in my tight white ass. Very open to offering up my ass to a hard 12"
wnt one
I never had anyone bigger than 9". I guess that 12" or more can't be that different. I'm in Orlando Florida if you want to tear my ass with that kind of wood.
I would love to suck a 12 inch cock,anybody out ther want to help me out!!
I'll take your dick in my mouth while your bud plows my bitchboy fagass..Waynesboro, Va area..
When I Danced, In My Late Teens And 20's, My GF Used To Video All-
My Dancing Acts For A Portfolio To Promote For Films On The West-
Coast. We Went To A Big Event One Night Of Her Friends And Both Of-
Us Sucked A Big Hard 12 Inch Dick On Video. It Was On Stage In Front-
Of 20 People And We Drove The Crowd Wild! We Both Dated This Dude-
For A While And One Night He Was Out Limo Cruising With Us, And We-
Sucked That Hard 12 And Finally My GF Fucked Him And I Was Sucking-
His Dick Every Time He Pulled Out Of Her Hot Pussy, She Was Riding-
This Guy Hard N Fast Till He Pulled Out And That Hot Dick Was In My-
Mouth As I Sucked His Massive Load Down My Throat! (Yum) This Guy-
Came Like 4 Times For Us That Day. I Love A Big 12 Incher!
I would like to watch my wife get fucked by big black cock
I want one so bad
Will 10.5 work for you ?
12 in my bottom is perfect
my body looks skinny
Never had a 12 in from a white or black male..I want it so badly though..Would love to have 1 or many black males with a 10 in to 12 in or more use me make me suck them and make me swallow it..Then be passed around by all the black males and pound my ass with there hug black cocks untill they fill my ass full of cum .. :-D :-P Kiss Hug :-P Kiss Kiss
That is a dream of mine to have 10" or 12" cock to suck and fuck me. My wife took severl 9" cocks when we were together and swinging and I was not openly bi. Loved watching her small frame (5') swallow up all that dick inside of her pussy and then lick her after he dumped his load inside of her. Licked them both a few times and he fucked her from behind as I did 69 with her.
i want a cock
who wants to fuck me
i had one it was so fat and big that it hurt my jaw but had fun then i meet a guy who was bigger that like 15 in.all foreskin that was not much fun and gave up
well,i wish i can suck 1 cock BIGGER than 7"' never found it,i only have a 26" dildo,love my toys and thongs,,,
I think it would be simply lovely to have a 12" cock giving hard butt-fucking
I fantasize about big cocks. Don't think I could fit one in my virgin ass but I'd love to stroke and suck on one. The thought of being able to wrap both hands around a big cock and still have plenty of knob to suck gets me horny as hell.
damn give me a bas ass cock to deepthroat and then let my ass fuck it good
I want a huge massive cock to punish and pound my tight ass for hours on end
Never had a 12 inch but I'd love to try it :)
Have Bottomed & Topped a couple legit 12-13.5" cocks
And many many many 9-11.75" cocks

Mostly black, sum Latin, bi-racial/mixed,
AND even White

Had a young white guy when I was 21 yrs old, he was 18 yrs old
He was 6'1" 140#'s 26" waist
Cut 8 PAC stomach
And a LEGIT 13" super thick cock, I know nice I pulled out the measuring tape
I couldn't believe it,
And the head of his cock was gigantic, the size of a whole Peach.
We mad love and fucked literally for 7 str8 Hours, with a hour nap in the middle

We came 3 times each

I just to be fucked so hard can't walk & suck another big black cock & swallow every drop he can give my mouth
I have a nice 11 inch cock
I am craving for big 9"+ dick for getting fuck and sucking whole night / weekend ? any one available in Chicago ?
Last Night I took a HUGE BBC through a Glory Hole was 14x7 and Felt amazing in my lil tight submissive ass.
I have had only one cock he was 9 inches I barely took it but,if a black guy pulled a cut,12incher ,I would let him make it go in my ass,please don't tear me,I want to be able to continue receiving it all nite long and even longer,I want u to make me beg for your cock,I want u to hold me up,while I wrap my legs around u ,you have me in your manly arms,pined against the wall,almost like u are making love to me,but I also want it rougher too.Kiss:)
I'm still really new only having one man,that I sucked and then I rode him until he flipped me on my back and fucked me until he came all in me,I loved being pined down,with my legs up by my head he had 9 inches,I want a black guy with 13 inches to do me the same way,I want as big a cock I can find,I might just fall in love and become your sex slave do whatever it takes to keep getting big black cocks,I would love to be a male escort be paid to get dicks,we can be partners u get 60% of what I earn,I also dream about doing gay more same percent to u,I will fuck any of your friend,family,or who ever u day.perfect cock ,black,cut big mushroomhead,14 inches ,thick as a red bull can,might not can take it but u can work it in me until a big sack of black nuts are against my white ass, I mean your assHug
Looking for my first big black cock! Help me? Hug
A tranny that needs a 12 inch r bigger rammed so hard and deep up my ass and leave in my ass before u pound my ass must be in las vegas
I admit I am fascinated with the thought of sucking a huge cock.
I want to suck two 12 inch dicks at the same time.
I would like to suck a 12inch BBC till he cums then let him fuck my ass until I feel his big black balls slamming my crack .
i love make lust to 12 inch black cocks. i kiss n lick up n down shaft then i suck both balls while fingering his ass. i squezz n suck balls till its bout to expload then stop tweek the balls n sqesse the bass of cock slowly strocking upward to head when pre jism drips out of head i taste the jizm and it tastes so good i work his cockn squezze my nipples real hard then i insert my finger in his ass till he exploads n my mouth. i suck n swallow till last drop . the hot warm stickysalty cum tastes makes me cum.ithen i like to get slow fucked while my ass squezzes n pumps his cock. when he cant take it slow anymore i coax him to fuck me as haed as he till his load explodes deep in my ass
I'm so horny and I've been like this for a while now. My birthday is coming up in about 8 days and I just want a man preferably one with 12 inches or more & 2 to 3 inches in diameter to fuck my tight ass, but because of where I live its just not possible. I like black men with big cocks. I like to suck them too, anything big. Unless there was a way u could come to my apartment and fuck me. I've got a very high sex drive. I can give it for 7 hours or ican receive t. I like fucking girls too,but love is out of the picture for a while. I like eating a girl out.I'm shy about my picture being on the web. I'm open to just about anything or new stuff. I like kinky sex. I'm in it for pleasing and pleasure right now.
I would like to have a 12" or biger in my mouth and feel it get hard in my mouth and suck on it till its good and hard and put me in a doggy and ram his cock all the way in to his balls and fuck my ass till he cums and live it insid me till it gets soft then pull it out
I want to get fucked by a BBC in chicago
I would love to have 12 inch cock or two running my mouth when my ass intro to come I would love to try
The biggest cock I ever had sucked and in my ass was 8.5" x 2". And it was great and I would love to have anything bigger fill my ass up with cum.:-P:-PHug
Have a childhood friend that always bragged about having 12 1/2 inches...always made me wonder if it were true. Then, a couple of things happened.....One....on the day I moved into my house, he helped me move. We were both upstairs, and he went into the bathroom to pee, and left the door open. As i came out of the bedroom, i saw him unzip and whip out a huge 8 inch soft piece of meat. As he was standing there peeing, the sunlight was coming thru the window and shining right on his big cock. I could see little details like the big veins that circuled his dick...the slightly reddish head that looked like a firemans helmet. The fact it was very thick, over 2 inches wide in the middle, and thicker at the base than the head. it had to be almost 3 inches wide at the base.

The second thing that happened was that about a year after that incident, he had moved to Cinncinnati. Now, one thing was he liked to get druck....and then call me up and tell me about his sex life. Why? I have no idea....but it was titillating....I used to put my wife on the other extention to listen and then, after he hung up...we would try to duplicate his was quite a turnon for both of us. Once he told me about his GF's, I told him, my wife had watched a John Holmes movie about double penetration, and from then on, she had always had a fantasy about a 3 some with 2 guys, one with a huge dick. He told me, well... Ive got 12 1/2 inches...I laughed and said yeah right...I said NO ONE has 12 inches....he put his GF on the line...and she told me that when he got hard, he was so long and thick, that she had thought about getting her teeth pulled because she had a hard time sucking his cock. Of course, I told my wife about that conversation, and we had a grand fucking time...she was extrememly turned on, very wet and hot.

The third thing was that a couple of years later, he had then moved to Michigan. Every now and then, he would send me a meme or a cartoon eluding to me have a small dick. He had never seen it. So one night about 2 years ago, he sent me a picture of a guy with a 1 inch cock, and asked me if this was me? I wrote back and assured him, I am much bigger than that, and told him that since he was always bragging about his huge dick, he should send some pics of it, and who knows he might get my wife has been wanting to see it for 20 years!!! Within an hour, he sent me some pics of it and I have to admit, it was still huge. I had never seen it fully erect, but there it was ...looking to be at least 11 inches or more, ...and vieny, with a reddish head. Did I mention my friend is black? Now, I showed the wife and yes, once again, we had a pretty good session. Of course, now, he's in North Dakota...even farther the chance of us seeing it person is slim...but we have our pics and memories!!

What I didnt know was that all this time, he was a swinger. He never mentioned it. I dont remember how the subject came up...but somehow, he had mentioned having a party at this new house. I said it's too bad Im still in Philly, as I would have loved to have come. He laughed and said "oh you would cum alright. There was a lot of pussy here." I asked him what kind of party was this? He then told me he was a swinger...and they had regular swapping partys all the time. Wow! I never knew...
I would love to take any of you. Let me know if you would fuck me.:)Kiss
. I lost my virginity to a 10 in cock he got me drunk and talk me in to sucking his cock he was 45 and I was 19 I told him I was fucked up my ass before he told me that it was going to hurt and it took him a minute to get a nice his big thick cock in me but he did I begged him to stop he fucked me like a whore all night then when I started enjoying it he showed me how to deep throat his cock then he made me Saw
SORRY I'll finish the story he made me swallow his cum then he had me ride his cock I've never been fucked like that and I wil never forget it
I was 15 when I was fucked by neighbor upstairs. It was 12in of massive thick meat and the head was unreal..He asked me to go to the store for him and when I came back he was naked and said cum in and locked the door..His cock was brick hard sticking str8 out.. My pussy was sooo wet and i wanted that dick BAD..I was always a hot in the pants lol having sex at a very young age. But tis man Larkin was a hot white man and always winked at me and show me the hard print of his dick in his pants..I was always big for my age and it threw everybody off..At 13 looking like i was 18..He sat next to me touching my thighs up to my pussy.Then i stood up and took off all my clothes..We laid on the carpet and did 69 then he said get on all 4 and eat my asshole from the back and i flooded his mouth with my cum.He then fucked me doggie and i swear it was so big i cried in pain but he never stopped fucking me..Call me daddy Larkin said and ill stop.I called him daddy and he just fucked me harder and harder.He came all in my pussy got up and said drink this Voldka it will relax you because we aint finish..I drank it all waited fro a white and fucked him like a grown ass women..I rode that dick like a PRO/HOE LOL..We fucked from 1pm-5pm jus sucking ,fucking and talking.. After that everyday after school i did my homework and went str8 to his house for that GOOD ASS DICK..We ucked for 4yrs until he moved to NJ...We fuck once a month now AND IT'S LIKE THE 1st TIME..We love one another so much and we always say we should've got married..KissKissKissKissKissK iss
I want a BBC inside my married pussy in front of my husband in Panama city fl do if anyone wants to go for it email us back
i want a 12 in cock or bigger to be the first cock to fuck me
Bi bottom bitch needs hard cock in boipussie
Interested in 12 inches or more some who knows how to make a bitch their girl in which they never have any say so what ever takes place
I would love to take it in
I would love to have that in me
I would love to suck it and see if I could take it all
12 inches Or More on Bisexual Playground12 inches Or More on Bisexual Playground12 inches Or More on Bisexual Playground12 inches Or More on Bisexual Playground

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