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10 Inch Cock

I never met a cock too big to sit on for a great slow ride! Where are all the 10" cocks that want a turn?
I sure could use a 10 incher, just to climb slowly on it and ride it until I cum and then squirt and it squirts? Oh yeah, daddy I am home
We would love to share a nice big 10incher!!!!!:-P
Well, i have a 9 - 9 1/2 inch cock... close!:-D
Bi male, 52 years old, Bham Area, Masculine, But love to bottom and sub. Would like to meet men with extra large cocks, to ram my ass and more. Open for suggestions.
im close
I would love to suck on a 10 inch cock, for as long as it took to fill my mouth with hot cum....The excitement alone, just hinking about it, makes me hard.... :-P
I would love to suck on a 10 inch cock, for as long as it took to fill my mouth with hot cum....The excitement alone, just thinking about it, makes me hard.... :-P
after bein forced to suck ur cock u use the belt wrapped around my bald submissive dink as a leash pulled very tightly so it pulls my cock right back..bend me over ..lube me so im sloppy and then u pull the belt bringin my tight virgin ass closer to ur cock and fuck me as u please :-P
I have yet to meet someone with an actual 10-inch dick, thick with nice balls for me to suck. I currently have a 10-inch dildo named "Bruiser" that i got from an ex about 3 years ago, right before we broke up. Despite my waning sex life (voluntarily), I'm never lonely. I have a nice collection of sex toys, but "Bruiser" is 1st in command. I'd love to share him with another bi female. Kiss
A nice 10+ inches of nice hard cock!!! MMMMMM I have watched the Mrs. Suck and fuck 10 inches of nice hard black cock...DAMN!!! That was so exciting, plus the freaking HUGE amount of hot cum that they shot all over her face and in her mouth...WOW!!! Then it happened for me, last night....we had some friends over for dinner...neither one of us knew that the other couple was Bisexual. Well, after dinner, the ladies were getting ready to go out with us guys to go dancing and drinking. Well, we (the guys) heard laughing and giggling coming from the bedroom. We knocked on the door and they said for us to come in. Boy what a surprise we got, they were both naked and on the bed, playing with my wifes "toys". He said, well Hell, lets not waste any more time, lets join the fun. So we got naked and joined them. He dove straight for my wifes pussy and me for his wife. Then after a little sack at the "Y", I felt some sucking my cock, I looked down ad it was him!!! When I got a real good look at his cock, my jaw dropped. He cock measured 11.75 inches!!! He said to me "Go for it" and boy did I. He fucked my mouth and throat with it and then said that he wanted to fuck my ass and I broke the speed record for getting on my hands and knees. He fucked me for over an hour, the whole time my wife and his were video taping the whole thing. When he got ready to cum, he pulled out of my ass and slide the head of his cock back into my mouth and started shooting, all in my mouth and all over my face. Needless to say we ALL had a Great time and they are cumming back tomorrow!!! Can't wait!!!
Any guys 10 inches or bigger who want to fuck my throat and tap this white ass with an ultra tight hole.
Looking for a well hung white guy that wants to be sucked on a regular basis in Clayton NC must be clean and discrete
I love to roll play with m/m/m and me. I love it when 2 pin me down and the other has his way as they spread eagle me as if I did not want it!!!!!!!! I have yet to get a 10in cock in me!! Mmmmmmmmmmmm I hope to have one some day, The bigest I have had is 9+ in It felt great!!!!!!!! I want a big 10+ in me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyone got one I can have? Julie.KissKissKiss
I need 10+ Where are you?:-PFlower
Married couple would love to find someone with a 10" cock. Are there any here on the coast of NC???
lmao.. why is it that 99.9% of men with 10" dicks don't have a car, or live 200 plus miles away ?
funny part is I can actually take all 10". not 8 of 10 or 9 of 10 but all of 10..
indpls, IN.
who wants to step up . ? 4 real.
I want to meet a guy who can feed me his hard Dick. Slide it deep in my mouth. I want to meet a guy who will 69. I want to feel his hot cum sliding down my throat. I want to feel his hard dick in my ass.
i am looking for a black or latino man with ten or more inches of hard cock to ware me out must have athletic build please Hug
first time i did it with a guy he was blacvk and needless to say my nine inches was nothing to his twelve. i sucked it and he gaged me all night then he ripped my ass apart it was great
I'm looking for a big 10 inch Cock to suck, lick, fuck and have Sex with
I've been luck enough to have had several cocks that were ten plus inches
and very fat and hard.I've had several black men for lovers with well over 10 inches! One guy was a former pro basketball player (not a big time star)
and I met him at an adult theatre.His hard cock was all the way down to his knee! And extremely thick! I was heading out the door when I saw him...or rather IT,and froze in my tracks.He was very tall and very black,so I could hardly see his face at all,but I asked him if he wanted a blow-job? He said
to me "do you like sucking big black dicks,white boy?" I told him " it's the biggest fucking cock I've ever seen and I love black men". We found a dark place to sit in the theatre and I was on my knees in no time.His cock was gigantic! The head of it was as big as an apple and it was un-cut(which I love)
with a perfect shape,wide rim and deep hole.I swirled my tongue around
the rim and into his piss hole,while slowly pulling the rest of the shaft out of his pants.It was long enough to take both my hands and as much down my throat as possible...and STILL had a few inches left over! I went down to lick his huge,hanging balls and the haed of his cock was on top of my head!
I was shaking,as I tried to gain my composure over having a dream-cock
to suck,stroke and play with...all to myself! We decided to go to my place
so he could fuck me with that thing! He was a skillful lover and knew how to use that huge cock in my ass,too! He fucked me all that night and the rest of that weekend.He was a good friend,eventually, and we enjoyed sinking his huge black dick into this horny white boy!
I find it strange that all these stories about 10" + cocks sliding down someone's throat a bit over the top. Have any of you ever measured your throat and the diameter. The cock would be pushing on your windpipe and you would suffocate. A few facts;
the average cock is 5.1-5.3 inches, anything over 7" is really exceptional. All these stories sound like so much fiction. Also, the myth about black guys being bigger is just that, a myth.
4 the most part phxuncut these 10 inches stories does sound a lil bit over the top like u mentioned but about the black guys not being bigger is not a myth check it out at
like to have a bi male with a 10 so my wife & I can both can share
I'm looking for a male with a 9 or better to fuck me in my mouth and fuck me in the ass.
I have a 10 1/2" cock and no one in Michigan to suck or fuck it.
I had a black cock tht was 12 inches long and 2inches thick. I met him at a car dealership and went to his place well my car was being worked on. He let me suck that huge cock then asked if i wanted to be fucked by it. I was a little nervious about it at first but said OK he started in my ass and it started to hurt so i saked him to slow down alittle and he did once the head was in it was awesome. He fuck my white ass and shot his hot load in me. It was so hot that when he pulled it out on slipped my mouth over his cock and sucked him until he was totally dry.
any 9+ cocks from around Chicago. Let me know. This Hispanic Cock worshiper is very interested
I decided to meet up with this cute little black guy who wanted to trade sucks. So I dorve over and picked him up and we went to a motel... while we were driving I was feeling his hard on and I could tell it was 5-6", so I thought oh good this will be fun to suck on! We got into the room and I started peeling his cliothes off... his had this tight little ass and probably was like 120 lbs. However, when I decided to pull his cock out, I found that he had it folded in half in his underwear. Out popped this 10" monster. I gasped and he said "hmmmm, surprised?" I said oh wow yea! and started sucking it as best I could- his cock was as thick as his wrist, but I got about half of it in my mouth until it hit the back of my throat. I had both hands on it and still had plenty to suck. Soon he was moaning and fucking my face and siad "hmumpt! and shot his cum, but It did not show up in my lips for about 5 seconds because took that long to get to my lips. He tasted delicious and was my first balck cock ever.
Am looking for a 9"+ cock in eastern shore Maryland or Deleware area to share with my man...VERY oral....we're in Salisbury, MD Kiss
Las Vegas here, always up for visitors who are looking for some
discreet action. FOr the naysayers on here, i generally only have
sucked and gotten fucked by guys who were 10" or more. There
are many out there and I LOVE 'EM :).

Let me know if you're in town and need a "tour guide"
It was the day after Thanksgiving, and everyone was shopping, when I stopped off at the adult theatre, and quietly went to a booth all alone....I put in a 5, sat down, legs crossed, long legs showing...After a minute a tall guy, probably 6' 6" came in to join me. I started to stroke him, and took him out of his pants...I started to lick up and down his shaft as he hardened...he was 10+ inches, and I could barely get more than his head in my mouth, but with his cock soaked with my saliva, and both hands on his dick, I was sucking and stroking like crazy and loving this big long cock. I took my time, had to feed the machine again, but he rewarded me with a big load. I kept him in my mouth as he went soft, but still very nice in size. I love a cock of any size, and have only seen a few larger than 8 inches, but that was a very nice surprise that day.
I somewhat agree with phxuncut. I think the statistical average is around 6". When discussing experiences, I think a lot of people have a very active imagination. A 10" cock is exceptionally rare yet reading posting like these would make it seem as though if you didin't have 10" you are painfully lacking.

I am a straight cocksucker (one who ONLY sucks cock, romance is for the ladies. While I'm no expert, after having been with probably 50 different men, the largest I've encountered is about 7 1/2". Having said that, my preference for sucking is around 5" to 5 1/2". The reason is that I can provide maximum pleasure for the guy by having his cock completely buried in my mouth while being able to lick his balls and provide other tongue action all the while being completely as ease AND being able to breathe.

While pushing a 7" cock down your throat is not impossible, there is simply no way to breathe so any deep throat is only momentary and I guess okay if you like making yourself uncomfortable.

Give a small cock any day!
I've got to say I've experienced 3 huge cocks in my life so far...
The first one was 10 inches and had to have been 6 inches around. It was all I could do to get my lips around him. I DID deep throat him, but had I had to take deep breaths between each time I went down. I have to say it was an interesting experience and he loved it. I was the first that could take him.
The second one was 11 inches but not that thick around. I deepthroated him and then he fucked me. Just like the first, his eyes spun when I took him both ways.
Number 3? Well...he's just fun. When pumped up completely he's 13 inches and 6 around...enough to fill me completely plus some. Nope...I can't take that all the way down my throat...only about half. I have to say it's fun though.
Oh, for all of you less endowed men? Let me tell you...W I D E R is definitely better.
size matters!!
I'm sure they're out there - but rare
I never met a Cock too big to Blowjob on and have it fill my mouth with a load of hot sticky cum nor have I found one that I did not enjoy sitting on for a long slow Sex... ;)
Looking for a well hung guy in the atlanta area for fun:-P
Is there anyone in Rochester of Buffalo?
Must be clean and discrete.
I want to experience a big one. I'm getting all wet thinking about it.
10 inches the first time might hurt but willing to try anybody around indy area want a virgin nsa
Upstate SC: any man with a 10" or larger? please contact us, or if you know where to find one...
Mines about 9 - 9 1/2 inches...
Any Takers?
:-D i love to deep throat a men and i have had 11" thick all the way to his balls as his wife watched me fingering my ass and yes i loved that too silly
i can def take big dick ... if you or your bf has a big fat cock and you think he would get into slam-fucking a hot ass hit me up ... def into a dude that wants an ass that can take it so he can really let go and fuck the way he wants ...
im a newbie,all ready gaged on a 6.5,but on a 10' you cold stroke his cock and balls at the same time to get a max load
Interested in a well hung male to make me cum over and over. I am married.,.hubby does not know i am on this site but really need a good time..
I want to swallow a Black cock cum
I don't think, I have met a cock, I have not been able to deepthroat !! I most enjoy it when the stud fucks my throat like a pussy an forces me to swallow.
I'm agree with the guy who wants to suck black cocks.. so do I...
BBW here who craves a BIG COCK! You got 10 inches or more and live near Shelby, NC or Upstate of SC...Get in touch with me. I need some of that big cock. Prefer white males only...I dont care if you are bi! I will play with you and another male if you want.
Looking for a safe guy with an above-average sized cock as a surprise for Jill. If you qualify, send us a message!
I suck at my local adult bookstores every week and i am lucky I get to suck at less 1 huge cock a day, 10+ inches, and boy always a nice load. :-P
im looking for a big cock in west virginia to fuck my wife in a threesome 9 in to 10
I'd love to do a 10 inch cock! Just can't seem to find one! HELP!
I'm looking for a 10+inch thick cock, I want to find out what it feels like to have a huge thick cock inside of me. I have had 9' and enjoyed it.
i love to deep throat,and the taste and feel cum
I have sucked many of big cocks over my time. I never stopped to measure them. I usually I tried to deep throat them that I could I was happy. I don't like the little stubby ones as in a glory hole they can't get through the hole so you can't work on them. I had a trick on them that I slipped my fingers under their balls and worked on them as I licked the head. They shot a load pretty soon and surprisingly most of them shot a huge load. they were messy, but I always licked most of it off my fingers. The biggest one I ever had was at the motel on Dixie Highway. For some reason I tried using condoms for a time. He sent a huge cock that was half soft. I slipped the biggest condom had on him started trying to get him hard and working as much as I could in to my throat. That failed pretty soon as that thing got hard and swelled up so much that I had to back off it. He pulled it back through the hole. I looked through the hold and he was trying to get the condom off with no luck. I saw him pull out a big knife and stuck under the bottom of the condom and slit it off. I saw that thing break out in the open and I motioned for him to give it to me. He pushed back into my mouth and I knew what that condom felt like stretched out of place. I worked as much as I could in my mouth and he started to try to fuck my face. I don't know what I would have done if he had hold the back off my head. Lucky enough he cummed in abouit fifteen seconds and I had a huge load od cum in my mouth. I swallowed as much as I could and he calmed down and pulled out of my stretched jaws. He zipped up and whispered through the hole that he loved it.
I have a bunch of more stories as I said I have sucked over a thousand cocks and loved everyone of them. Hell I might of already sucked you off if you ever put it through the first hole at the Showboat. I would go in there and wait for the first hole nearest the front to open and settle in for at least a couple hours. I usually spent thirty or fourty dollars a day. My record for one day we 39 cocks. Damn I'm horny, it hasa been five years since I have had any cock ot split tail. If we can work something out, I'm game.
I have sucked a 10" cock that was as big around as a coke can and I found it to be slot of work and very difficult. I made him cum and that was fun but I think I really prefer small cocks -ez to deep throat and shoot big loads -lol
Are You Looking For A Willing Throat That Can Take A Rough, Brutal Fucking?..None of this gagging and making you take it out every 10 seconds..If you're willing to rape my throat..Pumping your cock deep in my neck..Give me enough opportunities to breath..I'm prepared to choke and spit up because the throat raping shouldn't stop if and everytime I gag..If you have a wild side when it comes to throat fucking Hit Me Up.. ..Waynesboro, Va area..
i love 10 inch cock
i have some hot 10 inch cock all black and always so nice
wow marvell that is a nice cock , i know i could deep throat that and make u cum
one night i met this guy at the bar i didnt know if he was gay or bi it didnt matter he had no where so he came home with me for the night we laying in bed i reach over grab his cock he like it so i am stroking it it got really hard wow he was really big 10 or better i know i couldnt swallow it all with in min.he cum in my mouth i try to swallow his load was large it was running down the side of my mouth i clean all the cum off and got him hard again i needed my ass pounded he open me up it hurt like hell tell he was al the way in it felt so good he blew another load gave me a creampie he stroked my dick till i cum then we went to sleep he was gone the next morning there nothing better then a 10 inch cock OMG
looking for a cock 10 inches or better in sullivan county in New York upstate if you are out there write me
I had a ten inch cock not long ago its very thick i love the way it stretches me and makes me feel mmm it is to big to suck i tryd so i jus feed him his own cum !!
Id like to find a young black man with a10" cock to seduce and or try to pick wife up and fuck her with me watching secretly! She is always talking about wanting to be fucked by a bbc! The biggest dick she ever had in her was 8" she said and she wants a 9 or longer cock to fuck her tight white cunt deep and slow!!!!! All interested and close to harrisburg pa or willing to set something up and give it a try get in touch! She is hot and you wont be disappointed
Not sure I could deep throat a guy with a 10" cock, but I'd love to take a ride.:-P
Certainly would be a pleasure to find someone with a 10" cock to love, suck and get fucked by in Louisiana. Very interested in seeing what can be done with that much meat to love.
It's good to be hung! (Mel Brooks voice=off)

He he he
I sucked off a big one - about 11 inches - a few years back - not so attractive face but when he pulled his pants down he made up for anything he lacked in the face. I was overwhelmed and jerked off about it weeks after it took place. I moved away and years later saw him at the mall near my hometown and we got together again. It was really nice - nothing like sucking an 11 inch dick to get you hot - and an attractive dick at that.
I love 10 inch cock ive sucked af different size cocks but sucking a 10 incher was worth it to me bcuz i can deep throat pretty good and ive been told that i give great head i can get 9 inchesat and i love big white cocks mmmmm if ur hung and close to the quad city area and wanna play get a hold of me cya :)
The biggest I have ever sucked was around 8". I can usually deep throat any cock stuck in my mouth. I would love to find one 10 or bigger and try to swallow the whole thing. Marvel that is one of the nicest looking cocks I have ever seen. I would damn sure suck you dry.
well, it is america after all everything must be bigger ,super sized or cocks ,hung like a bull and so and ladies the truth is as was told average cock is 5-6 inches.i had a 9 or 10 inch to suck once decades ago i think ,i did not measure it but it was attached to a mean jerk of a big in that case was not better.i love uncut fat cocks with lots of foreskin, i do not refuse cut cock just prefer skins on these if i had a choice.i would love to have a regular supply of black,or white cocks with foreskin would suck and worship 3 or more times a week,if anyone is intersted and will visit me your cock will be thrilled and adored in warner robins,ga.nothing better that oral sex with women too could eat a creampie with a black and white m/w team. mouth watering love it a big feeder is my ideal.cosmicman46
the biggest Ive sucked is 8.5 and swallowed his huge load in front of his wife.
Love big cocks. I get all precummy when I think about wrapping both hands around a cock with enough left over to put in my mouth.
Love big cocks. I get all precummy when I think about wrapping both hands around a cock with enough left over to put in my mouth.
Always looking for one in San Francisco north
Do me!!
I love cum and I love the feeling of having a huge load shot in my mouth if always wanted to be Ina circle jerk and swallow load after load after load after I love the taste of cum and a lot of it I like when Im suckn a guy off and he cums so much that I gotta swallow 2 or 3 times + it's a huge turn on
i have a 5 inch cock and just love men to show my how big they are compared to mine:-P
My fiance wants to see a huge cock in MY ass and I want to see a huge cock in her pussy mouth and asshole
My 1st experience was a 10 inch cock found on a chat line, only to discover I could deep throat all 10 inches without gaging... But the hard part was the realization that I really loved it! I found 4 others, not 10, but 1 was 9 and the other 3 were 9.5 uncut and black. It's been 3 years and I have been wanting one ever since the last one filled my mouth! I am here to hopefully find what I havc been craving for to long!
forced to thake every inch deep and hard
My profile pretty much explains what I am looking for, a mature masculine very well endowed male either straight, bi., or gay who is assertive and knows what he wants, and with foreskin-A+!!! I'm a masculine well endowed wht. male, seeking to service and worship this type of male in any way he prefers. I am fine with no reciprocation, as my focus will be on the man I am with, however kissing is always welcome, if not thats ok too. I have also in the past met with several other well hung men and we'd get together as I'd service and worship their cock/balls/ ass whatever they wanted. One fellow was a tow truck driver I had to call from work late one night. His pants were very torn and he was high and horny as I just stared at his cock through the many holes in his old worn and stained pants. After all was finished and as he stood in the bright light of his trucks headlights he pulls his pants down, and surprised me as he was wearing and old worn pair of black lacy woman's panties that were way too small as his large cock and big set of balls were way too big to fit inside and as there were many holes in the panties as the skin from his cock and balls pushed out through these many holes. the tow driver calmly explained that his wife caught him haveing sex with a woman, and after she made him wear panties thinking it would shame him. he said he doesnt care. he added his wife and he never had sex after his son was born, his wife saying that his cock was like the devils cock it was ugly and evil. i asked about this later. he said his wife hated that his cock was so long and esp. thick, and she esp. hated his long 2" foreskin and his large balls that would hang down several inches in their sack, and would slam back and forth when ever he fucked her. ( all this i later found to be true. )As he spoke he took a long piss only about 3" away and faceing me, he's saying how he notices me looking at " dick here." I said a bit nervously "..yea, it's a damned nice one, how big is it?" He laughed then said it was 9 1/3" long and very fat!" As I could see. He went on saying "Like i was sayin man, i aint gettin none from my ol lady my dick freaks her out, but if your liken it, fucker, its all yours!" at this he stepped up to me. I had him turn the headights off. then he suggested i get in his truck and we drove behind an abandonded store where we both had a great time till he came about 15 min. later. he asked if i wanted more. ( yes!) so he drove back to my car and followed me to my place where i put some straight porn on the tv for him and got us both a beer. hed called into work saying he was takeing the rest of his shift off as he was vomiting. instead he stayed at my place as i worshiped his increadable cock. after that he might call ahead or not, sometimes just show up at my front door anytime day or night, then stay for an hour or so as id service and worship his cock and big ol balls. he loved me to chew, pull on his foreskin, i did too. he finally moved to Kansas with his wife. great guy! If that is you, please contact me, we can communicate and see what happens.
ok take me
Ok I've been fantasizing about sucking and stroking a Big Fat Cock for many years. And actively searching on-line for the last 3 months (hookup sites etc...) with no luck.I'm not a club guy in fact I'm married but she doesn't know. Just about everyday I watch gay porn with well hung studs and of course I masturbate every time. I love to jerk off but I want to hold a heavy thick cock in my hands and mouth. Big heads veins big ball sag, I just want one once. I will bow down and worship your man meat. Anyone in or around the lehigh valley that fits my desires? Must be discreet
I LOVE seeing Ria's cunt filled by a BIG, THICK cock, ESPECIALLY if it is BLACK!
Like guys with big cock.
Reading all the post above had me thinking even more on my partners cock trusting deep within me from behind as his fantasy becomes reality. I want to please him as he watches me taste the rainbow for the first time.
I enjoy all sizes of cock. Laughing:-P
Someone send pics of big cocks
I want to try a 10" long but somewhat slim one that's easy to get my mouth around, then practice till I can put it in my throat. haven't had a chance yet. Longest I've done was just past my gag point.
I wud luv to suck sum cock:-P
I have a baby dick so I love sucking big 10 inch dicks.
iwant to suckmany big cocks
Looking for10" cock to suck and get fucked. In Lancaster,CA the bigger the hotter I get.
Male To Female CrossDresser Wanna Be Shemale
Hamilton, Montana
FIRST; ARE THERE ANY WOMEN or SHEMALES WHO LOVE And -Or - DESIRE TO TEACH a CROSSDRESSER in the Missoula to Darby area? SECOND; ARE THERE ANY MALE/FEMALE COUPLES or SINGLE UNATTACHED MEN - Or - C.D.'S Who fit the same discription?? I am for real, I've never Dressed for Adult play, But TV I love the idea of being treated like a Princess, and seeing where it goes from there. Sorry but your place only!!!
wish i could try my first sucking o Dickk
41 and straight but the idea of me going to town until i push into them and such them into my throat, and make them Blow The Biggest hot load of jiz down my throat..

from straight to a cock-sucking slut. God i want a nice dick to play with :(
I love taking big fat hard warm cock... drives me insane you know when a ten Inch cock is inside you pounding deep and hard I side... I cum like bull but the orgasm is so Intense leaves me squirming and moaning loud to mmmmm 😈😈& ;#128520;😈&#12 8520;
Never actually seen a dick this size in person. Must be challenging to hide behind sweatpants or running shorts, especially if you happen to pop a boner that size in them. Fuck, I love to see this size in person.
Will worship bbc 24 7
I love sucking cock and have never had a 10 inch cock. The biggest I have sucked was 7 inches and I enjoyed every minute of it. I would love to suck some 10 inch plus cock.
I love fat cock just like mine to play with and to suck.
Anybody in my area?
I have sucked 10 inches it was ok. I like suck fat cocks better with big mushroom head those are my favorite
I wanna be fucked and sucked and learn to please me with big cocks never had big dick in me ever but want one or a few to use me as if am a girl and treat me like a slut fill my boi pussi with cock and cum . And tease my clit cock as my cock just five inches hard . Ive done feminization hypnosis and I guess it worked cuz all I want is big dicks mainly black but any really . Treat me like a princess and spoil me and like a whore in the bedroom
love those 10 inch cocks my latin lovers had those,
could not stop sucking them,and two guys fucked my ass with them,itwas very hot;
If there is any bbc's on here, I would love to ram one down my throat right now. If anybody reads this. Please reply
It feel sooooo gooood just to touch ,kissing,suckin ,deep throat ,love to find one in orange county
5-11 160 age 60 want to suck a 8 inch black cock
I have prob the tiniest cock in this whole group. I love seeing big cocks fucking women and men. Love watch them dominate and I get hot thinking about it. Of course i love watching porn with big black and straight. No one can grow them like that and when a BBC is stretching out a white girls pussy in front of her boyfriend and his little pink dick, I get as big as my little one can get.
Never had any experience with a man but I would love to see what I could do with a cock that big.I'm looking forward to getting fucked gently and slow and deep as I fuck another guy or girl in the ass or get a blowjob while taking that dick deep in my ass.
Mmmm" I love any cock 7 inches & larger, I have had sex with men who had 6" cocks, was okay" 7" cocks was thrilling & pleasing, 10" cocks was like wow" Ohhh" Dammit this is fucking great" & 14" cocks was Oh" Holy Crap" It was to big for my mouth" But O.M.G I Absolutely Loved Having It Spread My Tight Little Brown Eye Completely Out Of Shape, But I Truly Loved Having Anal Sex With Him For About 12 Or 13 Hour's... But I will have man on man sexual encounter's, Check my profile out" I have to have an attraction in order for me to have sex with you..
Never had a cock bigger than 7.
I'm a total virgin to any dick over 6 inches. I'm growing my breasts and shrinking my little white dick. I want to please real men. Men with man size Cocks. Please take it slow. I'm real tight. Force me to deep throat every inch of your Cock. To swallow your fresh hot Cum. I want your 10" Cock to stretch my colon and fill it with hot Seed. Lindawantabe
I have never sucked a cock yet but i practice with a 10 inch dildo and
i can deep throat it with very little gagging, I also have had it in my ass as well, I am ready to make my fantacy come true. I would like to try to swallow you hot cum.
I'm looking to get fucked in my ass far my cock is locked in chastity and I'm a chastised Sissy slave whore far big cocks bigger than 10 inches please I want you to rip my ass whole and fuck it so hard you make me cry and beg you to stop but you only give me more than I ever thought possible!|8B
I have had some big dick in mouth an ass that looks good to me
Looking for big cocks In Ohio please
I dream about sucking a cock that big, and then getting my boi pussy reamed. The biggest cock that I've had to suck, and get fucked by was 8''.:)
I can deep throat.
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