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2 Cocks In 1 Pussy

two or more cocks in one pussy
I have tried this before with a couple. We met through another website and got together at a hotel. It started out with the wife giving double bjs to her husband and I but soon moved on to me in her pussy. Before we had met we had discussed a double pussy penetration. I was curious to try it and soon enough her husband moved in from behind her and stuffed his cock into her pussy with mine. It was very tight and I barely moved as he fucked her pussy. I could feel his cock head rub the length of my cock as we were both inside her pussy. zThe woman loved it and when she orgasmed we could feel her pussy squeeze our cocks. Soon after i came in her pussy all over his cock and kept pumping until i felt him cum over my cock in her pussy. so dirty and so satisfying. we fucked several more times that night and her pussy felt two cocks several more times. i have wanted to do it again and want to find a couple interested. My fantasy is for the girl to orgasm squeezing both our rubbing cocks into ejaculating over our cocks and into her pussy. i dont want to sound too dirty but i would love to fulfill this fantasy.
I've experienced DV before several times. It was very pleasurable for all three of us. Once the female relaxes after the first few seconds of penetration, things really get rocking!
I want to have my cock in a nice warm pussy ,at the same time with another cock , both together, massaging her inner walls in and out bringing her to a new experience as the excitement rises, my cock against his cock against her pussy and then we all cum at the same time . and so I add this new to the journal.
I would love to have my dick and some guy in a nice hot pussy so I can feel his cock rubbing on me as we fuck his and to feel him cum in her so his cum will cover my cock and run down to my ass and balls and then they can both fuck my ass togetther boy that would hurt so good it would drive me crazy and I would not want them to stop.Kiss:-PHug
If anyone is around the twin falls, Idaho area, and wants me to join in , it wood be very exciting,lets cum together
i'm going to hook up with a couple in a few weeks and they are interested in doing a dv. i'm open to the experience, since i've never actually done this before, but can someone tell me exactly what it is like from their personal experiences in this matter.
I have done this with a married couple and it was totally amazing for all 3 of us.

His wife felt a very large "lump in her cunt" as she put it.

He and I felt turned on by feeling another cock on the soft underside of our dicks with pussy juice making everything all slippery.

She came so hard, she nearly broke my dick.

Then she took both our cocks in her mouth and "cleaned" us up.

I can still see the smile on that woman's face in my mind's eye.

Helping people have sex like that is WONDERFUL.

We shared it and we loved it.

Y'all try this!!
This is a fanatasy of mine as well.
So... if anyone out there is up to it... I'm game... Perferably those in Alberta Canada!
Would love to find a hot couple to do this with.
would love to have another male join me while I'm doing my wife at the same time
I would Love to try this. 2 men and 2 Cocks would be exciting. Never tried this b4 and curious to what it would be like in my Pussy.
If there are any bi curious or bi men who would like to take on me and hubby that would be code is NY 12345
I want to feel my pussy and ass full.. dick fists whatever just full so I can provide all the come we need to have the men fuck and suck each other

Cant seem to find anyone to meet we have pics if needed :-P
I've done this before with my ex fiance and other female fuck buddies. This is INCREDIBLY intense for all 3 participants. Biloxi is totally right about this. It's definitely an interest for me! :-)
Mmmm I agree with everyone, I can't imagine how awesome it would feel to have my cock sliding against another inside a tight wet pussy...we both cum at the same time, his cum mixed with mine...and I get to eat the cream pie!
have had this experience before in a 3way and we all had the most intense orgasms ever love to have 2 cocks in my pussy
never thought about two cocks in one pussy before.WOW! Thats hot! I would love to feel another mans cock rubbing against mine while we drive her wild.Cumming inside her Then licking our cum off of each others dicks.Its going to happen to me as soon as i find a willing couple.
I was fortunate enough to try this in Vegas...... It may have stayed in Vegas but has not left my mind :-):-D
Mmmmmm, this idea is so hot! I want to try this with a couple in the north Alabama area.
LOL,I must say that it is most satisfying.I 'd rub cocks with any man that could accept that.2 cocks in the same pussy?Rub me!
I've done this many times ! I think it got me started wanting a cock. The closest I've come to getting one is a few well placed licks while sucking a clit that was being hammered. But I'm working on it !
Come to my profile and look at my think it needs two?:)
lookin for my first time with 2 cocks one pussy anyone interested in helping out
chicago bi male here looking for couples
springfield, Il couple looking for it's first double vaginal. email us if interested
not a better feeling in the world
Nothing more exciting than being in a MMF. Especially when everyone is pleasureing each other. Watching, exploring, and double penetrating her. Everyone sucking everyone else until the everyone explodes on each other.
We have done this and it is HOT, HOT, HOT! It was great for her and I could hardly hold back from cumming! The two cocks rubbing together inside a wet, tight pussy. It's almost impossible to hold back!
We have done this and it was awesome! Would do again for sure.
As I have had two hard throbbing Cocks in my ass at the same and Loved every minute of my lovers sliding their cocks in and out of me alternately. I would Love to have my hard throbbing cock in my wife's or a female friends nice warm juicy pussy and have a male friend join us and slide his cock into her at the same time. I think with both cocks massaging her inner walls that if she can handle this that it will give her a wonderful new experience....
Wow, Id love to try this, to see how it feels to be cock to cock inside a hot wet pussy. Always wanted to see how that feels
have done this with a married couple ones and i will love to do it again, especially if i find someone with another big dick! Can u imagine two 9'' in 1 pussy? just let me know!!!!! :)Hug
i really want to try this
Would love to try this...
I would love to try this with a couple from Henrico, Va.
I have had this i love two hard cocks fucking my pussy ... and cumming deep in me mmmmmm
We've done a DP- now itz my turn again 2 try 2 in my puter!!KissFlower
Anyone wanna help us out in Nw MT?
I love the feeling of my cock next to anther in a womans pussy or ass. It's heaven.:)
i would also love to try this.I want to feel her hot wet pussy slidding up and down on both of our cocks,and hot cum blasting deep inside her.then taking my tongue and licking her clean,from pussy to asshole.You know some of that cum is going to try to run in her asshole and it needs to be licked clean too.
Now This One, I Have Done a couple times with different couples successfully, but failed to pull it off more often than not. Unless I'm missing something, All Three participants must be pretty much on the slim side & long Dongs are pretty much a must.
Any Pointers would be greatly appreciated, because YOU are quite correct, The sensation of two dicks crowded in there & rubbing agenst each other is mind blowing & if YOU erupt together, O!M!G!, I had chills for fifteen minutes..........

Be Happy
D i c k:)
Humm, we had the best luck with this when she sat on one cock, facing the guy, and the other guy straddled from behind. The guy on the bottom had to have his legs very close together for the second guy to get it in, but once in, WOW, how HOT!!! Laughing
Would love to try the two cocks thing.... did two cocks one ass a couple times and that was SO hot.... would love to try it with a woman.
I gotta say this is definitely something you all should try! I had a hot threesome with a couple and they wanted to try this. I had tried DP before but wasn't really interested in 2 in the pussy but boy was I wrong. It felt so good! It felt so tight and erotic to be inside her plus feel his cock next to mine! She absolutely loved it! A bit of advice though... don't be afraid of using some lube. It'll make the experience that much better!
I've always wanted to try this, never have yet, any takers?
Dv is amazing I had two huge black cocks railin me my pussy was so stretched n cumsoaked I loved it
I have done and it is very erotic...esp to feel the other man's cock in his wife's pussy.

She was grinning like a damn Chershire Cat and we both came in her pussy.

She made her hubby eat all the cum out of her cunt while she sucked and cleaned my cock...damn hot sex!!!
I tried this with my wife and a friend. She was pretty drunk and very receptive.
She was on top of him and I was just rubbing my cock around her and him, and she said "put in it in..go ahead...see if we can do it" I had a little trouble at first because my friends dick is very big. But once I got some lube it went right in. I can;t tell you how good it felt. My friend came first, and with our dicks rubbing with all that cum an her juices, it was one of the best sexual feelings I can remember. If you do it let the other guy cum first, then enjoy the feeling. She went crazy with sexual pleasure, and was moaning and cooing, and pumping. We all laid back for a while, then my friend got her from behind again. After he shot his load in her again, I licked all that cum and pussy juice up...which drove her wild with visual pleasure at seeing me do this. Of all the bad luck, my friend moved away and married a woman that is not into anything like this.....Ahhhhhh! the memories!
I regularly see a couple and this is some thing that happens quite often.they are 20 years older than me and this really gets him off.He likes to feel my cock against his and he usually chooses to be on the bottom so my nut sack rides on his...the last time i was wearing a homemade cock ring which grew tighter than nominal and it took me forever to get off.when Finally did it was a larger than average load.
Any one wants advice or help with this let me know...Enjoy
i dont even know if i could handle that!! 1 is enough!!
One of my fantasies.....
Tried this with a married couple once. I had done dp with them before (one in the pussy and one in the ass) but not double vaginal. I must say that dv is one of the best experiences i've ever had. She was on top of me while he was thrusting in and out of her pussy while I was inside. His cock thrusting against mine in her pussy felt unbelievably good.
i want 2 cocks in my pussy ay offers??
this is my fav!
Looking for MMF,MFM in FLORIDA
I SO WANT TO TRY THIS! I've participated in a DP which was AMAZING, hoping to step it up to a DV sometime soon! The thought of all of us fucking each other at the same time drives me crazy!

In the right situation, I'd love 2 cocks in my ass! :-D
It's amazing feeling another hot cock rubbing yours and feeling the nice wet pussy sqeezing you together till you com! then all clean eachother up afterwards!
Well ... looks like everyone who's tried it likes it or LOVES it. I'll put that one on the bucket list.:)
My wife and I have done DP with me and a dildo or vibe before, but never with a real live cock. I'm always amazed at all the different positions people use to achieve this. It takes some athleticism, and a lot of control. I know that having half as much room makes things twice as 'stimulating'.
mmm i need a pussy in my fact mmmKiss
This is my wife's fantasy! Ohh, how I wish we could make it cum true!:-D
I want to try itHug
I always have to admire a women who can take two cocks and suck one too
this has been an ongoing strong sexual desire of mine to encounter with another couple. although a fantasy that I want to be apart of, finding the right couple seems next to impossible.

AB, Canada
I would love to meet couple where I could be doing his girl with his an my cock in her pussy at the same time.
I Have nevr tried DP in either hole but when i watch it in a movie it gets me so hot... If I ever meet a hubby that is into it and likes it I am going to go for it.... If not one hole I want to do both holes at one time... the pussy and the ass..... oh what the heck add another for my mouth 'cause that sounds like thrsty work and i do love to suck a juicy cock
I was with a couple for 3 years in NC who loved DP and they introduced me to it...OMG it was awesome and I can't get enough, they also got me into eating crempie and I love that too.
I love having 2 dicks in my pussy and have my butt plug in my ass at the same time.
i would luv to try it... Fl area
MMMMM id love to have a cock in my ass while im eating out the girl .....wishes
This has been my fantasy for a long time. Is there any couple near Rockford IL that needs some help double-stuffing a pussy?
Can't wait to get this fantasy fulfilled, anyone is St. Louis
Can't wait to get this fantasy fulfilled, anyone is St. Louis
Sounds like the perfect way to spend the day Kiss
We'd love to try this but my wife's pussy is way too young and tight for two cocks
Done it, love it want to do it again often!
Fantasize about this all the time... some of my best porn is dpp

NYC Hit me up
I would love two be dp'd. And the be sucking a third big cock!
Love it!!
i want to try it Laughing
go all the way
have done DP one front one back would really like to try two in pussy maybe someday
Would love to feel this someday. It is an amazing thought. Anyone that knows a woman's body knows she can make it tight again with proper exercises. And sounds so worth it. :-P
I really want to experience this. Anyone in San Franciso north to the Oregon Border
Wife and I were swingers for 10 years , which she got the better deal most of the time.we wife swap a few times, but most of the time it would be one of three pals come over and tag her. She couldn't handle a cock in her ass during a DP, but loved two in her pussy. Turn her on big time and me too. Even when nobody was over , I'd DP her with a Dildo, she loved it
That's what I asked when a guy told me he did DP in one of his partner's pussy. I was shocked. My gawd, I could barely fit one in LOL, let alone 2 cocks LOL Thick is hard for me, although it could have just been I wasn't really turned on when I had huge problems with one very thick (not long) cock years ago.

So I asked him, how did it feel to be with another man's cock side by side. He wasn't really descriptive about the feeling, so if you have felt this before & you have a great description for me, please send it to me.

Has had two cocks in my pussy and dp often! Absolutely a fantastic feeling!!! Best sex I ever had was riding one cock, one in my ass while I got to lean over and suck another guy off. Just love being uninhibited and all my holes filled.
Hey peeps I just want my pussh lick and fuck my ass and pussyHug
looking for a bunch of cocks to fuck everyhole i have...
boy chat if you want me to have your crock in my mouth :-P
ohh i want dickHugKiss:-P
Had a cock in my pussy, ass and mouth at the same time. It's heaven. :-)
The wife had DP two cocks in her pussy..... oh DAMN luv luv luv'd the feel of that!!! Now though how about some pussy on pussy
hi. ALL I do is hope someday to find a couple in Pompano Bch, FL for quick hot sex.. Meet once a week at your place.
Looking for a bi couple in Tennessee that want a big cock to play with
Hi there am vers bottom 7.5 ish and thick and cum loads bi guy looking for fun with tops or vers and women Manchester England for
Looking for two bi men to play with.
I've yet to have two cocks in my pussy. I've had a cock in my ass and in my pussy but not two in my pussy. Looking forward to this.
I want2 cocks in my mouth.
hello all I want to be one of the cocks in this two in pussy. wife took mine and 1 other cock in mouth felt great this is on my to do list two in pussy I want sum!!!:-PKiss
We are looking for a threesome message us if interested. Thank you.
Married couple here, wife Bi, I'm Straight. Both 30 years old, White. Looking for a Big cock fir my wife while we mess around.
Lynchburg Virginia
2 Cocks In 1 Pussy on Bisexual Playground2 Cocks In 1 Pussy on Bisexual Playground2 Cocks In 1 Pussy on Bisexual Playground2 Cocks In 1 Pussy on Bisexual Playground
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