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Adult Bisex Flash Games

Adult Bisex Flash Games on Bisexual PlaygroundAdult Bisex Flash Games on Bisexual Playground
Experienced with other women. Played adult games with other couples. Pleasing and being pleased is important. Like to play adult games that turn everyone on.
We are an erotic couple, he is 48, she is 44 and we both weigh about 180lbs. We are looking for an erotic, passionate single bisex female, or bisex couple,in age from 35-55yrs. We love oral, massage, intercourse, lingerie, toys, and lots of adult passions and pleasures. She is a xperienced bi gal. while the male is a newbie, but excited to do this. We cannot entertain because of family commitments, but can travel within the Ottawa area
I am a gentleman. I consider others first, I am not pushy, I do not curse or smoke and drink very little. I get high playing adult games. I like to please and provide pleasure. I enjoy woman to the fullest and enjoy men to. I enjoy all adult games as long as its fun to all.
Open, honest, ready...not one to mess anyone around. We all know why we are here, and most of us can be adult and leave the games behind. Well, the mental games...I can think of some other games for later!!
We are a happily married bisex couple that truly enjoy our sexuality. We are down to earth, honest and devoted to one another (we have been married for 9 years). We are looking for bisex females, bisex males, or bisex couples to share intimate experiences with. We as a couple are discreet as we have children and expect the same from our partners. One of the most important characteristics we have and are looking for in others is honesty and respect. We only play together and are very very open minded. We are both attractive but by no means a Barbie and Ken couple. We are looking for partners that are open, honest, respectful, NOT PUSHY, charismatic, and are fun to be with.
we are an open minded happily married couple looking to have adult fun with an adult female without all the games we are d/d free and expect you to be the same
Sweet, i totally get your point. however, some (like myself) do not want to put their identity out, at first, before having a better sense of someone.
i tend to agree on some of the glaring photos. and really, one tip: turn off the flash. flash is evil. so much is in the lighting; flash can turn art into porn. but then again, some like that.
to each his/her own.
i'm certainly attracted to the whole person and not just body parts. the manner in which i reveal myself just differs, is all.
and speaking of attractive, you're quite so, yourself.
peace, K.
are your digital flash photos washing out??

Those of us that have cheap digital cameras know that if you try to take a photo of bare flesh at close range you get a very washed out picture...

answer: take a peice of clear tape and tape small piece of tissue paper over the flash... This will defuse the flash and make you close in photos much better..
LOL Cindy will flash truck drivers all the time, I have never seen one that did not blow the horn and wave. I know I love it when females flash me,, LOL Men too.
Married professional Couple looking for that one speical Bi-Female to join us for many nights of hot erotic adult sexual fun. No head games no strings attached. just pure adult fun. Not looking for one night stands. we can entertain,host,Flower Kiss Hug. We love to take weekend or over night getaways..
I don't know of anything in F'burg either. In Richmond there are a couple locations of Priscilla's It is an adult store selling clothing, toys, games, etc. to your heart's content. It is NOT an "adult book store/peep show". Not sure which type store you mean, but hope this helps.
looking to meet nice fun people for you guessed it fun and games the adult kind lol


Adult Games
[color:Pink]We Love Playing adult games it is so intimate and can really get someone aroused. There are so many adult games out there that people do not know about and one of the places that they can be found at is Spencer Gifts which is usually located in most malls. Granted these are not the really good games but they are only as good as you make them. Check some of the games out and trust me even the family games can be made into adult games. IconU4DragonIconLRWolf
Married couple looking for that one special Bi-Female to join us for adult sexual fun. no head games no strings attached just pure adult fun.. Kiss
Playstation 2
I like the PS2 it is a great system to use. I bought it so I could continue my collection of WWE SmackDown games. I currently own all the released SmackDown games. My wife bought me SmackDown vs Raw this past Christmas. My wife likes the system for the Harry Potter games, and also the Final Fantasy series of games. We have just about all of them that are out on the market, except Final Fantasy 11 because we don’t play online games with it. I have a huge collection of PS2 games and regular play station games. (Yes I am a gaming freak I know.) I am currently playing Burnout Three I love the Crash courses and the Rage courses. I am not that big a fan of racing games, but demolition games are great I love causing massive damage by wrecking cars on this game.
Adult Games
mmmmm. love games, roleplay, card games, board games. so much variety, something new nightly;)
Adult Games
OMG People go to google and type in adult games they have strip testris with brittney spears LOL and lots more IconU4DragonIconLRWolf
Sucking Dick At Highway Rest Areas
When I was traveling alot, I would pull into a rest area to close my eyes for a bit. I noticed that some cars would pull in and flash their brake lights and a truck would flash theirs back. Then the guy would get out and go to the truck. I tried it myself the next time I was on the road. I pulled in and flashed my brakes, a truck flashed his and I went to the truck. His window was down and he asked me in. He had his cock out when I got in so I sucked him off. It was great. After he was done he said thanks and I said thanks and got out. I loved it. I did it many times since.


What they like best about the site:  gives a chance to meet others like me that are not just playing games.