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Asstr Fb Spanking

Asstr Fb Spanking on Bisexual PlaygroundAsstr Fb Spanking on Bisexual Playground
Mature male enjoys spanking sessions with others who share MM spanking interest
Safe, sane, older, experienced Wisconsin guy interested in spanking encounter with men, women, couples, bi curious, willing to share spanking fantasies
I have many years experience being a top/dom. I enjoy spanking both male/females, couples. light bondage,anal play,role play. I use mostly my hand but have and will use many other spanking implements to ensure full erotic sensual satisfaction. Safe and sane, no drugs.
NO MEN I'm 25, single, VERY bi-curious (have been since college) and fascinated with being spanked by another woman. Very curious about dominant, sexy women and why bending over Mommy/Aunt/Teacher/Boss's knee for a humiliating, painful spanking excites me. I was brought up in the old-fashioned ways and want to experience it again. Looking for someone to lovingly (but strictly) warm my bottom and heart (my spanking soulmate).
I am interested in meeting men and women for mutual masturbation and over-the-knee spanking. I am an exhibitionist and a voyeur. I love being in group scenes. I really want to meet some nice people who really enjoy expressing themselves sexually. It would be really cool to develop an intimate network with people who start to get to know each other. I am a Ph.D. student with a lot of varied interests in addition to masturbation and spanking.
I'm 20 and am into the spanking and domestic discipline lifestyle. I love to roleplay/ageplay with my partners. I am a very clean person,drug and disease free and wish to stay that way. I have an older man (he's in his 40's but cute) that spanks me,we usually meet once a week ,but also love girls my age or alittle older too. I need to be spanked infront of another girl ,then she gets spanked infront of me,then we both spank him and all of us play together. I love group spankings with alittle sex involved,either oral or anal or both. I'm looking for some girls that would want to join me and my male friend for some hot bare bottom spanking fun and roleplaying together. Like I said, I already have a guy,but we need some girls to join us. The more the merrier. Guys dont bother, GIRLS ONLY PLEASE that are into SPANKING and GETTING SPANKED and wanna roleplay as my naughty sister.
Wondering if there are any spankers out there. I'm in Texas and am looking for m or f partners that would enjoy turning this bad boy over their knee and giving him the spanking he needs. A good hard spanking gets me so turned on, you won't be disappointed.
I started enjoying a good spanking when I was 12 and my mom made me take off my pants and underwear and spanked me for not doing my chores. I became very hard and ended up having an orgasm. It was so wonderful that I would beg her to spank me. It eventually became a nightly routine after my bath. Now my wife and her lover take turns spanking me to orgasm.
I am located in Buffalo working. Have weekends off and am in need of a light spanking from a mommy, daddy, or both. After spanking I want to be forced into sucking daddies cock or eat mommies pussy. After which either or both can fuck my man pussy. I will dress up for you and do as you please to please you everything but pain. Please I really need this willing to drive to you lr we can play at my place.
Donna or Don
However you want me.
PS I also enjoy water sports
I love to read or hear other’s stories, at times more than porn. My favorite stories are at asstr dot org, in the ftp section as opposed to the http section, and then under Collections, and then under Kristen’s collection. There are other types of collections too for genre fiction but many would consider them offensive, and could even erroneously be considered illegal by the intolerant thought-police-types among us.
Actually I'm a Sensual Dominate here in Atlanta, I enjoy giving a bad girl a nice long spanking, I personally love taking a submissive to that edge of orgasm and letting them hang there for hours.. Till it turns into a multiple orgasm.. that goes on and on... Course you can't forget spanking the crotch too... Turns most submissive women into jelly...

Master of Truth
another spanking on the way lol


Being Spanked
I've tried spanking my self a few times I liked it a lot it would have been so much better if some one else did the spanking it would turn me on more, hope to find a volunteer soon, Please,,
Being Lightly Spanked
Never tried spanking, though I think I'd really like to! I'm not sure I'm ready for the full-blown THWACK! of a paddle -- skin-to-skin, hand-to-ass spanking is more my scene, I think. I've always wanted to give...and now I think I'd like to receive too!
My wife and I have had some great times with spanking. I really like to be spanked with a paddle, sometimes while being tied up. Not into pain per say, but like the intensity of being tied up and her increasing the strength of her spanking. To cum while being spanked is a fantastic feeling. Kay likes it when I slap her ass when I am fucking her. It really intensifies her orgasm.
Being Spanked
I would love to give a lady a very sexy bare behind spanking with others watching, so they get a very good show and she gets a very good spanking. I would even let a lady spank me to put on a show for her friends.
Being Lightly Spanked
Not in to spanking not one for pain. Ok
Being Lightly Spanked
We are spanking experts


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site. What a great concept! Hope to chat sometime!