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Blindfolded Straight Girl Tricked into Lesbian Licking

I want to explore and finally find out what it's like to be forced to be a sissy girl & become someone's property &used to make them $ selling my services glory hole or blindfolded gangbang or even a cuck type scenario where I eat a cream pie would be awesome or forced/tricked to swallow loads of cum
I have always been straight sex without sharing but since I am single again, I want to experiment with a few things. I have never been blindfolded, had a threesome, or had a lesbian affair. I am seriously interested in a lot of new things and want to check it out but I am kinda shy right now!!!
We are a sexually active couple looking for that next adventure. We are interested in a threesome with a lesbian or bisexual girl. As well as potentially, a girl on girl experience for the husband to watch - he wants to get better at licking my pussy and wants to see someone with lots of experience go at me.
i am a very attractive lesbian female awaiting another girl to fill my pussy with dildos and strap ons i love licking pussy and eating a girl out i would like to have any girl who will do this for me i am very naughty in bed with girls only i will have three some with one guy butt that is it nothing more so if there is a girl or guy and a girl or two girls im here and wet baby come to me baby...!!!!
All sorts of sex man men couples girl girls old young black brown white straight gay sloppy hard soft love the talking during all night supprises blindfolded
Two women in a lesbian relationship. We're looking for a man to be our slave. He will be tied up and blindfolded. We'll basically have our way with him while he lays there bound.
I was having an on-line chat with a bisexual woman recently, and she mentioned that she ofthen meets younger women who call themselves "Bi", and have sex with girlss, but are insulted or upset when referred to as being gay/lesbian or that girl-on-girl sex is the same as gay/lesbian sex. I'm a mostly straight guy, but the oral sex I've had with other men, even with the insistence & pareticipation of girlfriend, is still a homosexual activity.

What do you guys think?
a recent fantasy of mine is to be in a completely versatile bi orgy with a minimum of 3 guys, 3 girls, toys, strap-ons, etc. additionally guy #4 (me) and girl #4 are blindfolded. then everyone gets busy. who's cock am i sucking? who's pussy tastes this good? who's topping me? who's ass was my cock just slid into? and on and on and on. then when everyone is satisfied we play a guessing game to see if girl #4 and i can guess the person we did certain things with. oohhhhhhh... that was you!! i thought it was....

then at the next orgy a different guy and different girl are blindfolded.....
Watching Bi porn together can help break the ice too, or even "straight" porn which seem to ALWAYS have the obligatory girl-on-girl scene. That's the time to talk about it, even obliquely.

Like during a girl-on-girl scene:
"I dated a girl once who said she'd do that with me, but only if I did something with another guy."
"Why does there always have to be a lesbian scene in straight porn? Seems like if they do that, there should be a scene where two guys are 69'ing, right?"

Just conversational things that might stimulate the fantasies...
Can be girl, guy, couple, lesbian, gay, bi, or just plain straight. I'm in Springfield, MO.
Like Kathey and Nessa said this subject has been discussed in many forum posts as well as in the lobby. And I agree 100 % with them.
In response to DickPussy's post many straight people do play swing or what ever you wish to call it. A lot of straight people also list as straight even tho they do play with the same sex. I personally see nothing wrong with any of this, they have their reasons for listing as straight and I respect that.
We are both straight and met here on site, so IloveBP for giving us that.
As straight people we accept all for who and what they are be it Bi Curious , Bi , Gay , Lesbian, or Transgender. It doesn't mean we might never "play " if we should find the right people, it simply means we love all for who and what they are and do.
To my way of thinking having straight people on a site such as this should put Bi curious , Bi , Gay Lesbian, or trandgender people at ease because there are straight people who accept them as they are. Straight people who are supportive and accepting of them. Someone who can help carry the message that being Bi Gay and so on isn't a bad thing, but rather should be accepted by EVERYONE.
My question here is why are some people wanting to push us straight people away, don't want to accept us for who and what we are when we are so willing to accept you for who and what you are??
I speak for myself, Tammy. Lesbian/ girl on girl porn has always turned me on above anything else I watch. It took me a bit of effort to accept the fact that I may REALLY like to be with a girl. Once I got over my fear of stepping "outside the box" and was with a girl sexually, it was quite the arousing--Hott--awesome expereince. My opinion to you, regarding your woman is if she is aroused with lesbian porn than there is hope for her to go beyond just watching it.


I've never been blindfolded and I've always wanted it...I've wanted to be bound spread eagle and blindfolded. I would have no choice but to take whatever she gave me. If there are any women in the Rockland/Westchester(New York) area who would like to do this w/me get in contact!
2 Girls 1 Guy
I am a single guy looking to have encounter with 2 straight , bi or lesbian couple near Maryland. Must be discreet please. I have tried it once and will like to make it a regular lifestyle.
2 Women One Man
looking for two women bi or straight or lesbian I need them to take me and use me for their fuck toy want them to sit it on my face cum on my lips in my mouth and have use my tongue to any part of their body that gives them pleasure not it o bondage or pain water sport maybe ok don't know
All Girl Orgy
Just went to an all girl orgy last week. My friend works at a strip club. The after party was insane. One girl licking my clit, another sucking my tit. Another girl sitting on my face.OMG I was squirting non stop. Wanna do that again HMU NYC area.:)
Porn Videos
I love porn of all kind. I have my own collection which is straight, interracial, gay, lesbian and pegging. I also like watching porn with other people.
Lesbian Porn
Watching lesbian porn gets my pussy so hot .Makes my clit burn,All that licking and sucking.Omg anyone interested


Hi thank you for the e-mail. So far I love you web site just that what I'm looking for is for girl on girl action and I would really want to see it. Thanks again for welcoming me into the site.