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Cummingin Plastic Pants

Cummingin Plastic Pants on Bisexual Playground
I am a life-long sissy bed-wetter who needs to wear cotton diapers and plastic pants at night. I am certainly not the stereotypical version of a male, but possess attributes of both male and female. I enjoy lifting weights and writing poetry, for example. I am a writer. Prose-poetry, haiku and fantasy short stories. Most fantasies include being discovered in diapers/plastic pants and be humiliated, reduced to tears. Having bully boys tease me, and even (gulp!) making nurse on their you-know-what. Having my diapers pulled down, and sat on a lap with a big (blank) sticking up. Never experienced it, just curious.
love diapers and plastic pants
iam a single guy thay love to crossdress ialso like kinky play like wearing diapers and plastic pants for kink
Am older Sissycd submissive and pervy love dressing Sissy in shinny outfits pvc maid outfit and plastic pants and more taking chances of getting caught outdoors
love wearing diapers and plastic pants with little sissy girl outfits. Looking for a woman to turn me into her sissy baby girl.
Curious...tired of the "norm". Wanting friends who understand where Im coming from. A bit shy. Always been a wierd duck lol but, not plastic. I hate plastic ppl! A little goth/punk but know how to carry myself in the social sceen. Love to dance and NEED a little adventure in my life. Im in a sad relationship, but live pretty much to myself now.

Picture of lady friend wearing one of her plastic raincoats for me
When I was about 9 or 10, the lady up the hill from us asked me if I like to babysit her daugter who was 3 ( and a spoiled brat ) who wouldn't any girls babysit her ( or at lease that what her mother told me ) anyway to start with this lady had a real fetish for plastic I think as she always wore a full plastic apron ( real poplar in the 50's and this was then ) and had all her furniture with custom fitted plastic covers plus her kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms curtin were in plastic plus the kitchen table was covered in plastic, and of course her daughter wore rubber pants over her diaper, also her car had plastic custome seat covers.
Of course in the 50's women wore shirt waist dresses with stckings and garfer belt, anyway she would sit on the plastic covered couch to change the little girls diaper and would never bring another diper with her to start with but would pull the diaper off the little girl and then pull the rubber pant back up and tell me to sit there and watch her until she got a new diaper for her, I alway like the feel of rubber and plastic ( always a turn on for me ) I think she probably seen me run my hand over the rubber pants, and get a little chubby going, anyway the more she did this in front of me the more her dress was up as time went on and the more she let me see up her dress, she always wore shear color nylon panties and had some that had the days of the week on them and sometime ask me what day it was and then raise her dress up so I could see the day,
then one day she asked me if I like what I was seening, and when I said I did she asked me to touch her panties, well OK I gat a small wet spot in my pants and she reach over and touch it and said I got a surprise for you and will be right back,
When she came back and sat down she had fliped the back of her dress up so she wouldn't sit on it and laid back pullinmg her dress up in front, " BUT " this time she was wearing and adult pair of rubber panties and asked me to feel her, the more I did the slicker they got until she let out a loud morn, then pulled my pants down and played with my little picker and started kissing it and sucking it, boy did that feel good
Plastic pants now I can pee
yes I love wearing diapers and plastic pants and wetting myself
I love wearing plastic pants and pissing in them feeling the warmth and hotness .
I agree flesh and blood feels much better than plastic. However, the feeling of being fucked by someone you have an attachment to is also wonderful. So if it is a woman it is plastic and I will come just as hard. Basically what I would say I save Anal for my close friends and wife because the erotic feeling comes from the person more than the plastic. L:)


Cum Sharing
bob4u, I'd love to lick the precum from your pants, then rub my cockhead over yours through the material and shoot sperm onto your dick, making you fill your pants with cum too. Then we can share the spunky pants
I love heavy precummers and love to lick it up. I really love to see tight cotton slips with an erect dick bulging in them wet with precum. White pants look good wet, with the material going seethrough showing off a big purple nob. And I love the silvery stains you get in black pants. After watching a lot of porn, I like to lick the precum out of my pants before finishing my wank, and I like to suck a wet cockhead through pants too.
I love seeing pictures of cocks sticking, or hanging, out of open jeans, or any pants. anyone have shots like that? or share my fantasy of opening up someone elses pants?
M2M Bareback
I was at dinner one night with my wife. I have always dresses in pantys and she know loves and make me. Any ways. I had to go to the restroon. Iths man in the next both must have been watching me. He falled me into restrrom and was I unbuttend my pants he cam up behined me and put his hand down my pants . I grunted and sen ( NICE). I pisses as he pinchend my ass. I was a turn on. He pushed me into a stal where he turn me around to face the wall and pulle my pants down and slid my hot pink silly pantys aside He was hard and forced his 7" cok intop my dry ass. I was not dry long he seeded me big time. Mothing better than my ass full of mens cum any
Plastic Panties
love to wear plastic panties & masterbate while watching crossdressing porn
Water Sports
;) No your not I like it with the rite person it can be a lot of fun. Don't forget the plastic sheet or my old gf & I use to play on the kitchen floor (easy clean up);)


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site. What a great concept! Hope to chat sometime!