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Eatali Sex Video

I travel for a living. I am looking to futher explore the lifestyle. I am interested in being with couples or groups. I am also a video nut and love to make video's. Just looking for fun on the road. I travel the USA. If you are interested in 1-on-1 or an addition for a couple, just let me know. Also if you would like someone to video your fun, give me a shout. I just enjoy people!
54 Yr. old (young) Dude who just moved to Spring Hill 2 Months ago. I am bored. I am in good shape. Looking to hang out in a video arcade with private video booths with Glory Holes. VERY was interested in anal.
cam play send picture or homes video to me no pic and homes video will be lgnore no single male will call u non soul hommer sa va
Just looking for a video playmate. Text first then video
25 bi and short. I enjoy outdoor activities, video games, skating, cuddles and into light bondage. Boyfriend is 31 straight and tall. Enjoys fishing, video games, and being on top
I am 5ft, 3 inches tall, athletic build, auburn hair with hazel eyes. I am a Bi-curious woman with a Bi Boyfriend... Looking to expand my sexual experiences with male bi-sexuality. I enjoy watching men play and have had my first experience that I completely enjoyed. I am looking forward to experiencing the full range of bi-sexuality. I enjoy giving blowjobs (its great foreplay) and I luv anal sex. I would rather have anal sex over any other type of sex. As the boyfrind is currently on the east coast, I prefer to do video, so that I can share my experiences with him. At no time is the video posted anywhere, I sure don't want a video of myself floating around and I respect others in that manner as well.
#1 We video you 2 You video us #3 We video her with 4 They video him with me #5 Video him with my 6 You video me with your wife That sounds like a recording of a fun afternoon
I like the idea of the video clips on profiles but the bandwidth it would us on the server might be hazardous. I was thinking of doing a poll to see which people would rather have video or audio clips. I know audio uses alot of space not sure if it uses more or less than video would use. Bill do you know if audio or video is less strain on bandwidth? I think the video option would be used more than the audio. But that is just my opinion.

@Angelrome there is 9 (Adult Video), (Pussycat video) is a real nice place with theater with theater style seating, (2nd street news and video) great reviews for this store,
Video MaXXX, so there you go Angelrome that 2nd street news and video sounds really good and all are in Albuquerque, Good luck and let us know how it went for you
now a days, everybody has video cameras on the computers, why not have video chat rooms and maybe video instant messaging?
I know of three places with glory holes in Gastonia. The ones that Tigerlily mentioned are 321 News and Video and Carolina Video Exchange (CVE). I've been to CVE, but have never had good luck there. The other place is 74 Video. I've been there several times and always had fun! As a matter of fact, I'm planning to go there this Saturday. Wish me luck...

Enjoy! ;)
I would do a poll on what people would prefer audio clips or video clips. From what i know audio takes up more bandwidth than video clips. I know when I make a video clip and then make and video/audio for the same amount of time. the video/audio clip uses about 5 times as much space. If I am wrong about this let me know. But I think a poll would be a good idea to see what members would prefer.



Amateur Videos
i def have a total fantasy where i am used as a total cumhole bottom in an amateur video, maybe a video where a dude fucks me and his gf ... or a video where his gf directs us as he fuckin does whatever she wants with another dudes ass ... def let me know if you would get into this
Amateur Videos
I've never done a video. I'd love to have someone video me taking 18 to 20 loads of Cum. Any race would be fine. Lindawantabe
Glory Holes Connecticut
Waterbury has a few Video book and there's another place on lakewood Ave called red hot lingerie also video temptations in Naugatuck
Men Eating Other Mens Cum From Their Wifes Pussy
OK, new here, but I saw a video of a man, forced to watch his wife have sex with another, then once done she made him suck his cum out of her....I was wondering if anyone had any video's / names of video's I could find to buy/watch. This is a bit specific and it is hard to find. I did find Cum Eating Cuckolds, but there has to be more. I like the fetish part where it is a scenerio where the lady in question forces him, maybe I'm a bit of a sub at heart. Also a turn on is a lady cheating on her hubby, then she comes home and the husband wants to eat her out but does not know he is eating out another guys cum. No, I'm not mental, but it was hot when ever I saw anything close to this. Any of you in the Portland, OR area? ;-)
Being In A Sex Video
I would love to be in a sex video. Bi video where I'm the one being fucked
Amateur Porn
i def have a total fantasy where i am used as a total cumhole bottom in an amateur video, maybe a video fucks me and his gf ... def let me know if you would get into this


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site. What a great concept! Hope to chat sometime!