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Forced Fucklicking Stories

im interested bisexual encounters and stories of forced bi
i am a male 48 yrs old and i want to be forced into submission forced into feminization and most of all b forced to get on my knees and service my master or mistress of what ever he or she desires
I am a white boi need to try big black cocks in my boi ass turn me in t o a girly,forced sex all role 0laying my pink butthole ENAMAS douching. Forced anal dicking, forced. Throath gaging,chocking. Dick spanking.
We are looking for a three some. My girl likes bondage the feeling of being raped . Pinned down. We r both very opened to just about anything. As for myself I like anything. We are both bi. Me I like to be forced to do things I like being dominated until I submit. I like being forced to cross dress into bras panties corsets dresses etc. and also If the person is comfortable enough I like being forced to wear diapers 3 to 7 at a time so its nice n thick to make me waddle. and I like being slapped pushed forced to give oral , and I would love to also be tied up and a gag strapped tight to my mouth then let them have there way with me or tease me while I'm tied up.
I am a bisexual male who likes to submit to mostly other males for forced enema punishment followed by forced anal sex with a condom, no bareback. I will also submit to females for forced enemas with no sexual contact other than getting to see them nude.
Fucklicking (especially if it's me doing the fucklicking!) and a couple sharing a cock then cumkissing
Any good stories about the 1st time you were forced to suck or take a dick
If it turns you on to have a non consensual toilet slave pm me. Also interested in forced strapon forced bi forced cum cleaner, the nastier and rougher the better.
Im an experienced bi sub, into tight restraint, forced use, forced bi, forced group use, cbt, gags, and being cuffed and used. Looking for people who enjoy using/owning a bi sub.
If it turns you on to have a non consensual toilet slave pm me. Also interested in forced strapon forced bi forced cum cleaner, the nastier and rougher the better.
I never suck cock yet i would like to be dominated & forced with no way out. Spanked & humiliated first then forced very roughly with no safety words & no way to back out.& afterwards crossdressed & forced to do it again


Eat Pussy With Cock In It
Fucklicking is the greatest sex act on other than a fucking or a 69. Fucklicking you get to lick a womans clit and pussy while you lick a man's pussy juice soaked precum oozing cock at the same time. MMm then after he really cums He can shoot some in her pussey. Then slide his cock into your mouth filing your mouth with his cum MMMMM Then you can lick her cream pie clean then lick and suck his cock clean mmm yummy.
We LOVE to read about first time same sex stories with LOTS of details so we can imagine being there or having it happen to us. We both like male male stories and girl girl stories so feel free to send us your TRUE story... Flower
Couples Searching For Bi Males
I love to please a couple by fucklicking, and then cleaning up all the yummy juices.
Anyone wanting true stories of incest, and young girls, two different stories let me know, and be prepared to cum
Story Writing
Are there any storytellers here? Let's talk about what kinds of stories you like, what you've written - stories, poetry, etc. - and what you'd love to see online! Tell me a story... :)
I could never do that ... but boy do i like reading the stories about it. Especially the brother and sister stories. The entire family doing it is just so hot!


I'm going to post something in the place where I found success stories. We had a meeting last night, and I was quite satisfied. Wow! In less than 36 hours.