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How to Have Long Clittories Using Natural Herbs

How to Have Long Clittories Using Natural Herbs on Bisexual PlaygroundHow to Have Long Clittories Using Natural Herbs on Bisexual Playground
I am a natural person.I study herbs and natural med.I like to think I have an open mind.I have very strong morals,I beleave in honesty.
I'm a outgoing sexy female .educated,no children and love having a good time .i don't drink but we smoke the natural herbs. He's hott nice body , nice guy very respectful.quite but opens up when he gets to know u . hit us up!
5'3, 145 lbs hazel eyes long natural curly auburn hair and 36d natural breasts.
I'm a 36 ur old bi sexual female Long natural curly natural red hair hazel eyes 5'9" tall 175 lbs average build looking for some fun hit me up
Natural blonde blue eyes natural 38DD's curvey very into role playing games with my boyfriend John want to bring them to life,love anel,very into oral giving an reserving love curvy natural females out nice natural tittys big juicy ass that knows her way around a pussy no drama or bs straight up fun with freaks that want new things and people
I am a natural red head with the personality to match. Open to pretty much anything at least once. I am in a long term relationship with my b/f of 7yrs, he is not involved in any of my activities so please don't ask. As long as you are open minded then I would love to hear from you. Since I am a plus sized (not huge but not a barbie) I am not big on people who are stuck on themselves. My breasts are a 44dd and yes all natural. I am a practicing Wiccan (yes that means I am a witch),I've been actively practicing for 5 years and studying for 13. This is not an open invation for you to try and save my soul so please don't. If you are not happy with yourself then you will never be happy with anyone else.....So Smile.....
I appreciate all sizes from mosquito bites to big hangers. As long as they are natural. Fake ones are fine too, but I prefer natural.

I love big nipples and areola. I know most folks prefer firm and perky, but I rather enjoy a big saggy set that swing, bounce, and sway back and forth.
It depends on your natural odor. If it has a nice sweet musky smell, not a B.O. smell or sour smell. But a nice natural musk, it will drive men and women crazy. I eat my wife's pussy for a long time and the women that have gone down on her say the same thing because of that. Same goes for the ass. Makes me hard just thinking about it.
I'm looking for someone who can turn me on to someone who has party favors besides herbs 🌿 Somebody help me out please
My husband and I love women in their natural state. We love traveling and playing in Europe, Italy and the ex-eastern block countries especially as everyone is natural. My husband can cum just looking at a beautiful woman with unsaved arm pits so I go natural when we are living in Europe.
Some of my best encounters have ocurred after I smoked some of mother nature's herbs...makes me horny and relaxed...
Shaved is very UN-Natural and is the same as having sex with a child and shrinks have said that too. Grow up and be natural, plz. It is the way nature intended.


I believe herbs can be so useful in healing and calming someone. Whether it is just a warm tea, or a soothing poultice, herbs have so many wonderful uses.
Cousins & Brothers
Hmm, hard to remember a lot.I was under 10 yrs old.but can remember vaguely about sucking my older brothers pencil and licking both my younger sisters pussies.I was very young and its hard to remember much,but I have finally realized that I was bi at an early age. I do remember that we were all very interested and the shame set in,and it didn't last long.Thats my only experience in incest and we haven't talked about it at all or have gone further since.I believe that its natural to be courious as little kids to wonder why we have genitals and what they are for and that its again, natural to explore early in life with familiar people.
Safe sex is probably best practice, but bareback is the only natural way. I love it so long as who i'm playing with is safe.
Men With Breasts Wanting To Be A Woman
I have very nice soft natural breasts as well. I wear a 38B bra. I trace my femininity back to a dream when I was in the third grade. Even before I realized there was a difference. My penis was removed and was used to feed me. Naturally when I had my first cock, it felt so natural in my mouth.
Bisexual Women
Being a bisexual woman is so natural to me, the softness of lips, the feel of her body beneath the touch of my fingers and tongue. I adore seeing my lover quiver as I lap, lick, kiss and nibble at her sweet pussy. What could be more natural?
Bisexual Couples
Bisexualality is thought of as being an inferior act representative of the individual. If the idea that someone is valued by the knowledge and wisdom one acquires this would lead to the idea that the more experiences one has the greater value of the individual. Bisexuality is an extension of ones sexual experience with no diminishing effects of the individuals character or sense of well being. The perception of such ventures is looked upon as a UN natural behavior but it is a venturous exploration of ones natural curiosity. It is an act that occurs in nature by natural means, rendering it completely natural. It may be abnormal in mainstream consideration but it is within the natural constructs of nature. It is our individual perspective that considers bisexuality irregular. Bisexuals have an advanced perspective toward humanity. Their understanding and application of sensual emotions toward fellow mankind gives them a distinct advantage over monosexual beings. The adaptive nature of bisexuality is evolutionary to the complexity of humanity. The versatility in ones sexual preferences gives them the advantage over a competing entity with limitations.


Eve and I would like to thank you for developing this wonderful site.  We look forward to meeting new friends and becoming life long members.