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Indian Gay and Bisexuals Pics _ Xossip

Indian Gay and Bisexuals Pics  _ Xossip on Bisexual PlaygroundIndian Gay and Bisexuals Pics  _ Xossip on Bisexual Playground
.Ok well were out of this site can't believe you have to be paid even to see thumbnail profile pics, what a scam thought this would be a lil better of a site because it's for Bisexuals" but it's kinda lame really,guess we'll stick with aff at least we can see pics if ppl have them.
im single, first time in industry of bisexuals or should i say that i am bi curuios. i want to met n get in touch with the people who are been too long in this so called industry of bisexuals. i hope i could met many bisexuals out there this is kiko looking for some friends.. tenks pals...
I'm fit, clean, fun, intelligent, etc. I'm 5'10" 175lbs smooth, black hair, etc. Looking for people in or around Richardson, TX who are also bisexuals. I like both men and women so don't be shy about saying hello. We can certainly trade pics if you're interested. I am available to get together during the day.
I'm biracial - 1/2 Yankton Sioux Indian, 1/2 African American, multi small business owner. I am very nice looking...with an awesome personality to match - not to mention, a brilliant lover! If you would like to know more, or would like to see more pics...don't hesitate to ask.
im tisha and i am 5'2 95lbs and have a daughter that is 6 month old and my hubbys name is aaron and he is american indian h is 33 and is 6'4 180lbs. if u like what u hear so far i hope to hear from a lady that is between the ages of 18-30 must also have pics to give
I'm mexican, italian, irish, cherokee indian, apache indian, and germen
I'm a well spoken bi-sexual indian guy from north london looking for some fun. I can travel around London. Pics will come soon if anyone is interested ;)
It does not have to be a naked shot if those make someone uncomfortable. Many members have other body parts....lips, an arm with a drink in hand, their back, walking away from the camera. I have seen pics just coming out of the shower with their head down towel drying their hair. A very dear friend of mine for his first pic, he had been at a beach and buried his feet and legs in the sand. Just the top part of his feet showed.

People have to remember though, pics are NOT a requirement and all members have to be respected on here. Many have jobs they are concerned about and that is up to them to do what they wish.

Members have no way to tell if a member has a picture behind their private pin number of them. Many members are also more than happy to show pics, once they get to know someone.

Think back to your first day on an adult site. Many members are here making BP their first contact ever with Bisexuals, gays, lesbians, tg. They may not be completely comfortable. Making rash judgments, are not the way to go.

The site has plenty of pics for all those pic whores who say they are only here to jack off and see pics. In the meantime maybe a little sweet persuasion will help someone get comfortable and be more willing to bare a lil more. ;)
great idea bear... i too surf trying to find news about bisexuals and you can find gay or strait tidbits but none really says much about bisexuals.....i also agree that it shouldn't take much to add the addition... maybe if everyone was asked upon signing in for 24 hours or whatnot i would be willing to bet that ev everyone would agree....:)
Here is one man's point of view since I am into bisexual females: You can meet feminine bi women at an upper grade lounge or club that caters to bisexuals....or you can go to a local adult bookstore and ask for a listing of clubs that cater to bisexuals. I know this works as I am currently dating two bi women and got this info from them. Good luck ladies!Flower
This site is supposed to be a bisexual playground. Look at my posts. I post myself nude to entice other bisexuals for a fantasy meet up on here. Or my pasts girls to let people know that I am bisexual. I like both women and men. And I think people are leaving cuz other people Don't post picks of themselves in this playground. My penis aint big but I have the confidence to show that I do get hard when I see other people that post pics of themselves. I have a Couple of friends on here where we have the same interests. So post pics guys
We are looking for a bi couple or a well hung bimale to party with. Single bimales must be well hung, shaven, under 45 and in good shape. Recent pics are a must, and phone contact before meeting also. We are as real as they come, and will not tolerate fakes. Males must be true bisexuals, and willing to to play with us both.


American Indian
Being not only part Mohawk Indian and Hawaiian I believe that I can call myself a Native American by heritage, blood, and birth. I hope to see others add post and pics here...Hug
Picture Trading
I think that trading pictures is a good way to see who you are dealing with when they don’t have a web cam. Also it is interesting to see what type of pics people have that they are willing to trade. I am willing to trade pics with any ladies that want too, but they will be mine, since I am not permitted to trade pics of my wife without her permission. Though if she gives me her permission then I could trade them too, but that’s only once she gets to know you. I have clothed and naked pics for trading so if you decide to want to trade please tell me which you would want. ;)
Indian Men
Indian men can do with me as they like any time.
Indian Men
Indian guy in Chicago here.
Indian Men
I would like to try sucking an Indian man...
American Indian
indian's with arrows penatrate farther:)


I think your site is perfect the way it is. I have been on many sites looking for other bisexuals like myself, and I have not had to much luck. I was in a lesbian chat room in yahoo chat and I asked what other sites are available for bisexuals like myself and some kind soul told me about this one. I am so happy I found it because I have already found another bisexual in my area. I find that bisexuals are not really welcome in the straight community and they are not really welcome in the gay community either. So with you and Bill having this site, it really helps people like myself. I have to thank you for providing this for myself and any other bisexual out there seeking a mate. Thanks.