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Maryland Bisexual Personals

Maryland Bisexual Personals on Bisexual PlaygroundMaryland Bisexual Personals on Bisexual Playground
Im Ryan, 19yo bisexual from Perry Hall maryland and im looking to have some fun.
I am older guy who loves porn escepially bisexual, and kinky. Have long white hair mostly in pony tail. I get hot just reading the personals. At my age I don't get out much but was kinky before kink became of ok. Also like water sports
32yo bisexual male. I'm seeking swinger sex also I"m really like export new thing, if any ones Interest in Maryland
I am bisexual like meeting new friends at first then go from there. I love Country and Rock music and like action movies. I live in Maryland but travel.
I am a mature bicurious voyeur living in Maryland. I have to be discrete because of my profession but love to look at bisexual videos, pictures and webcams on the net. I would like to meet others with my background and take it from there.
Fun loving couple seeks attractive bisexual female to participate in a threesome. :) That may sound like a strange personals ad but its the basis of why we are here. About a year ago I discovered I was bisexual and my fiance and I are now looking to expand upon those feelings. We have had little experience in this area and what we had left us with a taste for more. We are both drug free (with the exception of occasional marijuana use) , don't smoke, and don't drink in excess very often. Looking for a partner who's the same. We also enjoy movies, doing things with friends, playing Dungeons and Dragons, and creative projects. If you would like to be part of a fantasy come true then we'd love to meet you.
BP has always been at the forefront of imporvements to the site. I have watched it over the past everal years, and it continually amazes me that the ownership finds the time and takes the interest to "do it right".

So . . . here's a new challenge -- location.

We're not dealing with the electoral process here, but rather, the getting together of like minded individuals. So to put up personals by "state" just doesn't make sense.

Look at almost any state, and you'll see there are wide variations in population centers. Look at a map of Maryland some time. There are probably four distinct areas:

1. Western Maryland (west of Baltimore, all the way out to the West Virginia area). Folks in Western Maryland, moe than likely, go to Pittsburgh for fun.

2. Baltimore area.

3. DC suburbs (Montgomery County, Prince Georges County, Northern VA)

4. Southern Maryland, extending South from Annapolis.

5. My loney environs, the "Eastern Shore" of Maryland, which often feels to us, like we belong with Delaware more than anywhere else. That 100 mile long Chesapeake Bay has two bridges. I'm only 20± miles from Baltimore, yet by highway, it is either 97 or 110 miles!

Here's another example: Folks who live in the District of Columbia (DC), will often list themselves as active in MD-burbs, NoVA, and DC. And another: Philadelphia area. Philly folks often list themelves (if available) as SePA, SoNJ, WesternBurbs of Philly.

It would be a lot of work, but but perhaps the way to ease into expanded Personals locations would be to have a box to suggest a new "location"? For instance, you could suggest NYNJCT which is a common area for those around Northern New Jersey, New York City, and Connecticut. The Moderators/Owners could view it on a map to see if it makes sense.

When I lived in Nevada, Nevada wasn't good enough for a location. Hell, I lived in Northeast Nevada, 400 miles North of Las Vegas, and 298 miles East of Reno.

Anyway, it's a suggestion for improvement.

Anyone know of any Gloryhole clubs or bisexual group get together in DC or Southern Maryland?
Hey, Primetime. Try posting in the Maine personals forum, unless you’re looking to travel.

T. (cis-male-bisexual/biromantic he/him/his)
Coastal Alabama, USA - Looking for FWB
bill, i don't think that separating the personals from the discussion section would decrease the popularity at all. i think that both have their place and that those of us that read the forums for the discussions would keep them moving along :) those that are looking for the personals can do the same.
sunshine and babe
The personals on craigslist are full of bots who reply to your email by asking you for your credit card number to talk to them.....hmmm. We gave up on those personals long ago so I have to agree BiloxiM4Fun, I am very thankful that I came across bsp! Kiss
bibhccouple no this site is not just for bisexuals looking for bisexuals...

The following is off the site log in page.... is an Online Dating Community with Bisexual Personals for Bisexual, Bi-curious, and Open-Minded Individuals. With 606,549 members and growing, there's always somebody for you to chat with or hook up with! BP is home to many lesbian, gay, bisexual, bi-curious, transgendered, and other open-minded singles and couples.

Many people here are straight, gay, and lesbian. BP is a great place for all who wish to make it "home."


Bisexual Swing Clubs
would like to see one in VA area, if any body knows of one please tell me I would love to go to one. One day and enjoy the fun and things to do there. Will not mind going to North Carolina or some where around that area or Maryland area. Bisexual Swing Clubs :-PKiss:-PKiss:-PKiss
Glory Hole Etiquette
my best blow job was at love stuff on route 40 in maryland ,i guess its abberdeen,awesome glory holes,ran into a cpl on sales floor looking at dildos n stuff,his ife wasnt a fox but had that slutty look to her,lol,so i was lookin at dvd,s,as i looked i moved them away making an opening and i showed her my cock,she reached thru n touched it,wow,than i followed them in back to booths,any maryland sluts wanna try this
Women Who Like Bi Men
Sorry folks, but I have to say it. This is an Interests page, not a Personals page. You are supposed to comment on the topic of interest, in this case "women who like bi men." That said, I think it shows how difficult it can be to find a lady like this. I have only ever known one in my life, and I'm 53. I'll admit to being quite envious of guys like the male half of CuriouslyPlayfullCpl. Yes, you are indeed "one of the lucky ones."
Women Who Like Bi Men
I am in Maryland and would like to meet bi women or lesbian women who want only to have a man give them oral sex I am not into penetration only to give as much oral sex as you can stand oral means to give to any part of your body that gives you pleasure straight woman are ok too remember that for Maryland bowie Clinton area near by va ok
Couples Searching For Bi Males
49 year old bisexual man . 6 ft 190 lbs Long Island . NY . Looking for bisexual couples or couples with bisexual men . Let me go down on the both of you ! And I love giving and receiving anal sex as well .
Bisexual Masters
not one entry for bisexual masters? curious. well i am a bisexual master and from the look of it the only one! which i can safely say elevates me to bisexual master of the universe!


Thank you Bill & Pattie, the Bisexual Playground makes finding bisexual playmates easy.