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Neighbor Girl Watching Guy Masturbate Thru Open Window

Neighbor Girl Watching Guy Masturbate Thru Open Window on Bisexual PlaygroundNeighbor Girl Watching Guy Masturbate Thru Open Window on Bisexual Playground
Never had trouble meeting women or getting sex.. I think that because when I was young my next door neighbor girl would come over and ask me to masturbate for her while watching her masturbate.. it is having an affect on me now
I really like the outdoors. Enjoy bike riding, camping, hiking, and sex in the woods is a great time...well if ya watch out for the poision ivy. I am sort of new to this. The last 3~some i had was back with my ex and a neighbor. I enjoyed watching, joining in and when we both played with the neighbor.
I'm new to the site. Looking for new and different sexual experiences. I love oral giving and receiving, masturbation playing with others, watching women masturbate and couples having sex, girl on girl, roleplay just to name a few!
Hi im open minded and fun i love to watch women masturbate i think it is so sexy and such a beautiful thing,I get more pleasure giving women orgasms than cuming myself.i can either masturbate whilst watching or just watch
I am as diverse as my sexuality. I am open and honest. I am like a diamond. I have many facets. Each window of the gem reflects a part of me. Yet, it is the sum of those windows that make up the whole of me. Peer through any window and see what part of me that will be reflected in you.
We are a couple that like to masturbate and enjoy watching others masutbate. We like to have masturbation parties and masturbate in public.
Reading the post above about the "you show me yours" reminds me of the first time I saw a girl my own age naked. I'd seen my mom and sister at a glance, but never got to really look.

My next door neighbors had a daughter my age and I had a mad crush on her. I would peek in her window in hops of seeing her, dressed or otherwise. My other neighbor caught me and told her what I was doing. Next time I was peeking in, I guess the neighbor called her or something, because she knew I was there. We were both 12yo and while she wasn't fully grown she had plenty I was interested in seeing. She slowly started to undress and she danced around to music as she got to her bra and panties. My little cock was harder than a rock. Then she walked over close to the window and said, "You enjoying the show you perv?". I started to run and she opened the window and told me to stop. She said she would tell her parents unless I did as she said. She made me climb in the window and told me to strip. I did. Of course she laughed and made fun of my tiny dick (which was even smaller then) and to my surprise, she stripped totally naked and told me to "get a good look". She even spread her pussy open for me. She was a blonde but her bush was a brownish color. There was no touching, but she could tell I like it based oh how stiff my dick was.

I went home a jacked off twice. I'd never been that horny in my life.

Sadly nothing like that ever happened again, and we never hooked up. She ended up falling in with a bad crowd and her parents sent her to a school for troubled youth (she got into drugs). I went off to college and never saw or hear from her again.
CreativeVariationNYC -- Are you by chance using a Macintosh? I'm a Mac user and have found that on this site instead of using IE or NS normal click on link and open new window as you described, that I can do the same by pressing/holding the Apple key prior to clicking on the link.

If you're not on a Mac I can't help much with that as I don't know if/what a Windows keyboard workaround is, but one other way to do what you're asking to do is to simply open a new browser window and then copy the link of the current window that you don't want to loose into it (so that you will open that one again) and then go to the new link in the first browser window. That way you'll have two windows open (or more if you want).
12 years old my friend up the block and I began jerking off in his bedroom while watching a neighbor through his window. He went down on me a swallowed every drop of course I returned the favor
I will never forget it. Grandma took kids and the neighborhood was having party. We agreed to get crazy with ex. The night before we were wasted and talking. One wife for sure liked women. Her marriage sucked. I said to wife take her to our house and fuck her. Why it always have to be girl and guy. She loved idea and said come watch in window. My wife got her to do ex with us.

Around 11 pm they walk up to me and my wife says show her your thong she does not believe u wear my panties. I show my red thong never forget it. The wife says I win let's go.
When I got to window I had passed my neighbor husband who is my jerk off buddy. I had stripped to panties. I said strip and come watch lesbian sex. He said nice thong and stripped naked. We got to window and they were naked making out. They went it. Good half hour. We both blew on window to my house.
The wife and u fucked on neighbors porch by accident and the parents caught us.
One from my husband:

A blonde is doing dishes while looking out her kitchen window. She sees her sexy blonde neighbor across the street, who is sitting in a rowboat in their yard, rowing like crazy.

She opens the window and yells across the way, “What in the world are you doing?”

The neighbor replies: “We just got this new rowboat, and I was enjoying a little excursion in it!”

Angered, the blonde doing dishes yells back, “You moron! It’s dumb blondes like you that make the rest of us blondes look bad! If I knew how to swim, I’d come over there and kick your a$$!”
One time I had my bathroom window open as I showered and then proceeded to masturbate. I was beating myself to death. Until I heard a cough. I turned to my open window and saw a man watching. I turned towards him and let him see me. I was s confused, I had no clue why I asked him if he wanted me to suck his dick. But, I did, I let him in my house and had him sit on my couch. I pulled his pants down and pulled his underwear down to his knees. He was quite smelly from jump fences to read meters. His cock was very sweaty. His big balls were wet. I grab his cock and stroked it. I went down on my knees. He stared at my nakedness. I stroked his dick as I sucked in his balls. I savored the sweaty sweetness of his manly sac. After cleaning his balls I started to suck his manly dick. I started slowly. Making sure to suck the head. Enjoying his precum. I stroked the shaft as I sucked that head. Soon, I took as much of that dick into my whore mouth. Up and down I went. It seemed like hours, but it was not. He soon gave me his cum. I Tritons swallow, but most went down my chin. Onto my knees.
He gave me his cell number for more fun.
I called him and had a few more encounters.


Women Watching Men Masturbate
I like watching men and women masturbate. I love being watched while I masturbate. Seeing someone masturbate and talk dirty and nasty is a total turn on.
I love being watched while I'm being nasty. I'll open up the curtains on my window while I'm finger in my ass Jack my dick while I'm watching shemale videos just hoping that my neighbors would peak in. Even at night I have run around outside completely nude around my entire yard hope in any one of my neighbors would see me.
Being Watched Masturbating
I love being watched especially when I'm riding a big dildo. It's even more exciting when they don't think that I know they're watching. I like doing it in motel rooms with the curtains not quite closed I use a small camera in the window so I can see who's watching. Don't want to put on a show for any children.
I easily masturbate once a day, more if the opportunity arises. I love to use my vibrator against my clit and my dildo for deep penetration. I would love to masturbate while watching either another couple having sex or two women licking each other. I would also love to meet someone for mutual masturbation...watching someone else get themselves off while I do the!
Having Sex While Other People Watch
WHEN I go upstairs to fuck my neighbor we always fuck rite by the window just so the men in the next building can watch us fuck..The thrill of letting people watch me fuck turns my hot ass onKissKissKissKissKiss
Women Masturbating
wow girl! that is hot. I luv watching woman masturbate with toys and without toys. u sound very sexy and sweet and all. would love to chat with you sometime.


Hi thank you for the e-mail. So far I love you web site just that what I'm looking for is for girl on girl action and I would really want to see it. Thanks again for welcoming me into the site.