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Nude Shave Piercing Vimeo

Nude Shave Piercing Vimeo on Bisexual PlaygroundNude Shave Piercing Vimeo on Bisexual Playground
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I'm 56 5.9 220lb shave everything smooth out going love the outdoors sunny nude swimming nude like to meet new people trying new things life is to short not to play like you want to
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I am a trangender man that loves sex or just being nude around other nude people. I am very friendly. Love to swim nude and attend nude parties. I love to work in the nude when posiable. I also enjoy nude beaches and nudest places. I am always nude inside of my house.
Been a keen Nudist since started puberty when began sleeping nude regularly and soon decided to throw away my underwear after not wearing any for awhile upon developing a hairy body. I enjoy being naked indoors aorund the home and at a naturist health spa where your clothes are kept in a locker as members must be nude while sharing the facilities together and most males consider it natural to reveal their erect Penis and able to enjoy meeting another nude male while sharing a Hot Tub, Sauna or Steam Room I shave regularly for making my genitals feel smooth and sensitive while also highlighting my above average size, More recently, I have also decided to shave around my anus for being smooth and highlighting the fact that I have a cute and inviting bum hole. The other place I enjoy visiting is outdoors at nudist beaches where I have met other M/F nudists and how I became bisexual once I had experienced body contact
Dear BP Friends,

My female FWB (who I think is the prettiest and sexiest woman in the world!) is considering piercing her nipples and/or clit. She and I would love to hear your honest thoughts regarding the pros and cons.

While any and all information will be greatly appreciated, we're interested in these specific questions:

1. Have you ever regretted piercing either area. If so, why?
2. Have you ever experienced decreased sensitivity after having it done (and it has healed)?
3. Do you think that a straight barbell...or a curved barbell...would be better in the clit, and why?
4. Has anyone ever had such a piercing performed by a doctor instead of the local tattoo/piercing shop?
5. Anything else at all that you would like to share with us that would be helpful in making the decision to do this or not.

Thank you in advance...we know that the BP community is made up of wonderful, caring people, and your input is greatly appreciated.
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I use shave Secret, Shave Cream from Dollar Shave Club and also the post shave dew. But I recently can’t find the post shave dew anymore sadly.
I trimmed mine down with hair clippers. Then use shave secret shave oil and dollar shave club shave butter. With a Shick hydro razor to shave. Unfortunately Shick discontinued that razor. Luckily I was able to stock up and have about 4 or 5 5x packs so I’ll be fine for a while.
I have been shaved clean for many years, as have many of my friends/lovers. I have found that a major issue to your tolerance for shaved pubes is the curl of the hair. Very curly hair, like yours as an African-American, gets ingrown and irritates the skin a lot if you shave it too close. It's important to only shave in the direction that the hair is growing. You won't get as close of a shave, but you will save a lot of the irritation. I also must shave only in the direction of hair growth on my tummy, but I can shave closer on my cock and balls. My GF, who is Asian, can shave against the direction of growth and get a very smooth shave with no irritation at all.
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Pierced Cock
Having a pierced cock has been a lot of fun over these years. One thing you are not told is the more you use it, the looser the hole gets, which means you have to get larger gauge rings. I got Prince Albert piercing in 1983 and now I have a 0 gauge ring. My girlfriends have all loved the piercing and said its not the same without it. Guess they should of stayed with me then.
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Being Naked
I talk to you nude now.I'm sry about being so Tom!I'm just wishing that eve never ate that apple.There is nothing better in this life than to be nude.Nude beaches,nudists camps,lets all get nude + be happy about that.Makes me want streak.I'll do that
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You guys are doing an awesome job with this site. What a great concept! Hope to chat sometime!