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Pictures of Nude Men and Women Together Showing Their Pubic Hair

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Pictures of Nude Men and Women Together Showing Their Pubic Hair on Bisexual PlaygroundPictures of Nude Men and Women Together Showing Their Pubic Hair on Bisexual Playground
Just an average bi married guy looking for a very discreet buddy for sex, sex and more sex...wife does not know... Not a lot of M2M experience, but the couple of experiences I have had were wonderful. I'm not overly endowed. Enjoy oral and would like to try anal with the right person. Actually, I enjoy just about anything that doesn't involve pain, blood, or scat. I would really like to meet other married guys, though married is not set in stone, who have the same restrictions and somehow become friends and then on to other things. I'm not a cross-dresser, but I enjoy wearing panties. I'm neither dom nor sub. Just enjoy NSA mutual pleasure. If you Email me, put BP in the subject line so I dont't delete it as trash mail. Still looking for my first anal experience. I like seeing all the pictures of nude men, cock and ass pictures as well as nude women. I like watch all kinds of porn with others while nude. Also enjoy WS activity. Not much into kissing. Some of the things I like include a nude massage, skinny dipping, nude hot tub, cuddle or hug. I am nude whenever I can be and enjoy being nude with others.
We have easy going personalities. We are up to trying a lot with the right person. We love to have fun, first and foremost. We are only interested in a relationship with a female; no men, please. Neither my husband nor I are interested in another male involved or watching. We are both short (5'4"). My husband is about 170lbs. I am 210lbs, and carry most of my fat in my chest. Pictures can be emailed, but will not be nude. We're not comfortable with showing others nude pictures. We'd like to save that for a partner. We like to try all sorts of things in the bedroom, even some kinky things like light bondage. You are never asked to do anything you're not comfortable with. If you think you'd like to join us, we'd start with email. If a few emails had good getting-to-know you conversations, we would set up a meeting somewhere for coffee or dinner. After a date or two, when we were all comfortable with taking this to the next level, we would invite you to our home. We have two small children, but their bedtime is early, so don't worry! ;-)
I being nude and relaxing outside in the sun. where nobody can see me. like in the woods. and i do have lots of pubic hair around my penis to.
I have an outgoing friendly personality. I believe that what consenting adults do is their business and only their business. I am a very emotional person, I cry movies. I am deeply into photography. I love taking pictures of nude women with or without men. I am only interested in taking pictures of men if they are with women. Let me take your picture for my collection.
Beautifull SEXY, with nice personality, sweet and mysterious, Looking to meet new friends possibly more,.. I dont put nude pictures and wont of myself Please dont ask for nude pictures, I respect my body, Like a beautiful lovely wrapped present ,why spoil it? The unkown is more sexy, Once u have It see it ,It will be way worth it... This is my discription, Blonde 32 yrs old ,with beautiful greyish blue eyes about 5'7 in height, around 140 pounds,a couple tatoo's, I do have a few photos (No NUDE) pin needed. ...
i m 5 foot 6 in brown hair hazle eyes glasses 220 lbs i have been concitered very atrative im very open i live women and love very much pleasing them sexualy men are now to me and i like having sex with them also i have fantasized quite often i love nudismwalking at night nude nude games allways wanted to go to a nude party.i love eating women and sucking men like being a bottom and love being a top will do anything if you suck me dry loved to be watched by nude women i can be a great friend and a wondafull loverso ladies breng your man and watch me suck him
I am sure this has been discussed before, but I need to this off my chest, no pun intended. I am pretty much talking about men and their pubic hair. Does anyone really like to work on that cock when it is surrounded by a forest of pubic hair? I am not just talking about appearence, which personally I don't think there is anythign sexy that a nice cock that is smooth a clean and free of any pubic hair. But practically isn't it awful too? A guy cums in your mouth and you droll some or all of it down on a guys cock and it get burried in hair. It is so hard to lick and suck that cum up when it is matted in with all that hair. I don't have any issue choking on a cock, but I cant stand gagging on a hair. What does everyone else think? Is there some advantage to having a huge pile of pubic hair? I hate to deep throat and have all this hair tickling my nose. So what does everyone else think of pubic hair, please tell if you are into it, and why?
I have seen some pictures of guys that totally shave. My opinion to that, well it might look nice, it's not natural. One reason we have pubic hair, is it collects our pheromones. I am trimmed, because we all know how it feels when hair grows back. Laugh
I used to know a girl who had colored her pubic hair purple.
Ever since then I have wanted to try coloring my own pubic
hair. I was wondering if anyone had any experience in this

A woman with a bush is much sexer , i like to see the cum on her pubic hair, i know she had a climax, i like to comb her pubic hair and watch her relax .
For me personally, I feel much cleaner with no pubic hair! And I hate eating pubic hair when going down on a Woman OR a man 🤷🏻‍♀️
I have a thing for hairy women, and I mean hairy, not just pubic hair. Hair everywhere. Any women like that want to share pics or videos?


Pubic Hair
Haven't had pubic hair since 2002 when I started keeping my pubic area shaved as I think it is not only more sanitary, but looks sexier and better...:)
Oh, I forgot to add that the best reason for Manscaping is not only that it makes ones pubic area look cleaner and sexier, but I believe that it is also healthier as you don't have to deal with pubic hair. Anyway, I hope y'all have as much fun as I have since joning BP five plus years ago...Hug
Hairy Pussy
wow, i forgot how hot hairy pussy is.. i'd love to eat a woman and feel her pubic hair tickling my nose like the old days. I love shaved to, but there is something VERY hot about hair on that delicious mound....if you are unshaven in NJ and want a guy to go down on you for hours drop me a line.
I have red pubic hair. Seems like a couple would want me.
Sex With Male Cousins
The first dick I ever sucked was my older cousin.He was 17 and I was 7. I know it was wrong,but at the time I loved doing it;and the taste of his cock and that sweet precum that generously leaked out in a steady flow until he finally blew a huge load! The head of his cock was already filling my mouth and I was forced to swallow quickly...and I loved the taste of it! Thick and gooey and his cum was sweet...not salty at all! Not long after that,I was also sucking off my neighbor and "best friend" who was 14 at the time.They both had beautiful cocks.My cousin was uncut with a lng thick shaft and large hairy balls and lots of thick hair on his thighs and pubic area.My neighbor had a cut cock with very,very thin pubic hair just above his cock,but his balls and the rest of his body hairless.
Smooth Nudists
I never thought I would but one night I just went a head and shaved my balls and trimmed the rest of my pubic hair and WOW I got so horny. Been doing it ever since.:)


What they like best about the site:  the pictures in the beginning.