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Public Masturbation Helping Hand

Honest, Kind, reliable, adventurous, great sense of humour, very horny, like to watch and be watched, love public nudity and public masturbation
We are a classy, attractive, fun loving couple. We love to laugh, are easy going and eager to taste most of what life has to offer. Dave is a caring opportunist who is always lending a helping hand and I am a little shy but once comfortable, a lot of fun to be around. I like to go with the flow. We both have an interest in humanity, we get a lift from helping others.
Im very open, love to expose in public and show off. masturbation in public turns me on. i can be kinky and love to play games . not into role playing and can be sub or dom if requested
Horny and wish i could get a helping hand
I'm easy to get along with just about anybody who is always willing to give a helping hand
looking for a helping hand to show me the ropes ; )
Yay!!! Didn't realize they needed a special month for masturbation. I celebrate that at least five times a week....mutually or alone! Never been ashamed to admit I choke the chicken, stroke the one-eyed iguana, jerk the jerky and let fly with a load! It relieves tension, eases headaches, can help with sleep, strengthens your arms and grip, burns calories, and...if performed before a hot date, masturbation will keep you from premature
ejaculation when you really want it to last. Fantasy and masturbation go hand-in-hand - you can close your eyes and whack off with the image of that next-door neighbor, the girl at the office, your kids' sexy teacher, someone seen that causes you to get an erection... the reasons and fantasies are endless. You can make it last...slowing down at the right time...speeding up, using hand lotion, in the shower with a handful of suds and take yourself to intense heights and have an orgasm that makes you feel like you could put a hole through the wall across the room! and, when it cums to mutual masturbation with a can jack each other off and you know just when to slow down, stop for a few seconds or take it to the limit and help him shoot a wad! wow! what a wonderful thing to celebrate! HAPPY MASTURBATION MONTH!!!
I just love masturbation and someone to get together with would be great. I like to chat with someone first and get to know them better and then meet them in person for coffee.. I've been a Nudist since 2003 and love being naked and going to Nudist Resorts.
I have masturbated with males in boarding school when I was younger engaging in mutual masturbation sessions stroking each others penises I loved the feel of someone's penis in my hand and my penis in their hand
Penile Self-Masturbation? I guess my go-to is left hand in reverse orientation - pinky away from me. Really only need one finger and my thumb, but I will take the whole hand, well lubed.
I think bends to the left are from right hand masturbation. Oddly, I'm very left-handed but masturbate with my right hand, and bend very slightly to the left. I believe breast non-symmetry is also die to handedness with breasts being smaller on the side of the dominant hand. But my experience is limited with both men and women
Im in on Webcam and public masturbation
I love watching public masturbation


Watching Men Masturbate And Cum
I enjoy masturbation alone or with someone there watching. Masturbation is one of the best ways to have sex because you always get it done the way you like it Laughing. I would like to just sit back and watch a man or women masturbate while I am. Both of us staring at what each others hands are doing.Wishing it was our hand doing it but also not wanting to take our own hand away. That would be hot. Jack
I am still able to suck my own penis on occasion, and when I am a little more limber. Trying to get a photo has been a huge problems, since I only perform auto-masturbation when I am alone. It might be fun to try it with someone helping and watching.
Masturbating In Public
I think I marked this incorrectly. I would be interested in masturbating in a public setting where it was allowed, for example at Club Relate in Florida, which is a masturbation club. I want no part of it where the law would lock me up. I'm not daring either.
I masturbate at least once a day. I use my hand mostly but sometimes find things that feel good rubbing up and down my shaft. I also enjoy the feeling of anal masturbation so much so that I cum without even stroking my cock. It's even better when somebody is watching you or you're doing it together. :-D
I am experienced in helping curious men or cpls lear the pleasures of bisexuality. I had a good 'mentor' myself, when i was a novice and I love helping a seeker to find himself. :-D
looking for person or persons, Female Male , Lesbian , Bi bisexuals for Mutual masturbation here in Ohio. Seems to be no one in Ohio who enjoys masturbation or willing to share or participate in mutual masturbation:I find it hard to believe it that all other states there are people willing to mutually masturbate together. HMMM!!! Just seems odd to me. It should not matter what race you are or your physical beauty. If you love to masturbate in front others or mutually then we all need to get together. Thanks roccky2006:(


Thanks for the welcoming note! I think we will enjoy using your site. We are both new to this experience and looking forward to meeting others of like mind and interest.I have always been attracted to women but just recently admitted it to myself. Ricky, on the other hand, thinks it is the opportunity to fulfill every man's fantasy. I am glad we found your site! Thanks for blazing the trail.