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Sissy Giving Head

Sissy  Giving Head on Bisexual PlaygroundSissy  Giving Head on Bisexual Playground
older cross dresser,(I LIKE THE TERM SISSY) Sissy Slut is married with my wife giving her SISSY SLUT HUSBAND Her PERMISSION & SUPPORT!I'm good with my age,(looks,mobility,self,havin g sex,etc) SISSY SLUT LIKES EXHIBITION so if you just need someone to watch,join in,play with,use,humiliate,etc.SISSY can do & will do most anything! I have a lot to give & there is always room to learn.Sissy is not religious is spiritual along with a good sense of humor! SISSY BELIEF'S MOST ACTS ARE OK AS LONG AS YOUR NOT HURTING ANYONE ITS ALL GOOD!
White sissy who loves giving head to strong horny dark skin black men.
Im zoey the fabulous sissy im 26 years old a virgin in my but i love giving head looking for my master or mistress to make there full time slave
My husband has sent me videos of him giving men head off post and loves to cross-dress and always ask me to give men's Head at random and record me giving him ass and Deep throat guys my number trying to get me to meet them and sends it to
Married Bi male who enjoys oral play receiving and giving . No hugging or kissing,and Iam not into anal play. I just enjoy good head and giving some head.
white male mid 50s with salt & pepper hair bisexueal who is more in to men these days .I'm a short guy avg looking with blue eyes and glasses. I love giving head and I do swallow and I also like to have my ass played with and banged with a condom. I'm open to new things would love hook up with someone where I am giving head and & another one is banging me from behind. o
i was 15 he was 15 hand jobs than moved on to giving each other head.have hand many cocks in me since than,now i am a crossdressing sissy cum sucking slut,can’t get enough
I, like the many of the previous responses gave my first blowjob at about 13. My friend was a childhood friend and we had played with each other for several years, but nothing more. Then one night at his house we talked about giving each toher a blowjob. I didn't like it the first time, but grew to depend on my buddy to fill my mouth as often as we could get together. We continued this until we graduated and I left for the service. Now I enjoy giving head to Men and Women. My wife gives me head but it is not the same as a man.
Not a sexist statement, but men are better at giving head to men.
I keep my sissy shaved head to toes as a good sissy should be.... isn't she just so cute.....
For me it was with a girl. we had been camping which mean drinking and smoking so we went in the woods, and wondered through some trails. we decided to go off the trails and ended up on the beach front behind some dunes. rather than head for the top and to the beach, we decided to strip down and lay out nude, as we were laying there, she kept messing with me, and eventually started giving me head and shortly afterwards i was fucking her in the sand...ended up half dressed walking back covered in sand...

For a guy it was on a cruise, i met a cpl in the steam room and we instantly hit it off...ended up giving head and getting head while there
Looking to meet and play with dominant women, men and fellow crossdressers. I'm an oral bottom that lives to please. Forced pussy worship is my favorite as well as dominant women controlling my every move and pegging me into my proper submissive place. I love giving head and submitting to masculine males that know how to work a tight inexperienced hole. I'm into safe play, but getting facials and swallowing cum bring out my true sissy nature. I enjoy the company of fellow crossdressers and take pleasure in the whole experience with them, from getting dressed up to making out and feeling all the sexy silky clothes. I have several pairs of panties and hose, but not much else. Would love to expand my wardrobe and become the best sissy slut I can be!!!
I'm not sissy in anyway, but I bet I can deep throat you. I'm not a bear either. Take a guess what Iam before you look at my profile. Not everyone has to be a sissy to suck cock. Some do it because they like it and if that makes one a sissy, Then kudos to you, mr. Dominate! You go with your endeavors in tact. And Good luck with finding your sissy guys. They are out there but they don't meet. Do you know why? Take another quess there. Happy dominating!


Bisexual Men Giving Oral
i first started giving head at around 17 years old. the first time i had someone cum in my mouth i was about 25,,thats when i got hooked.i enjoy a womans company but there is something about giving a guy head that makes my head spin. i love the feeling of getting a woman off,but for me to feel the splash of a mans cum just turns me on. its part of my lifestyle now but not to often. i like to get a guy off at least once a year.i did not think i was going to have it this year but i met a man in florida who i told about my desire, he invited me to his home. it was the first time he ever got blowed by a guy. it was amazing,,i gave him hours of oral..i was so into it i did not want him to cum. but he let loose and im telling you im so glad that met him.
I have sissified my husband more then 2 years ago. I wouldn't have him anyother way then sissified in panties, shaved head to toes, wearing bras, and of course only female lotions, deodorants, and sweetest perfumes to reinforce that he is my sissy and here to serve me and my lovers of both sexes. Sissy is also kept in chastity 24/7 with out orgasm until sissy earns enough points to orgasm. Kisses Mistress Jeanne
Piss Play
I love pissing in sissies mouth, she drinks every bit and sissy loves getting a nice golden shower as a reward for being a good lil' sissy. I want one of my lovers to use sissy in this manner and sissy fantasizes about it constantly she so wants to be a submissive sissy under a strong male who has just fucked her wife. Two females using sissy as a toilet for the day is another sissy dream she wishes would cum true any couples, or females want to make a sissies dream cum true???Kiss
I just LOVE nice thick trucker cock. They have a certain (and exciting) way of treating a sissy like a REAL sissy.....holding your head and forcing it down your throat......making me tell them that "I'm just a little sissy fag cocksucker...and want to be their bitch" Love the way they verbally abuse me and humiliate me.

Have gone to truck stops several times dressed completely fem and hung around the lot asking drivers if I could suck them.....also have spent hours on my knees and bent over in the last stall at the highway rest stop being used like a sissy slut by multiple drivers.

So drivers....when in the Fort Worth area...get a hold of me and let me know where you are parked......would gladly climb into your sleeper so you can force feed me that thick sweet trucker cock.
Orgasm Denial
I have locked sissy faggot Jess up in a chastity device, a nice sissy shade of pink CB-2000/ Sissy has been locked for three weeks and will stay locked with out orgasm until she fulfills my list of desires and wants. This includes remodeling 4 rooms in the house, a newly rebuilt porch, and take me to the nude beach 2 times, also bad behavior is met with lengths of time added and humiliating acts sissy must do as punishment. Teasing also takes place almost daily to keep sissy faggots attention focused on her tasks. Sissy will be allowed to rub her little sissy clitty on my pussy while wearing 2 condoms as sissy cums in her condoms she will be made to suck all her pathetic sissy juice clean from it only after my 2nd trip to the beach in the spring. At that time sissy faggot Jess will be locked for an undetermined sentence of orgasm denial again

see Sissy Faggot Jess locked in her pretty sissy pink CB-2OOO in the gallery!!!!!

Miss Jeaanne.
Cock Sucking
Giving head is one of the only times during sex your in complete control over a man.I believe wars were lost or won due to the skill of one persons hot mouth. i am a control freak so i might be a little biased ,but if you want to get a man to do what you want,learn how to suck his dick and make his eyes roll back into the top of his head and he will buy you Forte Knox if it is possible lol

Diamond2005 Kiss


Thanks for such a warm greeting. I must say that your site seems to be head and shoulders above the typical #@$%^# that you find in sexually oriented web sites.