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Stories About Women That Turn Sissy Men into Female

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Stories About Women That Turn Sissy Men into Female on Bisexual PlaygroundStories About Women That Turn Sissy Men into Female on Bisexual Playground
hello i am roxie a submissive sissy , i am looking for a dominant female mistress who i can serve , i will show total devotion and loyalty as you turn me into your docile sissy maid
34yo male. Want to feel like a bi lez slut. Want to serve a women who will help me be the sissy gurl I am. Dress me as a the slutty sissy boy bi slut I am. Open to femdom to turn me into a complete bi for depraved service
I’m a submissive crossdressing sissy that loves the women persona – feminine and submissive. Online and virtual I am Missy, a submissive virtual reality slut. Dressing up sexy and girlish completely unleashes my bad girl fantasies. As Missy I love to play with dominant men that enforce my bad girl fantasy. You are the man (no sissies). As Missy I want to please manly men. A submissive sissy slut knows her place. Teach me to please you. I want to fulfill your online and virtual fantasy. I love the alpha male tone of a manly voice. Play out your alpha male fantasy on me. Force me to talk dirty. Humiliation and degradation turn me on. Men call me slut, whore, bitch, sissy, cum slave and sissy faggot. Being the secret virtual girl of a straight married man is a turn on. Couples and multiple men are a turn on.
Single male looking for a real man or women to turn me into a chastized sissy
Im a big young masculine white boy that wants to be made into a sissy white boy and be dominated by big cock 1 or more. Need to be dressed , wig , make up look as sissy as possible then need big cock prefer bbc to make me submit and be a sissy boy I'm usually dominate so need y'all to take control n turn me to a cock whore sissy , I have a fetish for being a sissy white boy for bbc
Hi! As you can tell from my pictures, I am a sissy adult baby. I have been like this for a couple years now. My ex-GF and i experimented and she liked to be dominate of me, crossdressing me, she even had me in chastity. The diapers came a little later when she thought it would be hot to only allow me to orgasm in my diapers. She moved away but I realize I loved the teasing, the diapers and the sissy girl outfits. Part of me even likes having my orgasms controlled by a chastity device. I think of myself as a good looking guy, I'm single and I date here and there but again I love being a sissy adult baby. I usually do not get far with a girl when she realizes I am wearing pretty pink panties (i don't wear diapers in public) or when she sees my shaved private areas. I have a few "funny" stories if you'd like me to share. All my orgasms are in my diapers or premature in my panties when I am with a girl (usually unknown to the girl). I like dominant women and men. I want to be your sissy baby toy for you tease and play around with.
i am about to turn 67 year old bi female looking to find someone that would be interested in having an older women lick and eat her pussy for as long as she could handle it. as i am a amputee i do not expect anything in return. my pleasure is knowing i am please another women. i will turn porn on and she can lay back and watch it as she enjoys the many times i can make her cum.
Hi folks,

Yes, I admit this is bizarre, but hang in there with me. I am looking for a single bi or bi-curious female, or a female only couple.

Having been married to a woman who spent most of her life before me as a lesbian, I really miss being able to talk about the beauty of the female form, admiring other women, sharing fantasies, reading stories, looking at pictures and watching erotica about women, with a woman.

Is anyone interested? If not, am I just completely humiliating myself being here? I would appreciate all caring, thoughtful responses. Thanks!

hi all well i have spoken to alot women now all who are straight that think bisexual men are wrong and men should not have sex with other men the only girl i have spoken to who likes bi men and likes seeing bi men or gay men together is bi her self so what do women really think about bi men?, i thought it be turn on for women as for me seeing two women at it is a turn on so why dont women find two men at it a turn on? as a bi man i would love to know just out of interest!!!!
I believe I am bisexual as I love being with men and women and the ratio is close with just a few more men then women. My other half has had equal experiences with both and until recently I have always considered him as BI. Well leading into our lifestyle and getting into cuckolding and chastity for him I now think of hubby more ad more as gay. I love the feeling of a woman and have hence femmed him by shaving his body, only allowing panties to be worn, and female lotions, and toiletries, such as perfumes and deodorants, female undershirts and female cigarettes when smoking and female hormones he must take daily. These things are present all the time for my hubby 24/7. As of recently in the past 3 months I have started calling hubby sissy and treating sissy more like a girlfriend, and not making love to him and more exclusively my male lovers. I have also been denying sissy orgasms and keep her locked in a CB2000 almost all day. Well sissy has expressed lately a growing interest in men, and less in females, sissy is always wanting to suck my lovers, and is always checking guys out when we are out together, he has even gone all flush and oogly eyed seeing a really hot guy. I believe that he is gay now, I love it, I love him, I love being with a gay man, who loves me being with real men, and women too. I feel like the connection we share before is even deeper, more on the same level and stronger then ever we are truly in total love and very very comfortable with each other . We share so much more intimately on a spiritual level and less on the sexual level and communicate even more about desires and fantasies now as we never did before . I guess I am just saying that a gay man can be in love with a female, with or with out sex. Love is so much more then sex, it is all about connection of souls and hearts, emotion and affection, gay straight, bi we can all love one another and labels albeit needed socially where two people of the same heart are concerned there are no labels or boundaries that can hold love from coming together in he ultimate bond. Be happy with your sexuality and love who you do..... Kisses Jeanne and Jess KissHug
Does anyone like sissy boys?
Any stories of how you found them and how sissy were they...
OK, to start with I have no desire to have my penis transformed into a vagina
via the miracles of modern surgical techniques.I have no desire to grow or to
have breasts surgically implanted. I do however enjoy playing the female role
when engaged in sex with a couple. I like the feeling of femininity when being
a "Bitch" for a couple. The woman being there, giving orders and controlling
the action is a huge turn on. I have no idea where it all stems from nor do I care.
I do not wish to psychoanalyze myself and have no interest in the professional
view on this matter. If I am crazy, so be it. There are worse things. I just wonder
how many men have the same feelings about cross dressing, being a sissy, etc.
Have you ever cum with out touching your penis while sucking a man or being
anally penetrated by one. Is the "Female present" a must for you, like myself or
do you also play one on one with other men. Women? Fell free to expound on
your feelings regarding this matter also. I personally do it all for the pleasure
of the female which in turn brings me pleasure. If you are happy I am happy


Chronic female masturbaters really turn me on ! Love hearing stories about your masturbation exploits ! How many times a day do you do it, and where are some of the places you've done it?
Chronic female masturbaters really turn me on ! Love hearing stories about your masturbation exploits ! How many times a day do you do it, and where are some of the places you've done it?
Looking for male or female to turn me into a better sissy
Forced Feminization
i love this kind of shit. any women who has that much balls to take control of a man, && turn HIM into the sissy is sexy in my eyes.. i'm down for whatever, southjersey women only
Friends With Benefits
Looking for a female fwb in Bloomington, Indiana. Love women of all shapes and sizes. Bi, oriental, submissive & squitter women are a big turn on for me.
Chastity Devices
I have sissy Jess locked in a CB-2K all the time, her little faggot clitty isn't worth any pleasure Even at her own hand. I love teasing sissy Jess making her balls ache for release as they turn purple. I get my pleasure for a real man as my sissy faggot watches and waits in anticipation to lick my lovers sweet cum from my fresh fucked pussy and ass..... If sissy fag Jess was a real man I would fuck her instead of locking that pathetic tiny cock away in a sissy pink cage..... Jeanne Kiss


Great site. I am a new member and I must say I love it. No fees!!! These are the sites that I love at first and don't mind paying later on down the line for the exxxtra benefits!! I am bi female looking to hook up with another bi female in NYC. I let you guys know the outcome.