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Stories of Women Who Feminize Their Husbands

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Stories of Women Who Feminize Their Husbands on Bisexual PlaygroundStories of Women Who Feminize Their Husbands on Bisexual Playground
I am bicurious and submissive. I'm looking for a woman or couple to feminize me. I would like a long term arrangement. If you feminize me then I am yours :)
I am a muscular male that has been involved with a few married women who's husbands knew and approved in Huntsville, Al. Along the way, I have also played with the husbands while the wife was present. So, I am very open to finding some other adults in the 35801 zip code area that might want to develop a regular thing.
I like women to feminize me and forced to take cock
I am a tall, slender, blonde woman - 34C, 5' - 9", 122 lbs. looking for girlfriends to have fun with!! Sexual and otherwise. We have not swapped but have had threesomes with my girlfriends, although we are really seeking couples or single women for me!! We might swap, maybe, in the perfect situation. We like to meet couples with sexy women that want sex with other girls, husbands can play if they want but intercourse is with own spouse. I would kinda like to meet a dominate woman because the bi-curious women I have met tend to not know what to do or their husbands want them to play and they really don't want to. I got to use a strap on in Jamaica recently (we did each other) that was awesome. I guess I want real sex and not just light play. I like being lost in the intensity!!
Nice Person. Hoping to find a woman or women that will help feminize me.
Looking for a Bi/Gay man only to take my husbands virginity.. I will be present to WATCH and INSTRUCT I want to hold your cock and guide it into my husbands mouth and when you get ready to cum I want to hold husbands head down making him swallow every drop. Then I want to guide your hard cock into husband tight... VERY TIGHT virgin ass and watch as you pound him good and I want you to tell us when you start to cum so I can watch my husbands face as he feel the very first load of hot thick male cum shooting deep inside his hole
I am a 35, straight male, who will do everything, short of scat and water sports, would love Tgirl to feminize me, bottom ladyboy for age, incest play. Also interested in couples who want cuckold. I also have true stories of taboo, intrigued let me know
biguyandmeinpa wrote, "I am a bit puzzled by some of the posts here stating that thats what I do cause thats what my husband wants."

Carol was making a point that many women do things just to please their husbands and won't even talk about what they themselves want. After 20 years as swingers, we have seen this many times. She even said that she was just generalizing and not talking about everyone. We aren't in the lifestyle because of me, she's the one that got us into it and she's also the more curious one. I just support what she likes to do, as she supports me. We always talk as equals and never try to push one another into things we don't really want to do. There are many strong women in the lifestyle who don't do things just to please or satisfy their husbands, but share equally and properly.

-- Danny
Let’s see a fantasy,one I have is to be tied up by 6 women and their husbands and forced to suck the guys off while the women fuck me with strap ons each one a little bigger than the one before it
My interests are bi women ,couples menwho dont mind letting their wives get penetrated by my husband and women who dont mind me having sex with their husbands? we do not want bi men because my hubby is straight. with that in mind we urge beautiful women-n- men to step forward.from beauty
As most men are diffinently turned on by watching two women make love, we believe it's only fair. As for us personally, we not only enjoy making love to each other and with our husbands, but also enjoy watching our husbands making love as well.

Sue & Sara
My long expereince is that women get very turned on when fucking a guys responsive butt. I have had women that like to get their husbands hard and then place his cock in my butt - now that IS a turn on mmmmmmm x


We LOVE to read about first time same sex stories with LOTS of details so we can imagine being there or having it happen to us. We both like male male stories and girl girl stories so feel free to send us your TRUE story... Flower
Anyone wanting true stories of incest, and young girls, two different stories let me know, and be prepared to cum
Story Writing
Are there any storytellers here? Let's talk about what kinds of stories you like, what you've written - stories, poetry, etc. - and what you'd love to see online! Tell me a story... :)
Women Watching Husband Get Fucked
Any ladies in Atlanta that want to see me fuck their husbands? Any husbands that want to show your lady what a whore you are? I am ready to help.
I could never do that ... but boy do i like reading the stories about it. Especially the brother and sister stories. The entire family doing it is just so hot!
Women Who Like Bi Men
I am looking for women who want me suck there husbands cocks.


Thank you for such a warm welcome. I am Danielle and my husbands name is Henry. We never realized a site like this existed and have been interested in the life style and finding people is so hard. Thank you we love the site!!!