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White Males Forced to Be Sissy Sex Slaves to Black Men

White Males Forced to Be Sissy Sex Slaves to Black Men on Bisexual PlaygroundWhite Males Forced to Be Sissy Sex Slaves to Black Men on Bisexual Playground
35 dwm here and I have realized that whites were wrong to enslave the Black race and want to do my part to provide reparations to the Black race. I believe that Black men should breed white women and make sissy faggot slaves out of us white males. I am here to serve and bring to attention the end of the white race! I am looking for a Dominant Black Men and Women to serve! Also white women who want to serve with me.
White, very oral, male slave, who loves being a slave to a dominant black male, couple, or female. Love fantasizing about being a urinal to a black cock and pussy. Believe that god orders white males to serve black masters for 7 times as long as whites owned black slaves. This is why so many white males feel obedient to black masters and mistresses. Gods will should be done with owner. I will obey all black masters and black goddesses. I would love to be a part of a white male slave stable, serving all black men and women forever.
We are a FWB couple. She is a black domme and he is a white sissy boi. We are both fairly new to these roles and she is looking forward to seeing him suck his first cock and take his first cock in his sissy white ass. We are looking for other domme females, Top bi males and perhaps other sissy males if well endowed and able to top.
Hey there. I looking to find someone to help me become the sissy I was meant to be. I want to be feminized and forced to be a cock loving slut. My biggest fantasy is to be taken by a. Oh black man and forced to be his bitch
Sissy needing Forced Feminization from a Female or Sister T Girl. I am very serious, let me become you sissy slut. The picture is of myself I love Strap Ons, Dildos, Crossdressing, Forced Feminzation, being a sissy in French Maid outfits. Transexual, Shemale, Transgender, Transsexual, Crossdresser? Yes, I am.
Feminine white sissy VERY interested in bottoming to dominant black males. I really love black men with long thick cocks and a big set of heavy balls! Yummy!
i am a submissive white sissy girl seeking only black males that want their black cocks worshiped and to fuck my tight white sissy girl's ass.Kiss
Hello everyone! My name is Nikki and I'm a black female. My boyfriends name is Lee and he is a white male. He's bisexual and I am bi-curious. We do have a great sex life but are looking to add more spice to it by adding either a couple or a third to join us. We are into white males, black males, white trannys, black trannys, white women, and black women. If there are any questions or if anyone is interested, send us a message and we can go from there. Hug Kiss
Hello I am a white sissy crossdresser and I am in need of a big black monster cock to make me scream and moan and have me begging for more I want to worship black monster cocks I crave for big black monster cock sliding in my mouth and then my sissy pussy I need to be destroyed by big black monster cock
I am a SISSY FAGGOT nonop transgender. I am seeking a BLACK Master. Height, weight do not matter Prefer 40 yrs old and up.If you are and OTR that would be a nice thing. I am totally OUT. Generally dress as female only... I can be a lady in public and your plaything in private. If you wish to Feminize me that is also ok. I am a WHITE SISSY FAGGOT. 66 YRS old and retired. I want to be kneeling for BLACK for good. This has long been a desire for me.
I was pushed back and forth and felt like a volley ball as each time I was
pushed away a shred of my clothing was ripped away and gradually, bit
by bit, I was becoming naked. My milk white flesh was quite a contrast to
the chocolate brown skinned men that were tearing away at my clothes.
They were all smiles and in a heat of passion anticipating what they were
going to do to me with their huge purple head enormous black cocks. I
was trembling with fear and resistance was impossible and in my heart I
knew that very soon now I was going to be getting turned into a white boy
sissy bitch for black cock cum. I would have cock in my ass and down my
throat, pumping me like a 2 bit street whore. My body was trembling and
all a quiver deep inside my ass hole knowing that a cock would soon be
using it for a pussy. I wondered what a huge cock would feel like sliding
into my boy cunt the first time and what a thick black throbbing black cock
would taste like when it exploded a torrential gush of thick white sticky gooey
man goo down my white sissy cunt throat. What would it be like having
everyone watch me suck black cock cum swallow and become a white boy
sissy bitch for blacks. Looking them in the eye each day, day in and day out.
Knowing they saw me suck and swallow black man cum juices. There were a
few guys on my block from my home town. Everyone would know when I got
out, Even my wife would know I sucked black cock. How was I ever going to
return to a life of any semblance of normality. The sexual assault lasted all thru
the afternoon and it was late evening as I cinched the cord from my earphones
around my throat and stepped off of my stool into the air in the middle of my cell.
I gagged and kicked and wriggled for a short time and then came a calming slow
blackness and peace. I would not have to face anyone. I was free!
Ok I am a white crossdressing sissy faggot I. Have nothing to say on this.subjec I say to eahe ther own. But me being the person I am. I would want a black master. The most wounderful feeling in the world is the knolage that u are. Own. By a black god. I would like to have black god I would do everything that black master told me. Like if he told me drop and waship his wunderful black cock I would no matter where we were. We could. be in the like wal mart. I would suck that gods cock without any question I would like it if I had like 15 wouderful black masters to own me then all of them could treat me like I really want to b treated I would. Want all of them. To just pound my holes hardcore. Thay could make me fuckall the player from the nba and I would be happy to


Black Bi-curious Males
Black Masters..Please Use This Small White Cock Faggot Loser..
Being a white slave to a Black Master is what i want to experience, as all whites and white couples should..To be Black owned as it should be..Personally i believe all white "males", married or not should be transformed into she male slaves for their Black Daddys, just like i hope to..And white women are the sluts of the Black Men..i'm in the Waynesboro Va area..
All Male Anal
I was around 18 when I was forced to have sex with two men. That was the first time that I sucked a dick and was fucked in my sissy white ass. That first night I hated it. In the morning they told me I was going to be their sissy bitch 4, 5 maybe 6 times a week for as long as they wanted. Each time I liked them using me more and more. It got o the point where I could hardly wait to see them again. You know I must have liked it. I'm 70 and now looking for BBC. I want to say that I deep throated 13 inches of BBC. That my sissy white ass took every inch of the 13 inches. That my white ass is still holding Black Seed. That I love the taste of Black Seed. Lindawantabe
Black Master
Yes, indeed. I believe that all white males should have a Black Master. It is a sissy white bois job to do what a Black Master wants him to do. I'm looking for a Black Master. I'll relocate. Lindawantabe
Anal Punishement
I want to punish my sissy white ass with BBC. Have Black Men fuck me hard one after another until the hurting from my ass being stretched is gone and I'm begging for more. Stretch my sissy white ass for Black Cock only. Lindawantabe
White Men Love Black Cock
submissivebob, you are so right. I have come to realize that black men are to be worshiped. White women should have sex with any black man upon request. White men should submit completely to any blackman and be willing to clean his ass, lick his balls and suck his cock on demand. And the white mans ass is for his black master's taking. I have always considered my self stright until i started looking at BBC on the computer. When i see a BBC I am a sissy & turn to a total fag for black men.
Sex Slave For Couple
white gay sex slaves for dominating black men Flower


Thanks for the warm welcome! The site looks quite organized, and well-populated. I'm sure we'll have a wonderful time seeking out fun bisexual males. Swinger sites really aren't geared for us. If we need any help, we'll let you know. :) --C&L