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Wives Watching Husband Geting Fucked in the Ass

6 foot tall 11 inch penis I enjoy sucking it myself but want other people to watch or join in also enjoy my ass geting licked and eaten I want to suck some one elses dick while geting fucked ive taken 12 inches in my ass but want a woman to lick while geting fucked or sucking a big fat dick in my throat and I like them big and fat
i am looking for couples or groups who would cuckold me like watching and servicing both sexes oraly also love to eat fresh creampie while geting fucked
openminded to sexual activities-like people in reasonably good shape/ slim muscular in body build-enjoy passionate man to man sex-enjoy kissing, caressing, hugging, licking,sucking, swallowing, getting fucked, rimming-grop action doesn't bother me, in fact, I guess I'm an exhibitionist at heart-performing while others are watching is a turn on for me. Wives who enjoy watching me turn on their husband would be a turn on for me.
we want to be very discrete,my husband is very curious about men,he wants to suck and fuck another man as well the favor being returned,he also really wants to see me being fucked by another man and me gagging on there cock as he is being fucked,he wants to be fucked in the ass as he is being sucked off and eating my pussy,we do not want another woman really turns me on to think about him being fucked in the ass and sucking on and being sucked on by another man.i would absolutely be playing with myself and getting off watching all of this.again no woman
I am an average guy that enjoys giving massages to men or men and their wives. I enjoy watching others have sex if it is man and man or man and woman. I enjoy giving guys blow jobs and enjoy being fucked every now and then. I don't require that anyone do anything special for me.
Like to think about sucking cock while a lady watches, or geting fucked in the ass while licking a clit
Interested and want to do your part of geting me very Fucked by a group of guys ?

I'll do one to 5 Rock Hard Cock's at a time, I do Love to Suck on Wet Cock's as I am get Fucked - you can Cum and just watch me get a group of Cock's off is ok to...

Lets meet up soon, go to my profile if yous are Interested in geting to know me and ask to meet some time...
I love watching men make out! It really turns me on to see my husband suck a nice cock and especially to get fucked. I enjoy just sitting back, watching and playing with myself :)

carol xoxoxo
I for one not only enjoy watching my husband having oral sex with another man, but find it very exciting when he and one of our male friends engage in anal sex. However, like Carol and Danny mentioned the one thing I find more stimulating then watching my husband having sex with another man is seeing them cuddling and enjoying a passionate kiss. Also, while I enjoy watching two men having sex with my husband I find it more arousing when its my husband who's participating...Wink
Ive seen so many forums on this subect and many women are enjoying watching the guys today. There a forum and in there check for the subject " watching husband with other men " and you will see countless women telling how they watch their husbands or boyfriends sucking cock and fucking each other and also guys telling how they do it for their wives and girlfriends. It's about 95 % of the girls who enjoy this.
I know this has probably been talked about on here but I'm new and wanted to ask the women a question. How do you feel about watching or being involved in 2 men ? I've had 2 experiences with men and they had their wives involved. The first one was the wife wanted to see her husband give oral to another man and the second the wife knew her husband was Bi and it turns her on to be involved. Just curious as to how some of you ladies feel about it. Thanks......
My husband is bisexual and we have had some very intense times with a male friend of ours. I love watching a man suck another man's cock and get so hot while watching a man fuck another man in the ass. I have two bi male friends that I get together with once in a while. It leaves me trembling when one fucks me while he's getting butt fucked or when one is eating me while he is being sucked off. I also enjoy it when they butt fuck me.
I have never had such strong or numerous orgasms as when I am involved in this type of activity. My husband and I have had some great fun sucking a cock together. He is very masculine but totally in touch with himself and who he is...and not ashamed or macho. I diislike men who are so macho they are afraid of their bisexual side.


Womens View On Bisexual Males
I find bi-sexual men so sexi. Love watching them get it on then pleasuring them and geting pleasured by them!
Cheating Wives
Ladies in the Bloomington, Indiana area.
Not getting enough cock from your old man, wanting a little something extra?
I am looking to fuck wives who are getting it on the sly or for women who like being fucked while her husband watches.
I have a 7.5 uncut cock & know how to use it!
I will eat your pussy, fuck you hard & make you cum a lot.
10 Inches Or More
i love geting fucked by huge cock any one interested message me
Men Fucking Men While Women Watch
hehe sounds like fun i would love be be fucking or geting fucked as a woman watch :)
Wife Watching Me Get Fucked
My biggest fantasy, watching my husband fucked until everyone cuts.
Bang My Husband
Seeking local/nearby couples who want the husband fucked by a gentle bisexual top. I love the idea of a wife watching as I penetrate her husband, Maybe he will be performing orally on her, as I penetrate him from behind? Not necessary for me to play with the wife, but I sure would enjoy it if it happens!!! Branson, Missouri 65616.

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Thank you for letting me become a member of your site. We are a little curious about watching & being watched and some inclination to having a woman of a couple join us. Thank you once again for the power to learn about people and there way of life.