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Written Stories of White Wife Forced Sex with Black African

Written Stories of White Wife Forced Sex with Black African on Bisexual PlaygroundWritten Stories of White Wife Forced Sex with Black African on Bisexual Playground
My beautiful wife is a 25 year old very attractive very fertile white woman whom I want to be in a serious very committed and submissive relationship long term and getting pregnant by black men. I am an inferior 27 year old white male trying to become black owned sissy fuck slave and serve worship obey and be feminized permanently becoming a black mans bitch want to be forced to get butt and boob job and be fucked by alpha black daddy’s for the rest of my life. I want to be on my knees every morning waiting for my black master to wake up and give me orders or grab me by my face and spit in my mouth or make me suck his balls and rim his alpha male ass hole I will be the happiest white sissy ever if I am able to find black men who want to take a white boy and his wife and force me to my natural place as a sissy servant taking all my manhood and allowing me the honor to serve worship and get fucked by black cocks.
I am a white boi need to try big black cocks in my boi ass turn me in t o a girly,forced sex all role 0laying my pink butthole ENAMAS douching. Forced anal dicking, forced. Throath gaging,chocking. Dick spanking.
Want to be forced to wear panties stockings then forced to suck 4 or 5 hot black cock and lick hot black ass in front of a web cam white submissive male slim build shaved balls ass cock
White husband who wants to be a black mans sissy forcefully feminized by alpha black males. I want to permanently be a black mans bitch and watch him breed my white fertile wife. Castrate me and choosing my wife and my ownership tattoos. I want to support BNWO and help the white race become black owned.
MWM into stories about black men and white women. especially if woman get preg. like some bi sex too suck as white men sucking black dick hard
i am a standard white male my wife is a beautiful 24 year old black african. I am straight 8 she is very bi-courios. I would like to find some beautiful ladies to help expand our sense of adventure.
I have a couple of friends that were in jail. They told me stories about them turning out a mutual friend. They were black and he was white. They fucked him so much he came out. The first few times they had to be rough
These stories always got me horny. I let them do the same things to me.
i am an african american straight female looking for a bisexual/curious african american male and/or couple for a discreet threesome and possibly long term pleasure. Only african american males. Dominant black Masters are welcome.
Hello everyone! My name is Nikki and I'm a black female. My boyfriends name is Lee and he is a white male. He's bisexual and I am bi-curious. We do have a great sex life but are looking to add more spice to it by adding either a couple or a third to join us. We are into white males, black males, white trannys, black trannys, white women, and black women. If there are any questions or if anyone is interested, send us a message and we can go from there. Hug Kiss
I'm a white sissy who believes in the BNWO (Black New World Order)I'm offering my mouth and ass to any age size black bull who wants to use me, also into maid service, being collared, owned,
forced prostitution let me make you feel good and get paid.
White BIM some experience but still a bit new. I have how ever shared my ex wife with many black men so I know I love the idea of my first interracial bi experience I also want to invite a white female fuck buddy she loves fucking black men and really wants to watch and join me suck and be fucked as well as fuck my first black man. Will want to meet at a hotel In Amarillo Tx after phone meeting. Can't wait much longer I'm about to burst :-D
I remember a substitute teacher of mine, from my junior year in high school. He was black. The one thing he absolutely hated was to be referred to as an African-American. The first thing he did in class was go on a rant. It went something like this:

"I hate it when the subject of race comes up. I hate it because I always have to fill the form in as African-American. I feel that is an out-right lie. I was not born in Africa. I have never been in Africa, let alone lived there. Therefore I cannot be African. Anyone that refers to me as African is spreading malicious lies about me. I was born and raised in America. I am an American. And in my class I don't care if you call me black, negro, colored, or even (I appologize for using this word) a nigger, But no student of mine will ever call me an African-American."

I agreed with him whole-heartedly. And I haven't used the term African-American since, unless I'm talking about a person who was born and raised in Africa and moved to America. So instead of race, why not use the term "skin-color" ?


Story Writing
Both me and Vince love to write stories and poetry. He's better at the "short story" than I am though. :) So far, I have written 3 novellas. 2 recently, and one when I was 11 or 12. I have go back through and re-edit the one I wrote when I was younger one. And I wouldn't necessarily call the stories I have written "erotica", but the two newer ones have sex scenes. Currently, Vince is writing a sort of "Vampire Porn Movie Script" where it's written exactly how a script for a movie is written. It's very good though. As for poetry, over the years I have lost count of all the poems I have written. For many years, I would sometimes write 4 or 5 poems a month or possibly more! :) And I don't know how many poems Vince has stashed around the house, but he has quite a few too. Some of my poems are online at this particular site that we both frequent. And some are on BP here as well as well as my only "erotica" short story. The stories I have written are also on that site, including the short story. Vince is also an armature song writer and has several songs next to his many poems that he has written. If anyone is interested, just email us and we would be happy to send along the site where our stories are. HugKissHugKiss
Story Writing
Are there any storytellers here? Let's talk about what kinds of stories you like, what you've written - stories, poetry, etc. - and what you'd love to see online! Tell me a story... :)
Interracial M4M
Any Dom black men want to talk? 🖤 I'd like to get to know you and see where it goes :) more then one black guy is welcome to hit me up ;) I'm a white girly sissy I'm attracted to black men only 🖤 🥰 and Its not a fetish either lol I'm committed to and only to black men :) I really want to be double penetrated I'll do anything im forced to do and wear :) I'm a good white girly slave for black men and I'll take every bbc like a true slut I am. I know I don't look like I suck cock especially black cocks but oh boy your in for a treat black guys 😉☺️ was told I suck bbc and get throat fucked like a real girl haha same black guy fucked my baby momma and he said I suck cocks a better then she ever thought about haha
Story Writing
I've even written stories about people I've met online...
All white girls should be breed once to bbc. My wife is going to be soon. She just had my baby but I want her to have black one. Nothing hotter then black on white or white on black!
Black Bi-curious Males
Black Masters..Please Use This Small White Cock Faggot Loser.. Being a white slave to a Black Master is what i want to experience, as all whites and white couples should..To be Black owned as it should be..Personally i believe all white "males", married or not should be transformed into she male slaves for their Black Daddys, just like i hope to..And white women are the sluts of the Black Men..i'm in the Waynesboro Va area..


So far, I'd have to say this site is the complete answer to what my wife and I are looking for, an easy to use, discreet, and yet comprehensive way to meet someone new.