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I am looking for women and men to dominate. Address me as Ma'am when you respond.
8 Minutes Ago
I am looking for women and men to dominate. Address me as Ma'am when you respond.
12 Minutes Ago
I am looking for women and men to dominate. Address me as Ma'am when you respond.
15 Minutes Ago
Getting groped or touched in public
i remember one time i was maybe 15 and we were at a good will and i saw this lady she was older but with a hot ass so me being the pervert i was[and still am] i walk behind her and felt her ass she didn't say nothing i kept doing for bout 10-15 mins till she noticed and got away from me.. so...;)
48 Minutes Ago
Bi Guy traveling near Huron
Hey there. I am a fun, funny guy who will be up at the lake next week (03/30) for a few days. I'd love to find some likeminded folks, especially a couple! Check out my profile and hit me up if we could chat, have a drink . . .
4 Hours Ago
cock service
ill suck you ill fuck you and ill swallow all your cumm :))
7 Hours Ago
F looking for FUN
I am curious to try new experiences with females and males
11 Hours Ago
Extremely nasty chat
I love getting off with other filthy minded men or women. Especiallly talking about incest and other taboo sunjects. Nothing is off limits with me as far as talk. Would also meet with other men for kinky roleplay sex.
15 Hours Ago
What are Poppers
People say Poppers are ok what are Poppers !!
18 Hours Ago
very sub sissy here
Like to be controlled given rules tasks. Any dominant here like to control me?
20 Hours Ago
looking for bi girl
Looking for bI girl for me and my bf
21 Hours Ago
Looking for someone to chat with first and see what happens.
21 Hours Ago
men into panties?
who is into panties? what do you do with them ? i think its hot that a guy plays with women's panties. :P
1 Day Ago
Maryland Subs
Searching for Subs...I'm ready to start ready to send me pictures/videos...if you are chosen, be ready to do what I say. Call me Ma'am at all times.
2 Days Ago
First timers looking for a well hung big tits shemale
We will be very open to an encounter to make our fantasy's come true
2 Days Ago
First time bi sexual
Looking for a bisexual woman to try my first time with and possibly become close friends
2 Days Ago
Threesome looking for a Bi Woman 20-23 in the ft Lauderdale area
Looking for someone to share a threesome with us
2 Days Ago
Erotic Long Island Fun
Very fit n smooth bim for 1-1 oral play with bim, or sexy 3 sums, any combo. Smooth and fit a big plus for me, with talented oral skills and more !
2 Days Ago
Submissive male seeks master/mistress or shemale
Will spread your cheeks wide so I can push my younger deep into your gripping wet asshole while I stroke your huge cock while mistress streatch my gaping asshole with strapon or fist. Make me your fuck whore. Invite friends tie me up for all night gang bang train me to love it all
2 Days Ago
Would like to serve you
Looking for master or mistress in Honolulu I am a male sub
2 Days Ago
Help Ideas please.
i need advice how can be open and talk to my older sister about sex
2 Days Ago
who in palm beach county
I need to get my dick wet
3 Days Ago
Looking in Miami
Looking for a hot couple ready to fuck in the very very near future. I am a small 20 y/o with perky tits and a nice ass.
3 Days Ago
Loving the experience of giving oral and swallowing cum
Looking for a mature healthy guy that would enjoy having his cock sucked and WILL ejaculate a huge load of hot cum? Anyone want to speak of their experience with huge cum loads? Every I have ever been with have given me a small dose! Lol! I want to know what it is like. I am in Palm Beach county!!!
3 Days Ago
my dick hard asf
Looking for females in or near palm beach county florida
3 Days Ago
Looking for a female to play with.
I just want to have fun with no strings attached. If you intersted let me know.
3 Days Ago
my duck hard asf
Looking for females in or near palm beach county florida
3 Days Ago
Anyone in Tampa that will like to have fun :-P
3 Days Ago
New Member Emails
Make I am just a pain in the ass. I'll ask the other members and see what they think. Many times I search out for the new members. See if there is anything that might be of mutual interest. I send them a welcome email. Most times, I don't even get the courtesy of a return email. Am I being too petty. What's your opinion. THANKS !
3 Days Ago
wanted bbc near richland center today
Its my birthday today and i would love to spend it with a bbc deep in side me. Would accept any offers from any hung man near me today.very horny for cock.
3 Days Ago
In need of bbc today,its my birthday and i would love to have my first bbc
3 Days Ago
looking for older dom males
3 Days Ago
A Question for the Ladies ...
I've read over and over again how the guys came to recognize their bisexuality. I'm curious to know how our BP ladies first "kissed a girl and liked it."
4 Days Ago
looking for woman or women to watch and be watched while masturbating. must have toys and down with some oral teasing. all woman need apply who are in san diego area.
4 Days Ago
Anyone here?
Looking to chat
4 Days Ago
Couple looking for a toy
Couple looking for a bisexual female to have 3some
4 Days Ago
Looking for bisexual femaleso Pittsburgh area
It's been awhile since I've had the pleasure of being with a female. I'd love to start as friends, hang out, get coffee, etc...and then have fun playing together. Love to have a 3some as well. Hit me up. Kiss
4 Days Ago
First time bisexual encounter
Im 25 and live in Branson,Mo. Looking to fulfill my fantasy of being with another female, please check out my profile and hit me up 😍😍😍
4 Days Ago
We are a white couple looking for a bi female to play with
4 Days Ago
I'm looking for a woman who can squirt for some masturbation fun in the LA/SB area. No penetration just masturbation. Let me know if you're interested.
4 Days Ago
Couple seeking bi female for threesome that lives close by!
5 Days Ago
sexy crossdresser
I'm looking for a girl friend that prefers crossdressers let me open your world and you will never want another
5 Days Ago
looking to video chat with bi curious couple
lookng to have some fun with a bi couple through video chat we will do what ever you ask just as you should do as we ask
5 Days Ago
Eat my pussy ( I'm dominant )
Looking for someone submissive.
5 Days Ago
Caught masterbating or having sex?
Who has been or caught others, and who was it? Ive been caught growing up my some family and friends.
5 Days Ago
As a 10 - 14 year old me and two male friends would mess around. We would grind on each other, caress, jump, and eventually suck each other. During one of our humping sessions I had my first orgasm. But I really enjoyed his cock in my mouth. One night he spent the night and we made a bet that who ever loses the video game we were playing had to suck the winners duck for at least 10 minutes. I lost. After 10 minutes was up I did not stop. Loved the feel of his fleshy tip of his cock. Unfortunately he did not cum in my mouth. I still jack off to this memory and it was 30 years ago......

Tell me your story
6 Days Ago
NOW now Now
I am home ..alone ... and waiting . Any ladies want to come take advantage ?
6 Days Ago
Be my secret
6 Days Ago
bisexual woman/women needed asap
I need to have my first 3some, 4some or orgy! (Clean and healthy, who desires the same)
6 Days Ago
Wanna start a group for parties?
Have searched sites all over Utah.I haven't found one group of bi'sThis is bi sexual playground.Lets start our own group.Calling all straights,bi singles,bi couples.Let's break the Utah mold and have some fun!Looking to rent a hotel suite on Sat. the 3rd of April.All interested parties leave a message.Let's get started in the spring.That way we can make the summer of 2015 memorable.
6 Days Ago
Make me your fucktoy
I am looking for a man, woman, or a couple to make me your fucktoy. I will be moving to Washington (the state) in April, so only have a few months to enjoy being your fucktoy. Hope to hear from you soon.

Things I enjoy...
Sucking cock
Licking pussy
Licking assholes
Getting fucked
Role play/Age play - daddy/daughter, mommy/daughter, etc
Punishment for disobeying/not performing to satisfaction

Things I want to try...
Water sports - receiving
Face slapping - receiving
Being treated like an animal (examples - dog, pig, cow)
Full body whipping - receiving
Forced deep throating
Rough sex
6 Days Ago
really horny
Hello I am super horny and I looking for a blowjob now if anyone interested please write me and we can set something up
6 Days Ago
Tons of New Members
I see lately that the site has been getting an influx of a tremendous amount of new members.

Hopefully that will help to enhance both the site AND also to find more like minded members.

It is always helpful that peop try and fill out their profile and to include a picture.

The Webmasters have been doing a great job in maintaining the site!

Have fun !
6 Days Ago
EUREEKA! I am bisexual because I know it. Good bye curious
This is my first post ever. That I remember anyway.
I have considered myself very bi-curious for years and years. I have always felt that until I experience another guy I have to add the "curious", reluctantly! I didn't want to be just bi-curious. The wife and I are swingers. She lost the "curious" stigma so god damn quick. It was watching her that inspired me. I also wanted to be able to enjoy anything with anyone. I am shocked that the oportunitey never presented itself and that I could not shake the title of curious. until moments ago, and seconds after I eased the big dildo out of my ass.
I am bi-sexual because I am. I have teenages and they didn't have to wait until they had sex to pick a sexual identity. My son thought it was a good idea to tell all his friends that he was gay at the age of 9. He hadn't even experienced his first kiss but he was confident in his feelings.
I hate labels period. My wife doesn't identify as bi-sexual even though she can, and has enjoyed the pleasure of being with men and woman.
I don't this anyone will read this and I am fine with that. I just had to share a very good moment in my personal growth and this a way better place than the hockey dressing room.
6 Days Ago
Looking for any one in my area or Louisville
I do have a bf that will want to come both r bi so I love pussy him not so much but he is the bottom I have 5 half in dick lil but good with it an my mouth girls guy hit me up real want a shemale or a girl to fuck me never been with a girl would love to try it
6 Days Ago
Male Half traveling to Ft. Knox until Nov 4.
Bi male will be in the area for a little bit. Would love to find a couple or single to hang out with.
6 Days Ago
Bi couple needing a bi guy or 2 to do everything.. In Kentucky
We have been trying to find a guy or two that are bi that wants full on .. Get in touch
7 Days Ago
best pussy ever had
when I was in my late 20s, I began an affair with a Mexican married woman, and even though we aren't together now I would go back in a second. she was perfect, loved fucking, no lie at least 3 times a day, 6 days a week. she would just show up to my house, suck me off, swallow and leave. her pussy was amazing she had rhythm, riding me, and right when she knew if was cumming she would squeeze her pussy and do quick short thrusts. city loved eating her out, she was a waterfall, I would touch her arm and she was soaking, I have one finger in pussy one in ass sucking her flit and it would be like turning on water faucet . she would send videos of her playing with toys, and even stimulated my prostate, and later fucked me with her vibrator, I cum a lot and that day I covered whole left side of her face, looked like cake icing. for her best friends b'day she gave her me, we got drunk and fucked till morning. I will forever love her and miss her and that pussy
7 Days Ago

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