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Want a friend with benefits
Hi all. I’m looking for a guy to be a regular with me for sex, friend with benefits. I’m looking for someone around my age or younger around my height and weight, Caucasian. And enjoys giving and receiving. Likes to reciprocate. In or near Butler area. Have good personality too.
1 Hour Ago
Jack Buddy +
I am looking for a guy who is interested in getting together to watch porn and initially jack off. I am curious and love jacking off with guys and would like to go further but I don't wanna feel that pressure. I have no interest in kissing or anal. I do have interest in stroking and sucking your cock we just need to comfortable then who knows. I keep my cock and balls trimmed or shaved, would prefer that in whoever I meet with.
5 Hours Ago
Temple City, Los Angeles: Men and Female, Foreplay fun
I'm18 years old, and I'm hoping to find someone who is willing to have fun with me. :)
12 Hours Ago
glory holes
what the proper way of letting someone no you want to suck there dick through the hole?
13 Hours Ago
I need dick like a chick I will suck and fuck
Cum in cock put stick it through the curtain upstate
14 Hours Ago
Bisexual male looking for a male fuck buddy in Brandon, Ms
I am looking for a gay male fuck buddy in the Jackson, Ms area. Send me a reply if your interested.
14 Hours Ago
Albany couples
Any couples around??
17 Hours Ago
Omaha Area?
Looking for friends in the Omaha area to have some fun with. I love to crossdress and would love to find some friends that are into that as well!! Let me know who's up for what! ;)
1 Day Ago
Tampa Panty Stocking Lover Wants Cock
Hey there hit me up if you want to fuck a hoy Latin ass in panties and stockings. Kiss
1 Day Ago
looking for fun people to get naked and pleasure
Ormond Beach Flagler Beach Daytona mates male female bi straight Trans come for Bike Week
1 Day Ago
Guy in wheelchair
Any women or trans women want to hangout? Maybe a guy or couple that can get me to suck a big one. Someone to make me suck on them.
1 Day Ago
Couple in Sebastian
Couple in florida looking for single male, female or couple to have some fun.
1 Day Ago
Looking for a fertile female to make me a daughter or that's interested in a long term relationship that's wanting BIG family
1 Day Ago
Sucking cock or eating pussy..which do you prefer?
I have days where all I can think about is the taste of cum as it spurts from a hard cock. The next day I dream about the musky scent and flavor of a dripping pussy. I can't decide which I love more....would love to try them at the same time.
2 Days Ago
Cock cages
What is your thought on cock cages. I want to put one since the wife and I dont have sex anymore and I dont want to cheat on her when it comes to guys Im a total bottom and she is alright with that but thinks Im crazy for wanting to cage my cock
2 Days Ago
I need a man!
I am a submissive male that wants to experience sex with a man or a group for the first time I will do what ever they want oral, anal, swallow I want everything!
2 Days Ago
looking for couple or bi male
hutchinson kansas area
2 Days Ago
I really like to eat pussy.
That's it. I ate pussy yesterday and it was nice.
3 Days Ago
How many BOTTOMS do we have here???
So again, I'm curious, how many REAL bottoms do we have here??

Me personally (male half) ,I am a total bottom.
3 Days Ago
If you wanna have fun with it hmu. Cause once you pop the fun never stops. ;) Let's get something on. :o
3 Days Ago
I'm new to this and nervous any advice
3 Days Ago
panty fun
looking for any female that would like to cam 2cam with me in our panties until the great panty exsplosion hit me up at send pic in panties andi will reply with . until then may all your oanties be wet!!!
3 Days Ago
61 b mwm looking for male, my age in north alabam
I am free a few days of the week to meet, see if we connect, love versa sex
3 Days Ago
And ladies in MN or tgirls/shemales. Dtf, FWB, whatever you want and I ain't done till you say so. If you think you can keep up or even get me off hmu. I will make sure nothing is regretted. My cock is throbbbbbbing..... Your name....
3 Days Ago
Horny af
Live in MN best, but got butterflies so in my dick and it's so rocked it hurts so good. If you wanna have fun, get off, fuck, talk, sext, phone sex. My cock is throbbing calling yearning.... Fuck
3 Days Ago
Sexting needed rn;)
Message me if you wanna sext rn;)
3 Days Ago
Bi- Curious Women Wanting To Explore
I am a bi-Curious female looking for an experienced women to help me explore my sexuality and my sexual side. I am looking forward to having some beautiful experience with a beautiful women or twoKiss:-P
3 Days Ago
Looking for cd/tsgirls
3 Days Ago
Suck This
Looking for a male to suck this.
4 Days Ago
Cum get me!
Looking to explore. Anyone, guy or gal, interested please let me know:-P
4 Days Ago
anyone looking for fun
Hi everyone, I'm looking for some fun times in Southeast Kansas. I am a bimale looking to explore new things. This lifestyle is a new thing for me so anyone with a little experience is welcome. I am up for just about anything as long as everyone involved is comfortable. I'd be interested in meeting single males, single females, and couples. I hope to hear from you.
4 Days Ago
Looking to give blowjobs or eat you out.
Message me if you’d like you’re cock sucked or to be eaten out.
4 Days Ago
fuck my virgin ass
Hug someone hurry and fill my ass slowly and then fuck me hard
4 Days Ago
bi curious guy
bi curious looking to explore , living in s.e. nebraska , anyone want to help me explore my bi side
4 Days Ago
I love to clean a just fucked woman pussy up with my tounge
Photo sent on request.
I am looking for a woman, couple who would enjoy having a friend to clean up after the party. you can call me late nights and stop by. You can invite me to your place. or you can bring your friend(s) to my place and have fun.

I would also like to find a oral only buddy. someone willing to make cream pies in women I know/
4 Days Ago
horny in kansas
I'm a bi curious male who really needs a good fucking can anyone help me I'm looking for male or female even couples that share
4 Days Ago
Bi-curious Male 19 looking for all sorts of local fun
I’m good looking and am just trynna meet new people and try new things
4 Days Ago
looking for first
Hi all I'm looking for my first bisexual experance with a man and also a threesome m/m/f I have never sucked a dick and want to nor have I been fucked in the ass a virgin I guess you can say if interested I will send pictures hopefully someone can help!!!!!!!!
5 Days Ago
Looking in Kansas
Interested in pussy to eat and dick to suck in Overland Park Kansas
5 Days Ago
Sissy wants to blowbang get fucked bukkaked
Wichita area
Make my biggest fantasy come true
I'm six foot four 180lbs 8in cut and attractive 24
Looking for multiple dudes to blowbang thinking at least 5 but no more than ten
Wanna start on my knees circled by hard cocks
Suck each of you then start
Getting fucked while sucking until I'm covered in everyone's cum
;) kinda wanna have someone film it on my phone so I can use it for getting off multiple times but this isn't necessary
5 Days Ago
Bi curios bottom NYC
New at this and I want to try it. Looking for someone (top) for regular nsa sex.
5 Days Ago
Massage time
So yesterday Khela stated trying to find something for us to do today since the kids were going to be in school and the baby we've been sitting doesn't come on Fridays any more. She ended up finding a guy that's working on becoming a massage therapist that needed to log some hours, so she set it up for an hour for each of us. Now, she never and for a picture or anything, so we were going in blind. Turned out to be tall, decent looking with big, strong hands (exactly what you want in a massage therapist... Lol). His name is Steve and he's a really nice, friendly, down to earth guy. He went to work on Khela while I puttered around the house and smoked a little bud to relax. Khela came out after 45 minutes, smiling, looking as loose as a noodle and happy as a clam. I walked in and asked him if nude under the towel was OK with and he replied that nude was just fine if I was comfortable and I answered by dropping my shirts and doing my shirt off. He said he would do all of his massages in the nude if all his clients were comfortable with it. I told him "Get naked, then. I'm good with it", which he did and I couldn't help but gulp when I saw his cock. Easily 6x3 soft. Cut, thick with a big, heavy set of balls. Just beautiful. I apologized for my reaction and he said "No problem. I can see we're going to get along fine. Get up on the bed", which I did excitedly. He started rubbing the oil into the skin on my back, arms and legs then asked if I minded if he straddled me. I said I'd be disappointed if he didn't, to which he laughed and the his leg up over mine and dropped that wonderful cock right on the backs of my legs and I just moaned as he started working the muscles of my shoulders and back. I was fucking dying. I wanted that cock in my ass so fucking bad, but I really what he was doing to my muscles. He was really good. Did I mention he had strong hands? Mmmmm.... Any way, he worked me really good with his hands, forearms and elbows. By this point, his cock was hard and rubbing right up against my asshole. I was going nuts. The whole time we're talking about ourselves and what we like sexually and what not. At this point I tried to tell for Khela a couple to get her to come but she apparently didn't hear me. Steve asked "Do you really want her to come in here?" kind of nervously. I said "Hell yes. She'll want to see this. Have me my phone." I texted Khela and told her "I really think you want to come in here." She walked in about a minute later and just said "Oh my goodness, look at you two! Your obviously getting along splendidly." We agreed that we were and she asked Steve if he thought he might be open to repeat visits and he replied that he hoped it could become a regular thing. Khela said "Awesome! Then I'll leave you two to it." And did exactly that. At that point, he said needed to wrap things up so I asked if he wanted/needed to cum and he said that he would very much like to and asked if I minded if he shot his load on my ass and I said I would love it but I wanted him to rub his cock between my ass cheeks and against my asshole first which he gladly did and when he started breathing hard I knew he was getting there so I reached back with my left hand and started squeezing his big, heavy balls. He pulled up off me a little bit and started stroking his cock as I reached around with my right hand and slid my middle finger in my ass. Watching that sent him over the edge because I just wanted splash after warm splash of cum on my hand and my asshole and both cheeks. I was in fucking heaven. Then all of a sudden he screams out in pain and jumps off the bed grabbing at his thigh. Poor guy had gotten a severe cramp. But I still had a hand full of warm, wonderful, slippery cum and a raging hard-on so I used that juice and jacked my load out all over my belly while he stood there and watched with a look of amazement on his face. He told me "This is the more awesome massage call I've ever been on. Other than the cramp at the absolute worst possible time, this has been the best day of my life. You guys are my total fantasy couple. Do you really like me enough to have me back?" I told that would love to have him back, hopefully repeatedly. It all happened so organically, it was incredible. Can't wait to share his cock orally with Khela and have him fuck me with her there and have him finish on my face while I finish on hers.... Mmmmm
5 Days Ago
playdate wanted m,f,cpl
bi dwm looking for simi regular playdate during the day with female, male or cpl. i've tried posting before with no success. I am located in south central connecticut HMU if you are in connecticut or possible here from time to time.:)
5 Days Ago
Bi Male wants to service any Bi Men Tops BLACK and WHITE , that want to feed me CuM all the time
Please call me so that I know that you can feed me and help me with My Insatiable Thirst for swallowing CUM.
5 Days Ago
Anal sex
Does anyone in Ct at all like anal I love anal but don't know anyone else who loves anal
5 Days Ago
Inland Empire
Looking for bi male, female or couple to get together for sexual play.
5 Days Ago
Merry Christmas
So that time of the year has arrived that the question is..

"Do you say Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays?"

I'm 57 years old and have met all kinds of people of many different faiths. From my experience, I haven't had anyone thus far be offended by "Merry Christmas".

So I wish you all a Merry Christmas. If you happen to one of those rare exceptions, I'll send my personal wishes for "Happy Holidays" especially to you.
5 Days Ago
Bi curius female looking for a woman
I am a bi curius female hoping to fulfill my life long fantasy of having another woman to have her way with me.
5 Days Ago
Looking for a good time
19yo student turning 20 in like 2 weeks, In toronto for the winter break Looking for a tg, woman, or couple to hangout with and see how it goes.

Look at my profile to know more about me, and message any questions :p
6 Days Ago
Extremely bicurious looking
Extremely bicurious looking to find the right partner and get together and turn this damn curiosity into a reality
6 Days Ago
FtM transgender man looking to chat...
Hey there :) I'm a 26 year old FtM guy (born female, on testosterone for 3+ years, chest surgery, but no bottom surgery) looking to chat and maybe more with anyone who is curious ;) I generally prefer men and identify as gay, and prefer people use male pronouns when speaking about me. I am more flexible on terms for my body though!

Always open to talking, as long as you are respectful :) message me and we can chat!
6 Days Ago
Single male looking....
I really would like to join a couple, but the most important thing is that I like to suck cock. It is way more fun if there is a lady involved, so if you are a couple who would like to see your man get his cock sucked to completion (please!), and live in the greater St. Louis area, I would like to be considered. Of course, I would be more than happy to do more than that, but hard cock is what I am craving now.
6 Days Ago
Group masturbation?
Want put one together
6 Days Ago
Bimale looking for friends
hi, looking to meet singles and couples. I travel most of Ks on job. Also looking to meet a bifemale to meet couples
6 Days Ago
I'm a bi female looking for a lady
I'm looking for a lady here in VT to get to know. :)Kiss
6 Days Ago
7 Days Ago
Wanting 2 suck and be fucked
I'm looking 4,a fem. Male who wants 2 fuck me. I'm in palm,coast fl.
7 Days Ago

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