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Bi Curious In Winfield
Looking for someone to try this with.
15 Minutes Ago
New Version
Hello all!

We felt it was time to give an update. We started the site back in 2002 and over time added new features and tried to fix and improve features along the way. Time passes quickly and it became obvious BP needed a total overhaul, especially to work with different technology such as phones, tablets, and all the other screens out there. Over the past year, we finally began creating a new, updated, much friendlier to use version of BP. Every page and line of code is being changed to work better. Those who have been following our "Status or "Mood" on our profile know we've been re-doing section after section. We finished certain features but were unable to release them due to the whole site being integrated together. Flower

We have many wonderful members who have supported us and given us their feedback on what they love about BP and what can be better. We've taken all of it into consideration for the overhaul. A little over a month ago, we were finally able to start letting in some of the members who have gone above and beyond helping us improve the site over the years. Many of them have been members for 10 years or more. We asked for their feedback, what they like and don't like, and what needs to be fixed. What we got so far has been amazing... including a 100+ page printed out version of the site mailed to us with feedback. We were shocked and appreciative. We've never gotten anything like that before and went through it page by page. Love Others have written long email upon long email that went on for miles giving us their thoughts! One of our best helpers joined the site in 2002, and boy did he have a lot to say. We've been challenged with keeping parts of the site that many members know and love while moving it into the year 2018 and beyond. Those who we have let in have flooded us with support and compliments, and for the things that they didn't care for, we worked with them to try to improve those areas. We are beyond appreciative for all of our testers' feedback and their ideas on how to make BP even better! Flower

Where are we at right now? We get closer and closer to being able to release it to all BP members everyday. We still have a handful of things to add to the site, and then we will begin the tedious process of testing every feature thoroughly. We are currently giving special access to those who have helped BP extensively over the years. Love We are also adding in lifetime members who have been with BP a very long time. At the moment, we are only adding in members in small batches, and fixing any issues they come across. We will keep doing this as well as working everyday towards releasing it to all members.

Thank you all for your patience, feedback and support!
The Webmasters
1 Hour Ago
Looking For Meat
I'm an older mwm, hot sexy body looking to service big cocks. Insatiable appetite for sucking like a porn whore. Slow, wet, sloppy no hands on my knees, licking n teasing sucking n nibbling deep throating n bobbing and lots of cum. I'm in elkhart, in and I need a buddy or buddies with big dicks.
2 Hours Ago
I want to suck some cock
I want to get on my knees and suck cock
3 Hours Ago
Visiting Anaheim
We'll be visiting Anaheim 5 - 10 April 2018. We do have some obligations, but hope both or one of us can break away and enjoy the California sun and fun!
4 Hours Ago
sex wanted
I would like to suck your cock and have you fuck me in the ass. I would like to experience a gang bang sucking and fucking all in line. Would somebody just fuck me silly. Give me your big
Dick and cum down my throat. I am in Waller Texas. be my fuck buddy.
7 Hours Ago
Craigslist personals shut down
Any other places I can browse for cringe ads?
And look for people too cheap for sites like BP.
7 Hours Ago
BP Easter Egg Hunt 2018
Hey everybody! It's that time again! On April 1st we'll continue a tradition that began 15 years ago, our annual egg hunt. For those of you who are new to the site, we hold contests from time to time and let members earn Paid Memberships by participating. The Easter Egg Hunt will go on for the entire month of April. You will see eggs appear on the pages of the site, and you can click them to add them to your basket. The eggs will appear at random, and some are more rare than others. Most people enjoy finding the eggs, and many go egg crazy looking for them :-).
If you are the first member to find all 88 eggs and the bonus bunny, you will win a 3 Month Paid Membership. If you do not find the bonus bunny, but are one of our top 3 egg hunters, you will win a 1 Month Paid Membership.
If you do not wish to participate, and would like the eggs removed from your browsing experience, please write to me personally and I will add you tot he opt-out list.

The contest starts April 1st at 3:00AM Central time.
Happy Hunting!

[color:Pink][i]Your Friends,[/i][/color]
11 Hours Ago
Do you have a method behind your guessing?
Hi all,
I would love to hear the method behind your guessing for the Luck o' the Irish Contest? Are you starting at the number 1... 2...3...4 (figure you'll get it eventually)? Are you guessing your lucky numbers? Are you trying to guess our lucky numbers lol? Are you going in multiples of 3's :? Or are you just picking any random number that comes to your mind?

Hope you all are having fun!
Yours Truly,
The Webmasters
12 Hours Ago
Looking for fit man between 30 and 40 to please us
We want an attractive fit man to please the wife and be a bull for us.
18 Hours Ago
How many BOTTOMS do we have here???
So again, I'm curious, how many REAL bottoms do we have here??

Me personally (male half) ,I am a total bottom.
20 Hours Ago
Looking for Bi couple in central PA
I'm a bicurious guy interested in exploring orally with a male-female couple. Would like to blow and be blown, with the woman participating.
1 Day Ago
looking for verry discreet fun
I'm in Vernon ct looking to meet for fun need to be very discreet i like to receive anal give oral receive oral and am an active exhibitionist looking for 1 young man and 1 young girl to train as exhibitionists
1 Day Ago
Any other bi ladies who like getting off together?
Hi everyone, newbie here

I’m hoping to connect with other women like me who are bi/lesbian/bi curious and into having some online fun with each other talking dirty, sharing pics and watching each other play. It’d be great to find someone to take it into the real world with, but I do love phone sex and sexting too. I’m open minded, pretty filthy imagination, like to let go and just have fun with it.

Would love to hear from some of the ladies out there!
2 Days Ago
Who like facials and being covered with cum
I love shooting my load all over my girls face and watching her while she sucks and pushes it into her mouth not missing a drop then ask for more is there anyone else who like this and is willing to get covered with her and lick it off her while she does the same
2 Days Ago
Looking for married cock/kitty
Going nuts without anything !!
2 Days Ago
Any ladies want some oral?
We can meet in a public place where ever you are comfortable to meet, talk (or not), just ket me know yes or no and we'll go from there. No drama, just fun. Anywhere near the Tucson area works.
Looking forward to being at your service.
2 Days Ago
Lake Havasu
Anyone in town visiting or live here? Lets talk about what we might enjoy together.
2 Days Ago
Bi mmf
Bi male looking for bi mmf 3some in and around cambridge kitchener. Looking for this weekend or during the week. Message me if interested. Age and race not imported. D and D free a must.
2 Days Ago
Looking to give oral Pleasures to either men or women... St Petersburg area.
Please look at my profile... I am interested in giving and receiving, but primarily giving head to both men or women. Preferably one on one, but will seriously consider couples, or small groups of men and women who just want oral service. No reciprocation is necessary, but I do like it too. If you're horny, lonely or your girlfriends need to get off, I'm your guy. Guys, don't be shy. I prefer one-on-one, but the idea of doing 3 or 4 at a time certainly turns me on! Cream pies are awesome! Anyway, St Petersburg area, Pasco, Sarasota or Tampa area. Contact me soon, I'm hungry and thirsty!
2 Days Ago
Looking for a sexy bi female for some fun
3 Days Ago
New icon
I think it would be nice to have a new icon of the same sort as Cock or Boobies.

That would be a fishing pole icon. Could have used it today teasing a fellow member about fishing for compliments. All in good fun.

I'm sure people could find more than a few uses for it.
3 Days Ago
Lookin for someone from Southeast Texas
If there is anyone here from southeast Texas, let me know.:)
3 Days Ago
Looking for poly lesbians in vegaa
New to the poly scene, I am a lonely stud looking for my first wife. Let's get to know each other and make sure we're a good fit. Looking to start a family, I am 41 years old. If your in search of the same.. let's talk.
4 Days Ago
looking for bisexual couple
Hi am interested in a threesome with a couple to help a woman orally please her man or have him fuck me
5 Days Ago
Special thanks to BillySue32605
Hey everyone,
We wanted to bring special attention and thanks to BillySue32605! Over the past week (and years) they've been adding wonderful pictures to Interests! This week they went through EVERY interest with us and made sure it had a picture in it and if it didn't, they put one in there. In many cases, they added a handful of pictures to an interest. That's almost 3,000 Interests they went though! I lost track how many pictures they added - 1000's by this point!

It's been a fun and sexy learning experience what each Interest is. Definitely check it out! Thank you BillySue32605 (and anyone else who has added to Interests over the years) for helping make BP great!
Yours Truly,
The Webmasters
6 Days Ago
married men
Would like to get a group of married men together inevitable or twice a month for some oral fun and mutual masturbation. Not looking for tops or bottoms, body contact and kissing. So if your married and are into what I described please contact me if so we can get the ball rolling. Looking for guys 40have and up.
6 Days Ago
Is there a bi guy out there that wants a threesome that does not include sex with the female?
Serious question folks! Would really like to get everyone's feedback. Because we can't seem to find one that wants to lol. We discussed this aspect of having a threesome. And neither one of us is comfortable with me having sex with another guy. We want to engage in man2man oral, with a possibility of more. With me fully clothed, but directing the action, possibly helping my husband suck the cock..just wondering if any other couple has run into this problem? Is it possible that there a bi guys out there who would be interested, without the sex with me? Should I word it different? Have spelled it out quite clearly on profile. Hmmmmm. Well let's see what you folks can come up with lol.Hug
6 Days Ago
Anyone in Tampa that will like to have fun :-P
6 Days Ago
Looking for fun times in St Pete
Hi all! New to the site but located in St Pete and looking for some casual adventures with fun people. Like to fish and golf but most of all like fun sexual adventures. If you'd like to explore with me then hit me up.

6 Days Ago
Need a Thick Top cit Shaved
6 Days Ago
Phone play
Looking for fun wearing panties bicurious and wanting to have phone play this morning
6 Days Ago
Fort Collins
Looking for glory holes/somewhere to fuck in/near Fort Collins and people interested?
7 Days Ago

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