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+huge Penised Men


6.1 with a huge cock
Bi male lookin for huge cock
I have a huge sex drive that my kind of boyfriend cannot keep up with, Looking for a little fun
I've got a huge cock and love gay porn, I wanna try it out!!
Active, huge sex drive, and looking for anything. Nothing particular, I have experianced almost every situation possible and love taking the Dom side of the lifestyle, but is not a must.
We are a lot of fun. Outgoing and sexy. Not skinny but not huge and gross. Not Ken and Barbie and you don't need to be either. Just be clean and have good hygiene.
white male who is turned on by women and men with big dicks, BBC is a huge turn on. Turns out i like to be humilliated.
Fun , good looking very sexual guy. women and guys bodies. I am fun , nice and have a huge sex drive.
shes big with huge tits and a nympho im built like a brick shit house and you can still bounce quarters off my ass
I'm 5'9, curvy, long brown hair and hazel eyes. I'm blesser with huge boobs and a nice butt!
Average build. e titties. Brown/red hair. y.funny. Not shy,well maybe at first then BAM would prefer a shaven pussy as mine is... Im new to this but i just know i will thrill the right person. With no holds barred xx
Curious guy looking for other curious guys to explore with, not in a huge rush need to get to know each other.
Looking for couples to have bi sexual fun. I'm a 5'10 blonde with huge natural breasts and very long legs. My partner is 0ver 6ft with blonde hair and blue eyes.
I'm a very sexy loyal discrete bi bottom man,that has never had a bbc!!! I'm on here to find my first huge black dick! I want to suck,ride,and swallow every drop of cum out of one over and over! Whenever they want it! I also want to be in a bbc circle sucking and getting cum shot all over my face and down my throat! Any takers??? I have plenty of pics!
I am 5'8", 225lbs. Brown hair with a beard. I'm a jeans and tshirt/flannel shirt type of working class guy. Big in the middle but not huge. I am actively searching for an awesome couple to join in some naked fun. Just ask for my photopin. Sorry, nothing public. I'm shy-ish.
I'm a married woman in my 30's, looking for a woman to have some fun with. I am DDF & very clean and expect the same in return. Smell is VERY important to me (huge turn on or off) I travel away from home for work so it gets lonely without my family. Lookin for sex and a friendship and maybe to surprise my hubby with a 3 some eventually.
5'6" male with dark italian skin and decent size cock (7.5". the sun and sports. Have a huge desire to bewith another male orally!! I am separated and extremely open minded!!


A e e e to you Billy the mooster and many many more to follow!

..where did that come from? LOL

s es n lots of !

Ok, Im over the top with these pics ............always been a HUGE, did I mention HUGE fan of TG/TV/Hermaphidites. Tits and cock - damn !!!!!!!
i wish i could find a huge hung black guy in my town to fuck me every day. at least 10 inches Mmmmm. huge black cock in a white guys ass is so hot
Only had it really once skinny guy but huge cock couldnt fit a rubber on him it hurt bad until he was all in me then i loved it came without touching my self he never came now I want a huge love a black man to fuck me hard and deep and cum in me.
I'd love to meet a lady that would do me. This is a huge fantasy, huge.

Quick question to the couples or ladies who use strapons: who initiate the sessions? ladies or guys? Basically, who asks (begs) for it?

Cheers to all
ever since i was 18 when my neighbor used to fuck me every day with his 11inch cock i have been obsessed with huge black cocks. i will drop anything i am doing to be fucked by a huge black man or a group of black men.
I've always thought of a huge black dick in my mouth and ass and now I'm searching!!! Does anybody know of a bbc near Vandalia ,I'll that want sucked,rode,and polished off? I really just want my first huge black dick!!!
I love it! Thanks for sharing the huge huge laugh Lisa!


Ya know things like that often puzzle me too...especially ken and barbie..besides how can you perve a 10 inch plastic doll? Ok thinking of ways...no no no...maybeeee...oh hell make that's a big no!

That is one of the reasons I loved George Carlin so much..he had a way of poking huge holes in the English language cause damn it there are some big ol huge truck drivin holes..LOL Thanks for pointing out a few of em darlin! I like the way you think!

s n es,

Hi there....smooth explained the orgasm thing pretty well...many degrees is the truth...sometims there simple small,you can barely tell ya had one,the there HUGE and they can even make ya shake really bad.I have to say unless you have a huge one,youll never know if youve had one or not..there had to tell when there small if you havent had a big one to undertsand the feeling.Also...alot of people dont think i am from these photos of mine,But i am 5'5 200 lbs and i have had no problems...try to be confident,ive axtually met men and women whod prefer bigger than i!You can do anything ya want sweety,just believe in yourself!
I am currently looking for little cum bitches to be my slave. I would love to see my little bitch's face as he watches another man fuck my pussy. I want to see his face as I cum again and again while being fucked hard and fast by a man with a huge cock. Then after wards, I would make my little bitch clean up every speck on both me and my lover. Mmmm.... Then it would be my little bitch's turn to get a big cock up his ass, hard and cruel thrusts giving him both pleasure and pain. I would masturbate with my vibrator to his cries and moans. After he was filled by that huge cock's cum, I would tell the next man in line to take their pleasure from his ass as well as I chose another man to fuck.
I want to suck a huge black cock while another huge black cock is in my ass. want to lick and suck that black male everywhere. can i get some help with this. thx
Howdy all my dear friends!

I just wanted to send out a huge thank you to everyone for all the prayers and well wishes during a difficult time.

I am very happy to report that the results of my sentinel lymph node test was negative and the cancer did not spread to my lymph nodes! That was a huge relief and I am gonna be ok!

I know it was through all the prayers going out for me from dear friends such as yourselves..my life would not be the same without all of you and would be far poorer without you in it..you rock!

I am officially stage one breast cancer which is highly treatable and if you are gonna get a diagnosis like that, that is the best news you can be given..

I feel like celebrating life, love and friendship! Cheers!

Much love to one and all!

looks like huge fun
huge !
I do have to say that personal hygene is veryyy important to me as well..I take great pains with myself so the other person betta not have flies and stuff floatin round em...icky icky icky..
I agree with Kasey as well about peeps being prejudiced and that being a huge turn off..people who are rude in general are not a huge draw for me honestly..as I have always heard and it is very true..foreplay begins outside the bedroom and it is doubly important if you have not known each other for a long time..
A big turn on for me is if someone can carry on a good conversation, is witty and just an all round nice person..if it is the opposite is true then that could cause me to go "hummm I think I will pass on this one"

n ,


Oh and bad breath gives me the heebie geebies...yuck!


2 Cocks In 1 Ass
Please ...somebody fuck my ass with two huge cocks
Big Cocks
I lover to suck big, huge cocks
Fake Tits
My tits have got to the size that I can now how big implants to make them huge
Women Talking Dirty During Sex
Some peeps seem to be a lil leary of this but it is a huge turn on for me. MMM Fuck me give it to me...what ya'll think?
Large Anal Toys
Where can you buy large to huge toys online that has a good selection?
Cum In My Mouth
to suck cock and get a huge load in my mouth
Cum Swallowing
I love to suck big cock and swallow huge loads of cum
Big Cumers
I love to have huge loads of cum in my mouth and swallow every last drop.
12 inches Or More
I admit I am fascinated with the thought of sucking a huge cock.
Men Sucking Men's Dicks
No problem admitting that I love to suck dick. Getting a guy off orally is a HUGE turn-on for me.
Bisexual Black Men With Big Dicks
I am so horny for a big black cock to suck and lick and swallow a huge load of cum.
Men Eating Cum While Women Watch
It is a huge turn on for a woman to watch while I am swallowing a load or two of cum and finishing up with licking the rest of their cum off of their cock's shafts.
'Intelligence' Is A HUGE Turn On For Both Of US!!! And A Meager Factor In In OUR Search For Friends & Potential Playmates..... Come On, Dazzle US With Brilliance...... WE'LL Be Clay In The Potter's Hands. . . . .
Men Eating Cum
I love to eat huge loads of cum. Lick and suck it from woman's pussy or get it direct from suck cock
Female Wants A Married Couple
Married couple asking for a 18 to 21 year old that has small frame titer pussy the better and down for whatever we want. It will be like nothing u have ever been through. If u like huge fat dick and likes for oral sex hard core then we will show you a really amazing experience and we will want more getting together if we all 3 enjoyed it like I know will happen
2 Girls 1 Guy
I am a single guy, I would welcome being 2 womens play toy. I bet there has to be some women out there who would love to play. I am disease free in physically fit shape, personal hygiene is a huge priority. Looking to have some fun , how about you?
Gay Incest
I have a huge fetish for walking around naked in front of family members I especially love stroking my cock out in the open my sister loves it I just recently slid my cock in her the other day it was heaven


Hi again Bill and Pattie, thanks for your last note. I hope that our referrals evolve to the paid status soon... And we've seen a few that we suspect will end up there sooner rather than later. On perusal, it doesn't look like we refer a lot of straight peoples at all - I suppose that's one of the many benefits of living in the light - even when we cross the line into the the community. If half those guys didn't burn so many calories pretending they're straight, swing clubs would be a lot more fun. Anyway, I digress... But I simply dig the stats that you collect on site activity - you're really in tune with what's happening here. So, I've agonized over writing this testimonial, and it dawned on me in the shower this morning why - the one thing that we really have some huge kudos to lavish upon you for.... Is not necessarily the affiliate program.... It's the external profile link. You have got to know how unique that is in this market. My gosh... I don't have to code it, I don't have to host it, the interface to get it there doesn't insult my intelligence, but even the garden-variety WebTV loser can get through it. And once I've filled out my profile, I don't have to insult (spam) people to share it with them. There's nothing more obnoxious than clicking someone's profile link and meeting face-to-face with a gimme-your-credit-card-login-page. I guess that's what the evil empire gave us that big x up there on the right for. You guys rock. And saving us all, those useless hours answering the same set of stupid questions from people that share no interests with us - may get you eligible for sainthood (if you believe in that sort of thing*) so without further adieu... Here's the little blurb that ties the two concepts together... We're pleasantly surprised to keep finding one awesome feature after another. We thought that our favorite benefit to even our 'free' membership was the external profile link. Anyone we give the link to can view the basics of our profile - on the first click - no strings, no hassles. That shows a lot of class on Bisexual Playground's part because it's a true dedication to making a contribution to the lifestyle community. But guess what? Visitors to our profile want one of their own, and they join the site anyway. And we earn points for all those new members that we can use to upgrade to paid status. Wow. We put the link in our AOL profile as an experiment, and 3 weeks later, we're close to having earned enough points for a 6-month paid membership. Quite simply - the affiliate program works, and everyone benefits. Thanks! Anything I've written above is fair game to tie to our id in your efforts to improve and build this great website. Our very best regards, devon and Scott

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