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Amarikan Faking Sexxxx


Reading others, I have been trying to write a profile for awhile, but am very private, discrete & trying not to sound egotistical, yet I have earned and built who I am, VERY well. Sooooo I guess the best way is to state a few facts upfront. VERY sexual and that is the 1st reason we are all here, healthy and willing to give and ask for documents or independent testing. Mature, with multi interests like cycling, tropical fish, art, music,movies & theater, history and architecture, being a tourist and explore seeing what life has to offer. I like meeting new people & share POV, considerate and a good listener, the best way to learn and grow. I am curious about how things work, patiently taking them apart putting them back together or fix-it. I'm simple and easy going and forgiving, but I will not lie to you, lie for you, or accept your lies. Try to live by moral, ethic, legal, religious standards without being prejudice or judgmental. As a professional marketing consultant, I have been labeled as old school, driven, detailed, success orientated, a pioneer, sometimes as a mercenary or gunslinger, a great problem solver. I'd rather create a new entity (business) but have rebuilt failing companies. When I take on a new task there is only one thing I want to achieve, to be an expert, learn all there is to know and perfect the next level, if I don't know the answer I will find it or create it. Tried to retire but needed the challenge, needed the interaction, well I guess part of it is I needed the money, already have three 250K college sweat shirts, and perpetual family care. Back to SEX, I am always interested in new, exciting, fantasy creating and fulfilling SEX. I strive for GREAT, hate boring. It's all about the foreplay, set up, fantasy. I'm VERY VERY ORAL giving and getting. using my hands exploring every part, or using toys. My interests are varied and safe, no pain, maybe a little spanking hand & paddle, flogging, bondage, candles, private and in public, did say it varies. Clean, and well groomed, mostly casual, but enjoy a fashionable evening out. Not interested in body waist. If my partner(s), or myself, yes I love having sex by myself & I'm very good, are totally fulfilled I will have a true orgasms (multi), no faking. I'm open to gender, race, color, nationality, & social class, but don't try to play guilt trips, you have to earn your own respect to share mine and you always have to work at it, reputation means nothing tomorrow. Like body art if good, but don't and won't print or pierce myself. I also should say, I'm a virgin, might be interested if she or he are gentle, build up the mood then hammer. I've thought about MFM, MMF, MFF, MMMF, FFFM, oh you get it, I will maybe. When I eat I dine on health food, no fast food, 80% vegetarian, yes I am carnivorous and enjoy it once in a while. When I drink responsibly I like single malt scotch, Hendrix Gin, boutique vodka, craft beers and fine wine, milk otherwise its plain H2O I have a FABULOUS sense of humor, seeing the good in everything, and have no time for BS, evil, selfish greedy people. Maybe I'll write more someday but I'm very verbal so lets meet and talk, see sparks and play.


Cople seeks BIFEMALE in the BAY AREA 21-30 ,5'4 5'7 , open minded,NO drugs,and must love to have sexxxx
All I can say ladies and gents if you need a good guy to help out let me know and please pass on the word that we guys do it more for the gals then for ourselves and NOPE we arent faking it.....oh heck.....we cant! Lou
Relly helps to know the depth of the throat if we can see before and after shots it you know what I mean. I can take about 7 inches (sorry, ,no photo to back that up, but I'll get one soon!), ,but anybody can look like they are taking a huge cock if it's soft! Not accusing anybody of faking anything, but let's see the before too
This has been fairly adequately covered in another thread, and the general consensus is for couples to allow the men to fool around a bit before she even disrobes.

That's what we plan on doing if we suspect fake bisexuality. I have a pretty finely tuned bullshit meter and can almost certainly tell if a man is uneasy or faking it.

One of the biggest problems that we have with finding decent guys is that the guys that we have met online most have fallen into a few different catagories;

1) Discreet to the point of having a nearly blank profile (even on sites like this that are specifically for Bisexuals)

2) Blank profile because they are faking.

3) Failure to show up for initial meeting and not even dropping an im to let us know until days or weeks later (usually with a lame-assed excuse). (with us, you get 3 missed chances with real good excuses. lame excuses get NO second chance)

4) Say that we were a couple and never read ANY of our profile (thus we get im's like yagooch did; though ours haven't gotten that bad yet)

So all you nice, BI guys out there, make sure that if you try to meet up with a couple, be sure to have a complete profile (your sexuality is about as safe as ever on sites like this), show up for meetings or drop an im or phone call if you can't make it, be up front if you are curious and decided to back out, and just be honest and honorable.
I've read about it, seen the little movies about it on-line. Honestly I thought those women were really just peeing and faking it! I couldn't have been more wrong!!!
The other night my husband was convinced it was going to happen. He's been trying for a few years now but I've stopped him because I didn't really want to pee on him! I finally gave in and figured if it didn't happen maybe he'd realize there was just no way I could do that.
It took five hours of hard work on his part (I've married the most giving lover I'm sure) and lots of great hand work and there it was! This liquid was gushing out of me and I couldn't stop pushing against his fingers that seem to hit this spot I'd never known was there!
For any woman who hasn't done it or is afraid of the feeling that you're about to pee, stop being afraid! You will experience the most intense orgasm of your life! You shake, tears may roll down your face and you'll have a huge wet spot on the bed, but it's worth it. It was like having 10 orgasms at the same time. And what made it even better was the fact that as my new found juices rolled down his cock and balls, he came almost as hard as I did!
I've been chasing my husband around the house for four days now trying to get him to slide those magic fingers back inside of me! Wish me luck, tonight's another night!
I met the couple at a club in Manh that caters to the BDSM crowd, called the Dungeon. They are a very attractive couple in their mid thirties, she is the slave and I dont mean sub, I mean slave. To be brief, I had told Jim, her master, that I needed some instruction in whip and flog handling.
We emailed, we had dinner, we spoke on the phone, we had drinks, etc.
Jim agreed to share Di with me on the following conditions. I was to follow his intstructions to the letter and at the end of the scene, I was to urinate on her and show myself out without another word to either. I was clear that as a newbie I didnt know how well Id perform.
When he showed me into their private sanctum, Di was nude, oiled and spread eagled, tied wrists and ankles to a sheet of three quarter inch plywood by eyebolts and leather staps. She was gagged. Her legs spread at an almost 90 degree angle as if she were doing the splits lieing down.
I'd never flogged anyone before so Jim had me take of my shirt and he whipped me across the back, showing how to use my wrist to create enough of a snap to sting and redden without actually leaving welts and cuts.
Then, removing his pants, he sat on her face grinding his asshole against her mouth, his 6inch cock bobbing in air. He told me to flog her across her tits and then her belly and thighs. She was moaning and bucking so fiercely I thought maybe she was faking it for my benefit. Her shaved cunt glistened and I bent down to taste her. I had seen women squirt in pornos but Id never been with one before. I jerked my head back and still got a mouthful of her cum, as she sprayed me screaming though her gag. Jim said, should of warned you about that, I guess. We both laughed as her breasts heaved and her hips bucked. I couldn't wait to make her cum again and bent to my task.
And so the night went. I wont bore you with more details.
at the end she laid down in their bath tub, her hair matted with semen, her body criss crossed with red strips from the flog. I had lost count of how many times she came, grunting and screaming like an animal. She was licking her lips, her eyes shining waiting for me to piss on her face. My cock got rock hard again and she rose to her knees and lovingly started to suck me off. I closed my eyes and then felt a rough hand stroking my foreskin back and forth. I looked down and Jim was jerking me off into his wifes mouth. He was saying things like suck that big cock you filthy little fuck hole. It didn't take long.
When my cock became flacid enough I pissed all over her face and body as they had requested and I left.



You guys are doing an awesome job with this site.  What a great concept!  Hope to chat sometime!

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