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Sunny honey that is just so wrong! The main thing is you are ok but still, you want for me to sic my dog on em?

s and es,


PS I know they might be more in danger of getting licked into a coma but still...LOL
If theere aren't many transgendered members in your area, then the best thing we could do is advertise BisexualPlayground.com in some canadian transgendered groups - that will bring in some canadian transgendered members! If you'd like to help, try putting a link to bisexualplayground.com in your Yahoo, MSN, AOL, or other Profiles and visit some canadian transgendered chatrooms, forums, or newsgroups! We all pitch in around here to build a nice community! Hope this helps! Have a great day!
BisexualPlaygro und.com
Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 is compatible with Bisexual Playground, however, you must configure the new windows popup blocker to allow popups on bisexualplayground.com so that you can open replies, new mail messages, etc.

How to configure the popup blocker in Windows XP Service Pack 2 to allow popups on bisexualplayground.com:

1. Open Internet Explorer; Click Tools > Internet Options
2. Click the Privacy Tab
3. Under Pop-Up Blocker, click the Settings button
4. Under Address of Web site to allow: enter *.bisexualplayground.com and click Add
5. Click Apply and OK and restart your browsers

should now work fine (unless you have other popup blockers installed as well)

Hope this helps!

BisexualPlaygro und.com
Hi my name is Jerry I live in cal. Im coming up your way this July or Aguest Im looking for some land to buy. Im looking for Five to Twenty acers of undevelupe land in the 3000 to 5000ft. level. Would like to find electric phone and water close by. The reason Im writing you this letter is becouse I am a member of bisexualplayground and would like to meet new friends in your area. It would be nice to drop by while i was there and said hi, i love meeting new people that have the same life style i do. Hope to heair from you. Leave me a message at bisexualplayground.com. Thanks your new friend Jerry
you can catch us on bisexualplayground
you look like you'd be fun company..bisexualplayground
Have fun and play bisexualplayground
Where in SC are you from. Let us chat and get to know one another. I can be reached at BisexualPlayground
I'm in Jackson, AL, reach me at BISEXUALPLAYGROUND
If you can't send mail, and you can't enter chat, odds are there is a problem with popping up windows, as both those functions require a window to pop up.
I am happy to say that Lyza (pink_triangle_4U2lik) was finally able to send mail out.

If anyone else has a problem like this, please write to us and list EXACTLY what you see when you try to send a message or enter chat.

If you click Send and nothing happens, no window appears, make sure you don't have a popup blocker on.
If a window appears, but gives you a login screen, make sure your cookies are enabled, and open a fresh browser, browse to bisexualplayground and log in, and try again.

I hope this helps someone!

BisexualPlaygro und.com
I'm looking for a couple and I live in SW MS. You can reach me on BisexualPlayground
I'm in Jackson, AL, and I can get up to T-Town every once in a while; reach me at BISEXUALPLAYGROUND
hello very interested please feel fre to email us or me back at BisexualPlayground

thank you
hi im new to bisexualplayground.com and i'm lookign for ladies in Mn to chat with at first maybe more as time goes on
Hello like your add lets chat and see what we can cum up with.
Contact me on bisexualplayground
check us out e mail us at bisexualplayground.com and we can send pics
I'm in Jackson, AL, 1 hour north of Mobile. BISEXUALPLAYGROUND



You guys are doing an awesome job with this site. What a great concept! Hope to chat sometime!

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