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Hi there... I am a nice intelligent guy that loves to work hard and play hard. I am a bisexual man and i love this lifestyle. I am real, truthful, sincere guy and I don't play any games with people. I tend to be more of a bottom and love to be submissive to both sexes. I have had a few girlfriends that have been on here with me but like everything else in life, nothing lasts forever. I am clean, have good hygiene, and am very easy to get along with. I have had the good fortune to meet some wonderful people on this site over the last 6 or so years. some i still play with, some we just keep in touch. I welcome you to read the reviews some have written about me/ us when there was an us and see that what i say is real. I can promise you this.. if we get to know each other and decided to take it to the next level, I will learn what you like and deliver to you heavenly orgasm's. i am a pleaser. i get off making my lovers cum. Well that's its hope to meet you soon.


I agree that no one should be able to turn off reviews. If we all are honest and decent people there should be no reason to be ashamed of our reviews. Granted we as individuals may not be to anothers liking they should be able to say the good as well as the bad. And hopefully if some one gives one of us a bad review we learn from it and better ourselves.
anyone near gastonia area?
hey there Gastonia here would you be interested in a threesome with my husband and me?
We are a couple looking for a bifemale friend with benefits in upper middle sc we are looking in the Charlotte nc, Gastonia nc, York sc and Rockhill sc areas.
My husband and I are having a getaway from the kids tonight. We are going out to dinner and renting a room at the Fairfield in Gastonia around 10/11 ish. Would love some company at the Fairfield tonight! Couples only... If interested send us a mail. ! es!
I really need someone willing to get dirty with me I love being in control would love someone who likes to eat pussy alot~ Would love a woman who knows how to please me! I live near charlotte but towards gastonia so if anyone is free! drop me a line Taking photos is a must and maybe a short video 10 mins or so. If your not serious then dont waste my time.
I know of three places with glory holes in Gastonia. The ones that Tigerlily mentioned are 321 News and Video and Carolina Video Exchange (CVE). I've been to CVE, but have never had good luck there. The other place is 74 Video. I've been there several times and always had fun! As a matter of fact, I'm planning to go there this Saturday. Wish me luck...

all the profile reviews count! i do very little myself, but i do them for the many members i have met, and some for those i havnt, but know well
Anyone been to or have any reviews of one? I've been looking and I've seen a couple places within a reasonable driving distance, but I don't know if it will be worth the trip. Any comments or ideas?
I'll be heading from Alabama to the N. Carolina coast this week to help a friend sail his boat back to Alabama.
I plan to get an inexpensive/decent hotel room in Gastonia this Tuesday night (July 31st), and am looking for some local knowledge to find a place near good adult nightlife.
Please advise?
Thanks in advance!
"Aunatural" M 56 Bi 190lbs 5'10"
Thanks to Di & Lisa for contacting me on how to set my reviews back to "normal".
Great Topic! Enjoyed it!
sounds intriguing. based on the reviews you were given you sound like quite a nice person. However I have a rule, I don't play with single guys. To much risk. tell me why I should break the rule. not trying to be a hard ass just careful
on amazon go to health and beauty type in aneros prostate massager
very good prices especially if you have amazon prime(free shipping) 2 day delivery.
They also have many reviews by people who either like or dislike.
As of this moment, we have very little information about Laura's in Gastonia.
Any help anyone can give us would be great.
Is it open?
What are the hours?
Best time for activity?
Are they couple and female friendly?
Are there Glory-holes?
Seating in the booths?
Size of the booth? (can two or more people fit in them?)
Any information as to what we can expect from the management, and clientele?
We're very interested in meeting any other couples, males, females who would be interested in "Glory-holes too.
Once email contact has been made, we could set up a web cam chat, exchange phone numbers, meet for dinner, drinks, conversation before going to Laura's.
Looking forward to receive your emails soon. T & B
I agree about the review thing. I'd like to seet everyone's review status too. Somehow, one night, when I was messing with my profile, I accidentally turned this feature off on reviews of myself. Anyone got a suggestion on how to turn this profile feature back on? I've trie all the things I know to try.
Well, I have tried all 3.

Waxing is REALLY smooth butt lasts only a week or so before little hairs starting cumming back (those Little Fuckers).

So I have bought a Tria after trying a cheaper version I bought on Amazon.

Has anyone else tried using a Tria?

What bugs me about the Amazon comments is that the rave reviews are probably shills for the manufacturer. That's frustrating that when you eed some really good impartial consumer reports..Consumer Reports is not bi.

Oh well....anyone know a better solution than shower shaving followed up by an oil shave?
I do have this to add..tho I do believe that the reviews are valuable in getting to know something about a person you have just met so to speak, I also think it is important not to take that option away from all the other people out there who have not done anything..it would be a shame to take away some of the rights from the majority of the people on account of the actions of a few..I have had some time to think about it and in the end, I personally would not want that option taken away..just because I have not had a problem now per say does not mean that I will never have a problem. I do not intend on hiding my comments but sometimes just knowing you have that option is reassuring. None of us can control the actions of others but we can look out for one another if one of us has had a bad experience.
Thanks for your time and listening!
By and large, BP and it's members are some of the best on the net! I my BP family!

s and es,



You guys are doing an awesome job with this site.  What a great concept!  Hope to chat sometime!

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