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Feminization +tube



submisive kinky open minded 185lbs. 6' tall 8" long into bondage crossdressing dominant women & TS TG looking to get into forced feminization. thats all for now, i'll write more later.
i am 6 feet tall, athletic, and love being dressed by a woman or man in lingeree. I love the idea of female feminization, and forced fem. I will never need to be punished because i need to serve. Although i do like a good spanking.


Attractive submissive male, I've mostly been submissive and subservient to women but I'm very bicurious. I have some feminization experience.

Seeking a new partner M or F to finish feminizing me and teaching me to suck cock.

Let's have some fun.

I have similar interest's along that line. I like having a girlfriend that is dominant.i like feminization to a point in the bedroom only. I like the idea of a big dicked bi man taking her in front of me and made to clean him up after. or him taking me. this site will help to make fantasy a reality. So I like the way you think. Steve
On the other hand ..I do have...
Tube tops...
Ya know I went and tried the TP tube to measure my penis but , my cock is to thick to fit inside , now what ?
Youthful 59 y/o bi-curious male has fantasized for several years about feminization and slut training from a TV/TS dom, but in a role playing sort of way. Want to be feminized, taught how to be a sexy female, and to be a very naughty, nasty slut for men, women, couples, groups, and/or other CD/TV/TSs. Would especially enjoy being trained by TG/GG couple or mixed gender group.

Live in CA Central Coast area.

a single male. [ 57 ] very vry descrete and openminded kinky and submissive.seeking to be punished and humiliated.FORCED FEMINIZATION AND PERSONAL TOILET TRAINING.keep me dressed as a girl and or in diapers as your baby.hope to here form somone.also intereated in animal sex dungeons and caging.contact me I CAN ALSO HOST. I LIVE IN LEXINGTON BUT CAN AND WILL TRAVEL TO YOU IF NOT TO FAR.COUPLES ARE WELCOME TO CONTACT ME
Anybody have one? Here is our first shot at one. We found a cheap ($50) reciprocating saw and attached an old toy to the end with epoxy and copper tube. Anybody else have a better designs or ideas?
if its yours, theres a cord attached to it somewhere? its a 2010 prototype bong? a cigar holder for phallus shaped cigars? a test tube for newborns? no clue here
I removed my dressing and the med tube. Looks like my healing is progressing real well. Was surprised how long my incision is as it is about 5 to 6 inches long with 9 staples.
You could go to ovguide. Go to the adult section and there are hundreds of sites there. Spankwire, xnxx, lube tube, hamster, ect are all on the site. We personally like spankwire. It shows you a slideshow of the vids before you actually watch it.
Thanks for the advice angel. It sure is difficult to be lazy but as long as I don't strain too much I should be okay. Getting ready to take a shower and change my dressing, and to get a good look at the incision. Got to pull that med tube out also. I get the impression that those med tubes into incision area is quite common nowadays.
Thanks peeps. Had surgery this morning and felt really good after and not from being high. They told me just as Annie said, too try to cough periodically and put a firm hand over incision. Got this little ball of meds with a tube sticking in incision also for med to go directly to area. They said my cock and balls might get black and blue also. Maybe I'll have one of those BBC many would like..........LOL Ouch, got to be careful with my laughing. Thanks all.
last time I was in FLA was 97, so I don't know any one there anymore. But if some person was nice enough to get me an advertising poster from the daytona 500 and the rolex 24, I would reply in kind with something they wanted from the Seattle area. the posters I am referring to are sometimes 16x24 in or so and can be found in bars or the 7-11, that type of thing. I don't want anybody to pay for them, just the freebies. I will pay for the postage and mailing tube and you will have my greatest love forever and a returned favor of your choice...thanks
heres part of one although not the one i read.
In the sexually unstimulated state, the vagina is shaped like a flattened tube, the sides of which are collapsed on each other. It is not a continually open space, or "hole" as often thought by both women and men. It is a potential space.

Because of its muscular tissue, the vagina has the ability to expand and contract, like a balloon, allowing a baby to pass through during childbirth, or adjusting to fit snugly around a tampon, a finger or any size penis.

I will look later for the other one.
Its a really cool sensation! It's soooo kinky! Esspecially when you are really good at it and the guy starts really getting into it! Most of the times I haven't had the chance to taste the juice,as it were. Almost everytime the guy would say something to let me know he was about to fire off and I would have him in deep so most of it was shot into the back of my throut and I'd start swallowing right away. Sometimes the guy doesn't want you to know...I guess he thinks you're gonna stop or spit or whatever . that happened to me and the first indication he was blowing his top was my mouth filling up,then I noticed a mildly salty taste. No worries,just swallow! And don't forget , after he's cooled down a little, suck on the head gently as you work the last few drops up and out like you were doing a tube of tooth paste! Yum!
I am absolutely shocked at the lack of compassion of some members in the chat room on a recent visit. I had emergency surgery on Tuesday the 24th for one problem and a drainage tube was inserted in my right kidney. The MRI taken after the surgery to show it's proper insertion, showed a very large tumor on my left kidney as well. The biopsy will be sometime this week. Since cancer runs in my family, it is a good possibility it is malignant. Needless to say my mother is very upset as she does not want to outlive her son. I'm only 45 and I'm not ready to die yet. I don't want sympathy, I just wanted a little compassion and understanding. In the chat room I mentioned the surgery and the tumor and I was treated wrong. I am a very nice person, I don't deserve to be sick, and I sure as hell don't deserve to be treated like crap by members.
Howdy everyone!

I've been a little cranky lately and that is something I do not really wanna be! I know that we can all get that way from time to time. Why pet peeves? I think it does a lot of good to vent every now and then and get things off your chest and I just wanted to vent a little then give everyone else a chance to do the same.
When it comes to sex, my pet peeve is when people do not wanna get to know you and only look at the outside. I am thinking you might as well buy a blow up doll if that is all you are after. I love getting to know people and having a good time with them, being friends then if the other happens cool and if not that is cool too. It is no reflexion on either party as a person plus you may have made a new friend. Friends are the things in life that make it worth living..and to be a good friend is a high art..I cherish all my friends and am a very loyal person sometimes to a fault.
If someone only wants to talk about sex or wants me to feel sorry for them because they are not getting any sex at home from their wife/hubby then you do not know me very well cause that is not what I am about. I try very hard to be nice to everyone but ya gotta draw a line somewhere ya know? I do not go behind anyone's back and sneak around..that too is not me..I am not judging anyone else but that is not my style..
Ever since I was diagnosed with breast cancer, things have changed for me, my whole perspective on life has changed. Knowing that I am going to be ok is a huge huge thing for me and that I am classified as Stage 1 makes a difference but still, I would not change my new outlook for anything in the world..I have been given a great gift even if it is not under the best of circumstances. I start radiation treatments next week and have this bulby thing with a tube sticking out of my left breast as a reminder..well how in the hell could I forget! LOL
Attitude, attitude, attitude is the number one thing that either draws me to another person or causes me to walk away..sensitivity, a good attitude and a sense of humor all add up to something very special to me..

Ok I am feeling much better already! Thanks for listening and speak up ya'll! I can attest to the fact that it does a person a world of good to get things off their chest and out into the open..do not let those things fester..what is bugging you?




You guys are doing an awesome job with this site.  What a great concept!  Hope to chat sometime!

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