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Hombres Bisexuales Teniendo Sexo




I am looking for some action in the evening on Thanksgiving. E-mail me here if interested.

Hi All,

I currently work in Plymouth Meeting (live in NJ) but in a few weeks I will be going back to York for school. I would love to hook up with anyone so I can broaden my horizons.

First and foremost I would like to thank Heather and Kasey for not only their compliments, but the strength realized in their words and thought put into it. That truly means alot to me that you have greatly seen my concerns on the points I was trying desperately to make.

J and C as for you first post made .... I feel I owe you no further explanation of myself or my husband. My sexual lifestyle has no meaning to the subject at hand which I feel I made very clear. I also want to make sure you realize that Bisexual Playground is not a swingers site ... this is a site created for those who choose alternative lifestyles, which may very well range from someone who is new and curious to this lifestyle, to someone who is a pro and done it for years. Their are couples, singles, cross-dressers, trans-genders, trans-sexuals, gay, lesbian, bisexual, etc. So before you dare to question my interest in this site you might are to take a better look at who else resides here and chooses to call this their home.

Now as far as your second post ... this is where your wrong I do realize the true confusion of many profiles and the neglect of involvement noted in them. This the entire purpose of this post. My whole question was to ask members of this site what was their true motivation ... for themselves or for their partner? After being a member here for a few years the lack of that information is what drove me to write this topic. I have spoken with plenty of bi - curious women whom were not curious at all, but only wanting to entertain their partner. I do hope you really understand my thoughts and views on this topic as you stated you do. I realized when writing this that "there was two sides to every coin" Ideally I was interested in hearing both. You did however personally attack my sexuality and my profile. Please excuse the fact that I like others are also only human and make occasional errors ... such as my neglect on leaving a "y" out of layman's terms. I'm sure in yourself you'll find you are not as perfect either, but then again I'm not pulling your profile to gain gratification of attacking you. I would like after this post to stay on topic and finish my quest to find if those stating "bi curious" are really just that and doing it for themselves ... or their partner?

Mrs. Cutie
Completely shocked and saddened to hear of your news. I wish you well and hope that you both will find what you need and long for. Sorry to hear it didn't work out for you two.

Take care of yourselves - Jenn
first off-this is Paula speaking here not Chris..lol....i would like to see the complaint feature fixed.....i realize there have already been discussions about it, but i am a paying customer here, so it would be of great value to see that issue taken care of...if i cannot see if i have a complaint then no one else should either...especially if it is causing me to not get the full features of what my membership payment is..example-the spotlight-i know there have been others "abusing it" but when i continue to see the same people in it now for the last 2 weeks...and i still have a complaint(or from chris-whatever) which restricts our profile from being in any of the spotlights on the main page...i have to take a step back and voice my concern here...i personally have been here for many years before joining in a profile with chris..have chosen to pay to be here over lots of other sites because i do believe in bp and have made many friends here. i have met in person MANY members on this site - in person...and feel confident in saying that those people would verify i am not or is chris the kind of person that would try to offend anyone...because if we did, for REAL we would def want to do the right thing...and so this is the main issue i have with complaints...since we cannot see them...we have no way to know IF we have truly offended someone...please do the right thing and make this feature fair. thanks for listening
Happy birthday from me too, K. Hope you have a great day!

the title says it we my bf and I are looking for a bi female interestedin taking part of our first threesome if interested let me know=0)
we are looking for singles or couples to join in on some adult fun. serious replies only.
I thought I'd make a post with just cookies for around the holidays..So come on y'all share your favorite cookie recipes....
Are we talking about an ass as nice as Lickme123? Or boobs like hers? If those are the standards then I could not choose because, in in her case, both ass and boobs are hot. In general, for me, its about chemistry. Tall, short, skinny, curvy, etc. if they "fit" the person then its sexy.
Lonely Mountain Home Arkansas cock needs attention.
A Happy Birthday Wish to you, Di !!! Enjoy your day!

Sue and Joe
I'm love giving oral. I wish you lived a little closer to Memphis. It's hard to find another married guy that wants the same thing.
Well I am a 33 yr old bi guy in Iowa City and I think you are EXACTLY the man I have been looking for! Message me please and hopefully we can get together!
can you handle a kinky couple from the southern black hills we would both enjoy you we will be in austin in a couple months get back to us so we can visit
We try to talk to people as though we are with them in a normal setting, Ok I've had guys and only guys who want trade cock shots and talk dirty, but so far we've had a good time - try taking the conversation to an ordinary level. The Kalove's aren't here just to go threesome, foursome, moresome with every person we encounter. Certainly as a 'closeted' bi-guy for most of my life, I love the site. We talk dirty to a friend, but also about films, television, our life problems and glories.
So don't loose heart, keep going. Talk to us! Use the CHAT room, fun, inuendo. I've even talked about chimley sweeping!
Wanna talk dirty - use the CYBER room.
Ha Ha Ha! it Sue! Ain't that the truth!


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site.  What a great concept!  Hope to chat sometime!

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