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Hombres Bisexuales Teniendo Sexo




Save pennies everyday until u can become a lifer here,,,,, bp needs folks like u
I'm James

A Bi Cureous male, age 39, in Florence,Co. I would love to meet a nice guy like you for some fun,
There are a lot of us in Fresno. Is there a place where we can all get naked and enjoy each other at once?
hmmm wonder if i've been doing it wrong???

i'm gonna have to try those suggestions on Sir..

Though i do have a question...

How do i prevent gagging when He wants to pump while deep throating??
hi. 34 year old wm in louisville seeking other males, any race, preferably between 30-55 years old for get-together the week of November 14-19. I'm generally available in the daytime, and since i'm in a relationship i cannot have people at my place. (my gf is unaware of these interests.) i have had a few mutual masturbation experiences, but want to try more. i'm eager to try oral as well. should a couple read this--male/male or male/female--i would also be thrilled to be the third member of a threesome.

i'd be happy to meet anyone first at a public place once (or more, if it's preferable) before engaging in any physically intimate fun. i also like chatting and e-mailing, sharing fantasies, discussing hobbies, exploring political or social views and other 'less sexual' things.

i have some above-the-waist face pictures, and would be happy to share with anyone interested in exchanging. i can be reached by e-mail at or through this site. thanks
crushed - we both like MM's, plain and with nuts.
Bi f straight m looking for f for friendship & more in kc mo.
Mr Fredsporty

I will have to say yes i enjoyed that very much....... I luv the though of a female vamp controlling a man and him being just helpless

I guess you can say the thing that is so great about short stories like that is people can make up their own endings or add to it in their minds.. All we have to do is put an idea there and BAM!!

HeeHee.... thats why i luv to write heck it gives me more ideas with each of the stories i write.... well i sure hope we get more feed back and ideas from the people reading our stories

s and s Everyone................. Tanya
Just looking for a good time if interested write us. We don't bite unless asked lol...
s es and all that Jazz
Pagan and Blackwolf
You would be a great addition to our parties...you would have all the cock and pussy you wanted...at the same time too...hot, hot, hot
I'd love to come up and see you if it's Williamsburg, VA, especially if you can get Lee and Linda Garen to visit, too. Smiles, Doug.
Ain't I So Cute??
Thank you everyone for your support! We hate the fact that these scammers slip through onto BP. We can not monitor everything so the next best defense is knowledge and giving you the tools to help boot them off BP.

This is the latest Scammer. They were VERY tricky. They used an almost believable photo (which we now found stolen off the internet from a porn site) and formed what looked like relationships with what they think are easy marks. These are exact examples of their emails (sent to many people) after they gained the members trust.

"I will need your financial help will you be able to help me?I am sorry I have to ask for such help but I really need it to settle some bills here in London I will pay you back as soon as I get back to London"
"I can come over the weekend but I dont have money so you will have to give me 100$ for transportation.I hope to read from you soon"

Watch out for the sympathy trick.. it starts out VERY simple - just enough to get your compassion:
"I got a mail from my sister in London that my dad is sick"
"I will be going to London tomorrow.Mom is on social security"
"I have no money to pay my bills, if you help me, then I can..."
"I was busy trying to get things sorted.I went to the lawyer,he promise to help but he want money which I cant afford"

Watch out for emails that sound like they've been translated poorly.
"I need someone who can keep my company when I am bored"
"I hope to read from you soon"
"Hello I am so happy to read from you."

Sadly, while building these fake relationships, they were on the site for a while, hitting up lots of people. Finally, a wonderful member was smart enough to see it's a scam and hit the MAIL ABUSE today. Within minutes of looking into the scammer and seeing their paper trail of scams - we disabled them.

Remember everyone:
1. Knowledge is Power - pay attention to suspicious people. Their emails, their profile, their pictures. As I've mentioned before there are many different paths these scammers take, but the end is always the same - asking for money directly or your personal financial information.
2. Report them by hitting the mail or chat abuse - we get those alerts right away! We saw some people using the complaint system on these scammers. The complaint system is great for general member disputes but if you really think you have a scammer on your hands - you need to move fast - make sure we know about them asap by hitting on the Abuse's or emailing us directly.

I hope this helps! We need to teach these scammers to stay off BP and that BPers are smart and will not tolerate or fall for their scams!

The Webmasters
I am a bi girl that Lives in Peterborough Ontario so if u want to come and visit to have some fun email me back please

18/bi/f/houston area looking for a bi/les female 18-21 in the houston/woodlands area to have some fun with. I'm not looking for a relationship just a good fuck. I've only been with one female before and I want someone who knows what they're doing and can teach me the ways of this lifestyle.. email me and we'll figure things out from there.

A Priest kept chickens at his village Parish. One evening the cock went missing. At mass on Sunday he asked "Who has a cock?" All the men stood up.

"No I meant who has seen a cock?" All the women stood up.

"No! No! Who has seen a cock that isn't theirs?" Half the women stood up.

"For Goodness sake"he shouted "Who has seen my cock?" All the nuns stood up....


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site.  What a great concept!  Hope to chat sometime!

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