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i'll let you feel more than my cock
And where was I that night? Damn!
I am lost for words to say a thank you!!,........you are all so great, I thank you, I tip my hat to you all,. and wipe the tears with my free hand. ty

Whoooohoooo!!!! Bikes.... Gambling..... Perverts...... possible nudity..... good friends. Is this the new Disney???
thanks Hun

19 days to go Yikes
I am looking to meet a nice bi cpl(male,female). I am nice, clean, attractive, respectful, but adventurous
well we just recently hooked up with a male partner and to tell the truth i don't ever want to ge that involved in same sex mingling ever again. Although i still luv when my girl gets fucked and she takes on multiple guys at once , any ways down to the point i really need my wife and a hot couple(swap) or a freaky slut to boost morale around here we can host and we are only 2 miles from I-95 so please cum help us.
Having problems getting into the chatroom and we have internet explorer, maybe someone can help.
hmm, why not let me used this sweet chocolate dick for that
It was and early evening and I was finally all settled in, the last box had been unpacked. The kids have gone to their father's for a few weeks and my new-found life is beckoning me to venture out for the evening. I've showered shaved and primped. Long blonde hair in loose waves and I go to find my favorite jeans, heels, and a deep v-neck sweater. I am feeling pretty good and ready to have a couple drinks out. There is this place the people at work talk about and I am going see what happens.

How strange it is to be in new town, no friends yet, and at a bar all by myself. At first I am nervous, but after the first Malibu and Diet Coke my nerves settle. I notice a group of women celebrating a bacholerette party ... hmmm mixed feelings there ... dare I warn her ... offer the bride to be advice??? No, of course not, but the thought of it makes me laugh uncontrollably. I must look like an idiot and try to quiet down, but as I open my eyes there is a gorgeous woman standing in front of me. Smiling she asks if I am there alone and if I'd like some company. I am blown away and quickly say sure. Small introductions are made and suddenly I'm thrown into a party like we've all been friends for years. This is a great place! My new acquaintance Shauna winks at me when she sees me laughing with the bride to be.

Before I could object the bride to be throws a beaded penis necklace around me and hands me a shot. Mmmmmmm so smooth and good... a lot like Shauna's skin. Certainly going to be a better night than I had thought when I was home just an hour earlier. The dance floor is packed and 15 extra women only make it that much more crowded. Dancing and laughing -- bodies grooving and beginning to glisten. The music is so loud, but sounds so good. We happen to notice a group of men watching us and we begin to shamelessly flirt. They laugh but never make the move to the dance floor. Like most women we begin to dance with each other. So I hardly even notice that someone is dancing behind me and reaches for my hips. By now the liquor has completely clouded my vision and I'm lost in the song just moving and dancing.

These hands are now wrapped around my waist and I notice the person behind me has breasts as they are pushed against my back and we are grinding onto each other. A sly grin creeps across my face and I keep moving. Reaching behind to hold her closer we continue moving and soon we become face to face. Good Lord it is Shauna! She is radiant - long dark hair and brown eyes that make you simmer inside. Her beautiful lips are shaped in the most decadent grin as she looks deep into my eyes. We are locked together at the hips and continue grinding and moving. The song changes and we quickly break -- looking around as if we just realized what was going on ... and did anyone else?

God I need another drink - I cannot believe what just happened. I have long thought about being with a woman .. they are such beautiful creatures. Soft curves, sensuous lips, and damn they smell so good! Finding my drink I go to sit on the bar stool and suddenly I feel a hand brush my thigh. I look up, it's Shauna and she's motioning me to go to the dance floor. She is so tempting ... but I try to collect my head -- I don't know her and she is wearing a wedding ring. The night goes on and we continue drinking and dancing. I decided that I should switch to water and start thinking about getting myself home. A small lump in my stomach sets in as I realize I'm going home to an empty apartment. I shake it off and keep partying with the girls.

Deciding that the night has been fun, I say my good byes and wish my best to the bride to be. She looks so happy and so in love, who am I to say anything. Just a stranger. Shauna comes over and starts to write her number down and whispers in my ear that she'd love to meet me again for drinks. I felt like a fool as I stared at her with my mouth open. She laughs and those eyes of her's are just glowing. I wanted her. Bad. She must have read my mind and before I know it the heat of her lips are firmly planted on mine. Oh God, she tasted so good, liquor on her breath and she simply oozed sexuality. I thought I was going to melt.

Shauna said she needed to get some air and that she would walk me to my car and in an instant we were face to face leaning against the side of my car. There were no words, just looking and longing. We both knew. I took my fingers and swept her hair aside to expose her long graceful neck. My lips quickly found the perfect place to lay that kiss, just on her collarbone. She smelled like a very nice perfume, mixed with smoke and liquor and it was even more intoxicating than the drinks previously consumed. I must have jumped because I hear her soft voice asking me if everything was alright. I nodded almost half conscious and ask if she'd like to follow me back to my home.

It seemed like an eternity and thousands of thoughts flood my mind as we make the short drive back to my apartment. I couldn't believe that this was going to happen. My door closes and I go to turn on some music, but Shauna asks me to go to her. Without a thought I do and she rewards me by taking my waist and pulling me so close. Our breasts are pressed against each other and we devour each in a deep kiss. She is so good at this.... and I instantly become aware that I've never kissed a woman and I am a bundle of nerves hoping that she is enjoying this as much as I am.

I feel her hands reaching for my sweater and she kneels before me to slowly begin lifting it exposing my skin. Tiny kisses are placed on my stomach and I feel goosebumps starting to appear. Shauna looks up and laughs softly. I feel the heat of my blood filling my face as the moment has finally proved to put me on edge and not as cool as I thought I would be. She stops and asks if I am okay, and again I just nod. With a quick move she has my sweater off and is standing before me. Not sure if I was completely lost in the moment or if I am just in a daze but our breasts are touching and I begin kissing down her neck. She is so beautiful and confident. I long for that trait... confidence.

ing lower and lower and finding my face at her breasts my tongue reaches to circle her nipple and my hand cups her lovely chest. I feel her hands going through my hair and she is so softly moaning. My lips keep working her nipple until she is firm on both sides and I look up to find her smiling. My hands begin to explore her torso and I lead her to the sofa just a few feet away. She sits willingly and lies back. I kneel beside her and begin exploring her stomach with my hands and lips. Her skin is so soft and tanned. She wiggles a bit and tugs at her skirt and to my surprise she was not wearing panties. She was shaved clean and she looked positively inviting. As to not rush I linger kissing her belly and let my fingertips move slowly to her thighs. Stroking her lovely legs and kissing her stomach ... I could spend hours like this. But I wanted more.

Shauna lifts her leg over the back of the couch and her other foot falls to the floor opening herself for me. My chest is pounding I want to touch her, taste her, hear her cum and feel the rush of juice on my waiting tongue! I look to her and she asks if I'm okay. Do I tell her I have never done this? Do I tell her how badly I want her? Do I say nothing? Again the same dreamy nod just takes over and she reaches down to her pussy and spreads it open for me. She is gorgeous and the site of this solidifies in my mind that this is want I want and part of who I am. I cannot take it any longer and my finger goes to stroke the side of her deep pink lips. Oh god she is so soft and wet... and so am I. Slowly beginning to feel her and watching her hips move my finger moves lower and nestles at her opening. I take my tongue and flick her clit and in an instant .. the taste is overwhelming. I go to put my mouth on her I must have more. Sucking on her lips and clit my fingers moving independently inside of her I feel her moving and hear her moaning even louder. I want her to cum. My other hand reaches above to play with a nipple and the sucking and drinking of her continues. Without warning her muscles tense and there is a sharply inhaled breath heard before she lets out a scream. Oh god I am dripping wet and she is cumming on my mouth. It could not be any hotter. She reaches for my face and tries to pull me away but I continue and her orgasm becomes even deeper. Her legs are quivering and she is almost laughing. Reluctantly I pause and look up to see her eyes dancing and the widest grin on her face. She reaches for me and pulls my face close to hers.

A kiss is shared and so is her cum that had covered my lips and chin. She sucks my lower lip and purrs at the moment. My mind is a flutter of thoughts and emotions. Who is this woman? How did this happen? What does this mean? All the while she has continued kissing me and I feel her breath alongside of my neck. The heat increases as I feel her firm tongue licking down my neck and back up. Sucking on my ear I feel her knowing hands massaging my breasts and I realize that she wants me as badly as I wanted her. Tugging on my ear with her gentle nibbles I breathe deeper and my body relaxes. Shauna moves from the sofa and we are kneeling facing each other. Her hands are running over my hips and I feel my jeans being unbuttoned. Biting my lower lip a soft giggle escapes and she looks to me. She laughs out loud, so bold and uninhibited. Does she know this is my first time? I don't care and find myself lying on the floor as my jeans are removed.

My skin is caressed and I feel shock waves going through my body. Shauna moves to lie on top of me and we kiss and grind upon each other, our hips locked in a single motion. Part of me longing to feel a warm hard cock slip inside and part of me so aroused at the idea of her fingers slipping inside. Without thought she does and my legs fall aside opening for her. ing and petting her fingers are like magic, knowing exactly how to touch me, not too rough, not too soft, not too fast and in so many ways just right. How on earth did she know how I like to be touched. Perhaps she read my body language as my hips began to move and my nipples were so hard. My breaths more rhythmic and she looked incredibly pleased to watch this site. My body is nearing climax and waves begin to move over me thinking of screaming out Oh My God! and she stops.

I look to her in confusion and she winks. Massaging my legs and avoiding my highly senstive pussy I wonder what had happened. But before I finish the thought her hot mouth begins deeply probing my pussy and I am instantly set spinning. Pulling at my clit with her mouth her fingers again enter and bringing me even more enjoyment. My hands are all over my body, rubbing my breasts and running through her hair. I can't contain myself any longer. My body begins to shutter and the feelings so intense, I begin to moan loudly and start to scream. Yes! Yes! Yes!! Oh dear god it was incredible. Shauna looks at me with such pleasure and I take her fingers to my lips. Mmmmmmm so nice and sweet.

We spend the rest of the night with our bodies entwined until the dawn of the morning. When I awake she has gone ... and there is nothing but the memories of my first time.
would love to have some fun with u guys if ur interested drop me a line thanks
i wrote to your advertizing email you sent me but ill post it here. it would be great to have a transgenderd section so "girls" like me could find admireres. there are many people in this world who may be bisexual or curious and from the people who i have talked to (on the net and in person) say its easyer to have a first time experience with a "girl" like me!( i do have the best of both worlds,and i am quite beautifull as a woman!!LOL) and whaen you sign up for a membership you could have ,male, female, and transgenderd this is just a sugestion and i do welcome everyones comments......dana
ok, I understand completely, I am not trying to find underage persons. But people my age (19-21). Thank you.
Important information we ALL should KNOW! LOL

(Email for links)
If any one is intrested on JO party near the Quad Cities let me know I want to set one up. Let me know ASAP. I wantto do this January 28th, 2011
i would like to apply for the position of sucking your nipples :P


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site.  What a great concept!  Hope to chat sometime!

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