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Hot Puzy




Dawn thanks. Sites and such are not allowed in open forum or chat. Email her like she suggested and hopefully she can help you.

The best way to get info that is like this, ie what is a good place to go to in such and such if you expect responses like suzies nice and naughty club off the I880, or the jammin salmon whatever would probably get you more responses if posted in that states forum.

People from around that area would see it and could then share those places with everyone.

Just my 2 cents

bi curious, i need an agressive girl to teach me some stuff
Hi there, we went through the search and brought you up. So what are you interested in doing?
it happens to be one of my favorite jokes.....Thanks for sharing...s
Like so many of you here, i started sucking cock late in life. It has been just over 2 yrs since I met my current gf and she helped me arrange my first experience. Since then, I think about cock all the time. Like so many, i love a thick big cock, and if it is black OMG!!! heaven. Thanks to her I've been able to enjoy many cocks and have met some really great guys with her. She loves watching me suck cock, take it down my throat no matter how big it is and take big cock in my ass. I am a true sub bottom, and i'll suck cock swallow his load and ask for seconds...
LMAO...you know, I've heard a few of those in my time...
41. Oh yes, yes yes..snore....snore....snore
Men who try and pick up lesbians deserve what they get. Idiots.
Would love - when and where - Jay
Just wanted to take a minute and wish you you she devil you! Hope you get all you wish for and then some s and lots of diamonds to you girl! s &
Why doesn't the spell check work on this website?
Find another girl for me and I'll fuck your nice hard cock..
During the night I have the weirdest dreams about this site..
I see blues and greens and long, wide, and some hairy things
I see cocks and tits and clits
I see men and women of all shapes and sizes
Sometimes their profiles contain some real surprises
They show all kinds of odd positionings between their legs
but most frightening of all are those damn EASTER S!!

Ok thought I would be silly...

hey baby what up i would to go out with you and have dinner and a drink hit me up
I'm up for a sexy lady, or and attractive couple (M+F or F+F).

Drinks and then some fun?

I'll come to you as long as it's not too far
Got a place and time?
hey im a bifemale looking for another bifemale to join me and my man interested email
try highlithing the story, then [ush the control and "C" at the same time. this should capture your story. then go to this post click in the reply window. then Control "V" to post it. thats how i do it

P/S i also have a post ultimate orgasms. i would love it if you would post it there too


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site.  What a great concept!  Hope to chat sometime!

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