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Hot Puzy




You are all that and so much more Casey..we all are much more than the sum of our parts..in some ways we are eternal..as any emotion we have ever felt..as we look to the blue sky above..we are all interconnected..

I can feel you from this distance Casey...you feel like a kindred spirit to me..


34 wants to suck and be sucked and maybe much more.
Hey everyone im a 26/m/pa in shape with a pic if you get back looking to join a group like this let me know if there are any openings
I am a bi-curious female looking for another female to help me experience my first time. NO MEN, NO COUPLES. Must be ok with my husband wanting to watch. Message me on here, and we will take it from there.
Hi. I'm a somewhat inexperienced bi-curious male who will be visiting the Tucson area soon. It's looking like Jan 12-19, but the dates could change a bit. I am still trying to fulfill my goal of participating in both a MFM or FMF threesome.

If you are either a MF or FF couple interested in meeting up for drinks and seeing what comes of it, I'd be interested. Please shoot me an email.

Hopefully my profile will be helpful in determining whether I'm what you are looking for.


Nathan and I wish you nothing but the BEST in this new chapter in your life! You are a wonderful person to talk to as well as a good friend. We will miss you on BP, but look forward to seeing you here and there.
Open arms and open hearts await you everytime you can get back to us here at BP!!!

Nathan and Nicole
Does this site run on central standard time or did somebody forget to reset the server clocks? If so, I would have thought that would be automatic?
Don't know if "caught" is the right word, used to jack off on the living room couch while wife slept. Became aware of neighbor behind us, silhouette in their kitchen window, which looked right at my spot...gave them a daily show for several months, they admitted they went and bought binoculars to see better...LOL
we live in a very diverse neighbourhood. We have loads of Christians, Jews and Muslims, and no one has a problem saying Mery Chrismas (spelling wrong on purpose so I don't put up yet another graphic). I am fully agnostic, yet I say it all the time at this time of year. it's gone far beyond being something religious and is really now just a term for the holidays that people of all faiths (or no faith) say.

So, have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Hanukkah and celebrate this season in any way you wish
I am not a fan of porn, but I am aware of woman directors whose work is female oriented. I can't recommend any in particular, but they do exist... they don't get a lot of recognition by the general public, but if you look for them they are out there. Maybe if you search lesbian sites they will have leads to them. good luck
My husband kinds the watching type also lol
love to suck that cock as the wife watches and jacks off
Well, most couples are horny, we sure are!!! We spend most of our free time pleasing each other.... as do most in love, sensual couples!!! Curious... what could you bring to us to expand our horizons? PS: we already have a drawer full of nice hard dicks, they don't go soft and they don't say stupid things!!!! That is a hint....
With the new comments feature, can the profile owner(s) edit/remove unwanted comments if they are put there by someone else? If not, I highly recommend adding that in case of abuse.

thanks found 2 s right here!
Thats one hot illusion....not bad rocks either
Interesting....This is my personal thought on this

It doesn't really mean a darn thing to me...

1. You have 3 math teachers all grading the same math test by their standards. While out of 15 questions missing 1 may give me a A still, from another I may get an A- or even a B or C....Guess no one really rates the same as another.

2. Some people may be Ken and Barbie on the outside and if you wanna judge by looks alone may rate a 10. If someone knows these people in rl they may be total ass holes and may really deserve a 1...I guess its not up to me to judge how someone else should rate a person especially if that person may know them and I have no idea. Back to not all people rate the same too.

3. Telling people they "have to" rate someone a certain way is usually the best way to get someone to rate that person negatively or get them to do just the opposite.

Some people admit strange things in chat. I have heard different ways some say they actually rate. People who don't even know someone rates people a 1 because they do not show pussy or cock. Another votes a 1 because their pictures do show pussy and boobs and all they wanna see is cock.Then you have some who feel as long as they have clothes on they get a 1 because they don't show anything and all they did was come here to perv and get off on pics. oops...

As stated before I think common sense (knowledge 10 is greater than one and so considered a larger number than 1) is something most members have and pretty much already use it.

I have no idea why this even should have a bearing on anything...if someone wants to meet another member, then any dishonest banner, low rating, no review or not being verified will not matter. People will meet if they want to bad enough.

What should imho matter no matter how high or low a persons rating may be is this:

Those who know the real person should be all that really matters and to hell with what anyone else thinks. When they get to know the person then they can do an honest assessment.

Anywayyyyyyyyyy why this rating thing gets peoples panties in a twist is beyond me....NOW what really irks me is those who write a 5 paragraph description. The first 3 all tell you the reader how blaugh blaugh and blaugh is blaugh and if you are blaugh then don't bother doing blaugh and double blaugh because they won't blaugh in return.

Then they say hi and in 2 sentences describe themselves. Don't people realize its usually the first few words of a sentence or lines of a paragraph that catch someones eye and get them to want to read more?

jmho but to have to read through paragraphs of disclaimers and why things are only done this way or not at all etc really is a huge turn off. Your profile doesn't get read no matter how good the rest may be.

Oops sorry wandered off topic...what was the question again????


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site.  What a great concept!  Hope to chat sometime!

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