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I'm open and comfortable with who I am and being being bisexual. I'm a little shy at first, then a firecracker once I'm comfortable. I like to be sensual, as well as sexual. Soft lights, slow music, massages, hot tubs, and especially lingerie (me, you, everyone!) and toys too. I love to laugh, dance, and I drink socially and am comfortable around other party favors, but I don't do them myself, nor do I smoke, but I don't mind if you do. I try to live by the golden rule, and treat others nicely.
Golden showers.
I'm a nice guy, my problem is that I'm into golden showers. Right now there is a drought. I just need someone to shower me, nothing else except if you want. Is that too much to ask? Can anyone of you kind people help? Thank You--Jim--
Hello, I'm a nice guy. I have a problem, I'm into golden showers and there has been a drought lately. I just need someone to shower me. Is that too much to ask? Can any of you kind people help me out?--Jim--
Great pics..very erotic!!!
I've also enjoyed giving and receiving golden showers...
Sunds like fun to me Taz. I have great interest in Golden Showers. I have had the pleasure of cleaning up after someone else had made a deposit in the lady, very tasty and sexy:P
I'm new to this. I'm seeking someone for my 1st time. I like golden showers, anal, and I will try almost anything.Just ask me and I will tell you. I'm looking for someone between the ages 21-38 y.o. I'm looking for someone to fuck my hole and mouth. I'm d/d free and HIV- you must be too. So please Cum and leave me a message.
Anyone know what rooms have the big showers? I love showers and hot tubs and such. I dream of one day installing one of those huge showers with 6 heads in my place someday.

I was very young when first introduced to golden showers, and I still get hard just thinking about the first time. She was older and became my mistress and taught me how to please her and her female and male friends, which included being her pee slave. I will always be indebted to her for her teachings.
Hi -

I'm a bi, mwm in Naples for season who's interested in meeting open, like minded adults for sexual fun and pleasure. Among other kinks I enjoy, I like wearing sexy lingerie and also like giving and receiving golden showers. I'm looking to meet mature women, men and couples.
I'm 42, divorced, bi-sexual--have given, received golden showers with fems and guys, and groups--Have you tried a cum/piss cocktail? have guys or gals piss in gand then guys cum in the glass--contest as to who can drink it down first--so fucking erotic--here's a pic of it
Looking for someone to help fulfill my wildest fantasy's. I want to try golden showers, crossdressing in public, multiple guys, gang bang. I am a submissive male and am very open to trying just about anything. I would love to hear from people of ideas of what to try and if or how they could help me.

I will help in anyways I can to fulfill yours
My girl is open to me doing this and if she is comfortable with it will be there to watch, help, or enjoy with.
I just signed up yesterday and am liking this site a lot!

Im a single female looking to put together a group of bisexual men and women to fuck, suck, cum dump, creampie, cleanup and anything else we can think of.
Golden showers maybe as well.
Was hoping to find some bi BBC as well and maybe get a suite at the Westin hitel in downtown Long Beach for a weekend of play.
Any thoughts or interest?
to hear from you sexy men and women.
47 white CD. Badly needs to use my body for cum deposits anywhere you wish, two top males would be great, one on one is good too. I like to deep throat, anal rimming, bubble baths, kissing, cuddle, cross dress, be totally nude, have my nipples sucked, can be top or bottom, golden showers, sleep overs, can entertain, late nite meetings are hot but can meet most anytime. I can give u my number for text just let me know
Well, I don't have experience with this yet, but it has become a fantasy to experience both peeing on and being peed on. I have talked with one friend about this, to see how we can ease our way into making it an erotic and pleasurable experience. We talked about experimenting in the shower together, where we just hold each other and pee, and then maybe he puts his hand between my legs and i pee on his hand, or have his cock between my legs and pee down my legs. Just ways to build up the pleasure of experiencing that so that eventually it is more comfortable and we can enjoy full out golden showers. I can't wait to pay with him and starting trying these things out.
hehehehe ...... I knew it was soon ...lets have a bet Rachel?????we can call it the golden ... the one who has the most between you and I..gets the golden .......maybe we can call it turf wars or wars...lolol seeing how your on the other side of the pond hahahaha

I have participated in the golden nectar/cum drinking. It is absolutely the most erotic thing I can think of. I have enjoyed pee cocktails from men and women( like Tammy). I have sucked the cum from a woman's pussy followed by her(and sometimes) her husband's pee. I have also enjoyed sucking the cum straight from a man's cock, followed by his golden cocktail in town...LOL

Wanting to find someone in SW PA area, man, woman, couple...any legal age that might enjoy participating( I give as well as I get.
We are planning a party in the next few weeks and are looking for dancers for entertainment at the party. If you are a dancer are know someone who may be interested in the job please drop us a line. We live in the Golden Triangle area (Beaumont,Port Arthur,Orange).We prefer to have dancers from the Houston area or the Golden Triangle area. Accomodations and travel will be taken care of by us.For more information please drop us a line.


Piss Play
I'm a bi, mwm who loves giving and receiving golden showers...I'll be in FL in 2 weeks, so if you're in the area, please let me know. I'd also like to hear from
all you golden shower lovers in MI.
Piss Orgy
Any piss lovers here from the state of MI or FL? This bi, mwm who loves giving and receiving golden showers would love to hear from you.
Water Sports
Anyone in the metro Detroit area, or the Naples area in FL that likes golden showers? Please let me know, I'd love to have regular pissing get togethers.
Golden Showers
I've never been involved in a golden shower, but I'd love to both give and receive from both a man and a woman.
Piss Play
Hey NST2232...That's like asking what does cum taste like? It all depends on the person and what s/he has been drinking. It can be very salty and bitter or very sweet. Drinking acidic juices like OJ will make it taste more bitter. Water or coffee will dilute it down. I head beer has a similar effect but I don't drink it nor do any of my friends. The best is when someone has been drinking diet soft drinks or anything with an artificial sweetener, since that isn't absorbed by the body, it passes right through and can lead to a very sweet golden wine. Enjoy!

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You guys are doing an awesome job with this site.  What a great concept!  Hope to chat sometime!

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