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Men Forced to Eat Cream Pies


Forced To Suck In Public
how can one be forced to suck cock?Do they not know there is teeth and jaws in there?LOL,i prefer to suck cock on my own,don't need to be forced,don't try that!
Forced Cock Sucking By A Woman
I question the word 'Forced' here. . . . . . . .
Forced Sissy
'Forced Sissy' Impossible! It's Eather There Or It Isn't ~ YOU Are Who YOU Are

Be Happy
Licking Cum From Pussy
Eating Own Cum
WE see no reason to pass up a Nice Warm Homemade Cream Pie
Taste Cum
I started my cum tasting with my own cum as well. There is certainly something more sensual delicious from the source or a pussy filled with another man's cream. MMM
Drinking Your Own Cum
I Luv the taste of Cum, YOURS & MINE straight from the source but I particularly Luv it served up in a 'Well Fucked ' I could live on 'Cream Pie'
Mmmmm Yum Yum
I Just Simply To Be With A Couple When He Fucks Her Interested And Turned Her Into A Cream Pie, Damn Good Eating
Sex With Food
carrots nice, cucumbers nice, banana not so much. cantalope nice and there's always making a friend into a buffet whip cream, honey, strawberries and cherries, belly button shots, and the list goes on.
Forced Bi
I would like to be overpowered and forced to suck cock by two men. as the second was pushing my mouth onto his cock one would tell me I had a choice. suck it like I put it in my mouth on purpose or get fucked in the ass. they would each make me suck them off two or three times .


Bi guy looking for oral delights. I love to suck cock and eat pussy Size and shapes or age are not important. As long as you are clean and healthy I would love to suck a cock while a female watches I really enjoy eating cream pies. So singles or couples are very welcome. Lets get together and have some fun. Life is to short to miss out on anything. .
A bisexual male who is interested in building relationships with other, more bisexual males, females, and/or couples. I love to use my very talented tongue, wet lips, and warm mouth to provide the ultimate of sensual satisfaction--top to bottom, front and back! I am adventurous, creative, kinky, and sometimes naughty. A submissive who fantasizes about getting dominated by other bi males, females, and/or couples. Now, don't get me wrong. I can top or switch with the right person or couple, too. But, I prefer to bottom to other bi males, women, and couples. I am tired of my former, boring, "good boy" lifestyle, and want to experience everything to its fullest. I am happiest when I am forced to service others. My personality is one where I am a bit reserved until I get to know someone, then I will bare my soul (or other parts of my body) to the world.
Name: BeInMe4aChange Subject: Looking for a sweet sundae with nuts and whipped cream! Orientation: Bi male - but, as you'll see if you read on, I LOVE pussy - I am just saying that I'm open to trying almost anything, however I'm not gonna do ANYTHING with anyone thats not invited or welcome! Looking for: Couples (prefer biMF or biFF) and Single Ladies (bi curious a plus) Interested in: Casual & discreet 1-on-1 NSA ; M-M-F; M-F-M; F-M-F; Other Group Lifestyle experience: I'm basically just a raw newbie! Until a few recent encounters, I had only had two lovers in the preceding 17 years! (Now some of you are thinkin', "How sad is that!" So, although some of my curiosity has been satisfied, there's still so much to explore and learn! I'm ready; I'm for real; Are you?? Can I entertain at home? Yes, definitely (around kid schedules) To meet someone, I would travel: +/- 150 miles from 03576 Ideal Situation: We could start by meeting for a drink, a coffee or whatever you're comfortable with to see if there's more here than just a profile ... If you're for real, then drop me a note ... and lets see if we can spark something. If not, just say so - no one's gonna blame you for just playing at this just for the fun and of fantasy it. Either way, I hope to hear from you. size: I guess a bout average (?), 6.5 inches or so; proportional thickness. See my pix and you decide. Do I smoke? considerate cigar smoker Do I drink? occasionally, socially Do I use drugs? no, but I'm cool about the lightweight stuff even if I won't join you. My favorite drink? Wild Turkey (KY Bourbon) but not a frequent drinker My favorite music? blues, blues and more blues My favorite movie? Forest Gump About Me: Can reality match fantasy? It's BETTER!! I'm looking for a "for real" couple (biM&F or biF&F) who wants to get freaky with a NYMPHO, newly single guy for discreet sex (2-on-1 or more) & casual meetings. I'd also like to find an unattached, beautiful & generous lady for occasional, NSA sexual interludes. While I'm seeking that understanding woman willing to share me with others, I'm also intensely interested in biMMF or biMbiFF sex so I'd like to find a couple (or two!) generous enough to share each other for good clean, straight or kinked, oral and anal sex, giving and receiving - I want to try it all. Do you? As I said above however, I'm posting here as "bisexual" because I've found that I enjoy a great cock, but I LOVE pussy so I'm just saying that I'm open to trying almost anything; but I'm not gonna do ANYTHING with anyone thats not invited or welcome! I love to play but I respect limits and know how to play nicely and get along well with others. Let me be clear: I LOVE PUSSY - if I could live on it, I'd have it morning noon and night! And I've also found that, given the opportunity, playing with a strong, solid cock, manually, orally and anally, is a whole different basketful of fun, too! So now I'm looking to get my freak on with a hot & horny, healthy & happy COUPLE. I am NOT INTERESTED at all in single men, so take the hint and don't waste your time contacting me. My friends would describe me as a man's man, broad shouldered and deep voiced, not at all effeminate, wimpy even very submissive (but just because I've done submissive, doesn't mean I'm not willing to try. LOL); up until recently I've only indulged my hetero side and you can be sure that I will always enjoy hot, 1-on-1 sex with a wonderful lady any time I have the opportunity; I'm cerebral rather than athletic; tender not rough; I deeply enjoy spirited conversation and energetic banter over a good bourbon (on the rocks, with a wedge, please) or a fine wine with great people (as well as a good cigar)! I'm clean, D&D free and always have been; I'm curious but not into mind-games, no harsh bondage, no pain; I'm basically still a newbie, so be gentle with me ( at least for the first time :-0 ). Understanding of but not interested in 420. Looking for SERIOUS PEOPLE ONLY. Turn ons: I've tried some of the toys & they just don't seem to do it for me. And the fantasies never really cut it for me either - I've had the real thing now and I want more! I'm still quite new to this and I'm excited by the idea of meeting others to further explore and have some new experiences. I have thrilled to the joys of sex with some beautiful women and will always continue to enjoy doing that. That being said, though, for nearly my entire adult life, I'd had this fantasy about eating a sweet pussy with a cock in it and having a beautiful cock in my ass. Now that I've had that sweet sundae with nuts & whipped cream, I want to try it with all the toppings! Can't you just imagine your "old chap" pumping in and out of her while I'm licking you both; or his pole filling me while I'm licking and sucking on your "ms. happy" or both of us bringing her/him to the edge of ecstasy - and all of us are going over together! This is still basically new territory for me! I've found that reality IS BETTER than fantasy and now that I've had a taste, I only want more! Do you? What types of sexual activities turn me on?: Giving & Receiving Oral , Giving & Receiving Anal , Toys (Vibrators s etc.), s & moresomes, Mutual Masturbation, Participating in Erotic Photography and more. Interests: I've always been the adventurous type; willing to go places & do stuff most folks simply just don't allow themselves to think of, I guess. And I enjoy many, many things including photography, SEX, motorcycling (though I don't own one right now), SEX, travel, SEX, scuba, SEX, exotic foods (to a point!!) and, in addition to having been to 46 of our 50 states, I've literally travelled to 48 other countries on six continents, so new horizons really are nothing new to me. Except where SEX is concerned - and now I'd like to try to correct that imbalance in my life! I also love my home in the mountains of Northern New England. I enjoy the solitude and awesome beauty of my land, the wildlife and the fact that there's always something to do - inside and out. Or nothin' to do if I don't want to bother! Other interests: Hangin' out on the porch at my home in the mountains on a hot morning, naked, watchin' the sun rise and maybe enjoying a sweet sundae with nuts and whipped cream! ;-p ually Transmitted Diseases: None, ever - and plan to keep it that way! If you're not clean and D&D free, please, don't bother contacting me. What about cybersex?: Doesn't interest me. I only want face to face and skin on skin, real relationships. Turn offs: NO PHONIES NEED APPLY (If you're not really serious about an actual, skin-on skin hook up, then just say so! Why is that so !#%&*g hard to do?) NOT into single males, games or harsh bondage; no pain - not into facial area piercings and excessive or large body piercings. (don't get me wrong, some - in the right place - CAN be cute, but most are just way, way too far out there, right??!) Also, I have no tolerance for drama. Finally, sorry, but I'm not into clingers or BBW either (I'm cool with 'curvy' and even a 'few extra', but overweight is, well, just over, y'know?); I'm relatively fit and trim and I'm not particularly attracted to those who aren't even close. If any of these describe you, please forgive my inclinations. Keep your chin up & keep looking, there IS someone else out there for you - I'm just not him.


Must be sexually-adventurous & uninhibited, must love anal sex, into anal cream pies, pussy cream pies, cum swallowing, must love pussy2mouth, can do without any kind of ass2mouth, as I do not actually prefer it, bi sexual is a plus however, being hot-enough for viewers to want to watch you getting fucked is considerably-more important.
After you have had one cream pie. There is no turning back.
These pies look soooooo goooood.
I love cream pie Thank you all
working in cumberland and will be here 4 several months and would love to find a couple m/f f/f m/m for a weekend of sexual use i love to have cream pies fed to me and suck and lick pussy and cock,love a woman to use a strao on in my ass as i am forced to service and suck her mate, ANY TAKERS HERE IN AND AROUND CUMBERLAND. cannot travel because of work schedule but can entertain at my resort motel.
God I'm so hungry after seeing those ... cream pies
nice cream pies. em thx
Just wondered if you like to make and serve up cream pies.
these pics are great, any couples want me to eat there delishious cream pies!!
Hey you guy's are all so close I would sure like to join you all for some fun , I can almost taste them nummy cream pies ! yum yum .
is there any couples in the Rochester area, that are into eating cream pies??
very intrigued by this!!
hey I wish I were close, that is an awesome cock and sucking on it would be such a joy! I slso love to eat cream pies!!!!
Anyone else love to eat strawberry cream pies ? If so lets chat and share experiences thanks
I have tasted my own and ate a couple cream pies. I have swallowed when I have sucked a guys cock. I dont have a problem with it.
Bi curious male in Jax (near beaches) looking for male and female for cream pies, oral, and more. 6', 200 lbs, good build, brown/blue, D&D free, 6" cut.
Does anyone else like a woman with a full or lightly trimmed bush? It seems so hard to find these days. I love eating hairy cream pies. My load, her hubby's load, or after a gang bang! The breakfast of champions.
Im an experienced bi sub, into tight restraint, forced use, forced bi, forced group use, cbt, gags, and being cuffed and used. Looking for people who enjoy using/owning a bi sub.
light bondage and training to be turned from sweet and shy into a slut bitch
to be forced to suck and swallow, have butt plug up my ass as i am being spanked, forced to worship the almighty hard cock.
than have ur friends come over and be forced to service all who cum
any takers, any sex or race will do


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site.  What a great concept!  Hope to chat sometime!

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