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nymphs and satyrs:
So here's a question I have for myself and welcome the opinions of others. My wife recently had her first experience with another woman. She asked that I give them their privacy. I did. Well, I did end up with feelings of jealousy. She tells me that there is no reason to be jealous. Honestly, if I thought that I would be even the least bit jealous, I would have talked to her and told her as much. Fact is though, I did feel it just a bit and we're/I'm having to deal with it.

My wife is my everything, my soul-mate. Her happiness is everything to me. If I may ask one question...

How can I learn to be more honest with her and myself at the same time.

Always and all ways,

I have been with a female once before but that was a while ago. I'm ready and willing for another time. I can be shy at first but warm up quickly once I am comfortable.
I'd be very interested in getting together. I've been looking for the same thing in this area for years!
i am not with my bf right now and wanting some fun with a couple the only thing that he asks for is pics and maybe a vidio with the woman if anyone is interested let me know please.
That is so awesome! to you both!!!! May you enjoy many more years of happieness together!

Christy n Billy
hi we are looking for a women who is up 4 a threesome in barry x
thanks to all for helping keep this site spam free!!

Thank you so much for the inspiring thoughts. As far as BP TG's go, you're the queen bee. I can imagine you felt many of the same butterflies that I did. As I took my first steps on the TG path, it was lonely but as I gained momentum and met people along the way (family, friends, T-sisters, and others) they helped me find my way. One of the most influential people in my TG journey has been Carla Blaire who runs Carla's Salon and Boutique "THE" meeting place for the TG & CD community in San Jose. In fact when I told her about the BP Las Vegas event, and the great time I had, she's considering getting the "girls" together and taking over the Blue Moon for a long weekend.

Del, thank you for being one of my inspirations,

I'm new to all this I'm a bi-curious virgin male and would be interested in breaking into this with a group adventure. If you haven't had this yet or are planning a get together keep me in mind.
Looking for a cuckold or bicouples,Hung and very Dom to male
We thought you were talking about this kind of size
Greetings Special!! WoW!! That is pretty crazy... makes the one i met through similar site look like a walk through the park!! i was lucky!! She didn't know where i lived, and i blocked her from my email account and my phone!!! LoL!! i eventually walked away from that with no more than a lesson well learnt!! i maybe back on the market, but i must say that i will be more careful this time around!! i figure though that it was as much my fault as her's due to the fact that i ignored my gut... passing it off as my first time meeting someone off of the Internet. Oh well, you live and learn!! i know we will too... at least we have support along the way!! Have a wonderful day!!

AKA thegirlMJ
We would be honored sexies!
i'd like to check it out, too. where will it be at and when?
would be interested in possibility of fun with you, email me
Did I mentoin that need lots & lots sunshine !!


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site. What a great concept! Hope to chat sometime!

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