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I dont rate a picture until i check the user or profile have been active recently. A very high percentage of the rating galleries are compromised of profiles that are outdated by years. Inactive profiles, esppecially trial member profiles that are years old should be removed. Its polluting a great system that is great for being noticed.
Ken!!! Many s es
Lots of , , and Lots more on the Beach
Hope your Day is full of Happiness!!!
s es
Nicole n Nathan
i am looking for an adventerous woman to use a strap on on me.
We are looking for both of ours first experimentation with a bi-sexual guy. This is more for her but i am pretty bi-curious myself and she wants to see me with a guy real bad. So if anyones intrested let me know and we can have some fun
Best wishes for a full recovery
Hi Delilah, thank you so much for coming to the rescue... If you think we can pull this off for sure this time lets get Bill & Pattie to put out the word for us...

s & es,
Billy & Sue
I love the new addition of the notes Pattie!!! Hmmm.... Wondering who I'm gonna put a note on first... hehehe

hey sexxi where u from
I've experienced threesomes with Sue participating (MMF) and by myself with two other guys (MMM) and can truly say that I enjoyed them both. Also, with Sue allowing me to have sex with other men as much as I want too. I also have to say that it was also a complete turn-on for me seeing another guy enjoying my wife sexually and knowing how much she enjoyed it.
A Fireman comes home from work one day and told his wife,"Ya know we have a wonderfull system at the station."
Bell 1 rings-We put on our jackets
Bell 2 rings- We slide down the pole
Bell 3 rings- were on the truck ready to go
From now on when I say
Bell 1 You strip naked
Bell 2 You jump into bed
Bell 3 We are going to fuck all night long!
The next night the fireman comes home from work and "Yells"
Bell 1- The wife promptly takes off all her clothes,
Bell 2- The wife jumps into bed.
Bell 3 - They began making love,after a few min into it the wife "Yells Bell 4"
What the hell is bell 4 asks the husband?
"Roll out more hose she replies" " Your no where near the fire"
any i new here and so far it been good i try to answer all of the email i can but cant send mail so if anybody what to talk to me look at my pofile and email
Del, not sure about the laws in FL but speak to a lawyer about self-defense use of deadly force. A concealed handgun may be a viable option for you and due to the history u have with this needle-dicked loser him simply approaching you may be just cause to put a hollow-point slug right through his head.

t with the police reports and leave a huge paper trail so that if extreme measures are required to protect yourself there will be no legal hassles for you later on. I'm known for my skills in the shooting sports and happy to teach you any/everything you may need. Ya daddy bear loves ya girl!
Chad... (NOT the same chad, hahahahaha)
we are looking for the same thing.....violet
You are one sexy young lady and we would liek to wish you the bext of luck in your search

You made the right decision in coming to the party. This not only will be a lot of fun, it gives you a great chance to meet people who are fairly local to you.

I do want to point out to everyone that is coming that you should never expect to get "lucky" at a party like this. It really is geared more toward a "meet & greet" than a sex party, so you just never know what will happen. I know that some people were disappointed about "not getting any" at the TN party, but if you go with no expectations, you won't have anything to be disappointed about! Many of us are swingers, but that doesn't mean we jump into bed with everyone and anyone. We need some interest in the other people. My advice for everyone is to just go to the party, be open, be yourselves, and have fun. That then comes out in your personality and allows others to enjoy your company and warm up to you. That's when things can start to happen

(BTW Michael, this was in no way directed at you, just thought I'd use the space to get these thoughts out).

We are going with no plans in mind, and with no expectations about doing anything. Our primary goal is to meet some of the people we have chatted with and been in contact with, and to be silly and have fun. If things happen, they happen. If they don't, oh well, we will have had a good time regardless.

-- Danny
yeah thats cool, were all in ontario right it would be interesting. I'm in
M/F need to let us know??


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site.  What a great concept!  Hope to chat sometime!

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