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Adult Theaters

Adult Theaters on Bisexual Playground
Adult Theaters on Bisexual Playground
Adult Theaters on Bisexual Playground
Adult Theaters on Bisexual Playground
love to get it on with women who go to adult theaters for sexual encounters.
Hi there;
Can anybody help us out and tell us where in Houston we can find and visit an all adult and/or couples only theater ? Thanks for the help and info.
I once dressed in a minidress, fishnets and high heels. I had make-up on and a wig and I went to an adult bookstore and had fun watching people look at me. They knew I was a guy, but most just stared at my butt and legs. A few younger women were there and they watched me as they whispered and giggled. I took my time looking at magazines and even went back to a booth,
one with a gloryhole in it. The feeling was intense and I carefully, enjoyed myself. When I left the store, several people watched and smiled at me.
hmmmm who needs it to be an adult theatre???? lol regular ones work just fine.:-P
Hey all, we are in Columbus Ohio. Anyone know where the nearest Adult movie theater would be located. Any help would be appriciated. Thanks Kiss
There are 2 in Maryland i am up to playing with couples, guys or girls solo.
Some of my best experiences came in adult theaters.I have always preferred a private place, but knew I could always see/touch/suck cocks in the theater whenever I wanted. My favorite was this one time a VERY hot guy about my age was there, and was switching from seat to seat lookiking for a guy he liked. All the older guys were trying to get him to let them suck his cock, buit it appeared he too wanted a guy closer to his age. Finally he came closer to me, and saw me slowly stroking my cock. He was standing watching me, (I ahd the aisle seat of course) and I asked if he wanjted me to suck his dick. He said sure and toook out the largest cock I had seen (still). I took some KY and lubed him up and started stroking him. It was the most beautiful cock, I simply cant describe it well enough to do him justice. I took out a rubber and added a little extra lube in it (guys, if you havent tried this as a safe sex idea, it works) I was in heaven as I sucked that monster. He was loving it, watching me suck him as I stroked myself. I shot a huge load all over my hand and didn't miss a beat suckinhg his cock,. This pit him over the edge and he shot his own monster load into the condom. Its amazing how much you can still feel it thru the rubber. I took the condom off and slowly stroked his slwoly softening cock. Even in its firm but shrinking state, I loved that cock. I only wish I could have sucked it without the rubber. Speaking of which, any advice from people onthe safety of unprotected cock sucking?
looking for couples or woman to join us in going to adult theaters any out there in MD?
Would love to find a theater where I could dress up in and have a blast !
there's an adult theater in Biloxi where I am willing to meet people (with prior arrangement only mind you).

It's been renovated since Katrina and has a better projector,

Quite a sexy place. I have met and fucked a guys gf there as 5 guys looked on. That was totally hot...esp when she sucked my cock and let me cum on her tongue.

I'm looking for a good adult theatre in Tampa FL, new to area and would appreciate any suggestions on a go-to spot.

My ex girlfriend (a former dancer in Vegas) and I had done some swinging recently. She used to play with me in many ways, mostly with her toys. She would whisper very naughty thoughts in my ear during sex, such as adding another guy, fucking in public etc. So one day, she says she wants to go to an adult theater. We went in and sat in the next to the back row well away from the isle. Once settled in and having let our eyes adjust to the darkness, she began to notice all the men playing with their cocks nearby and she got turned on. I unzipped my shorts and took out my cock, nudging for her to play with it. After a couple of minutes, my balls were tight and my cock had precum oozing out. I reached across the seat and undid her shirt, exposing both of her breasts in her bra. With her other hand, she pulled down her bra, allowing me to fondle her breasts and play with her nipples (she loves that). A young man sat down a few seats over and started to watch us. I was too preoccupied with Lauraís tits to notice anything until she whispered in my ear that he was stroking a rather nice large cock. She told me to invite him closer. I motioned to him to sit next to us, and he immediately moved over, still stroking his cock as he stood. She watched for a min and then he took his hand away, letting his cock stick straight up. I whispered for her to play with him, so she reached over and began to stroke his cock. He reached over and began to play with one of her breasts while I played with the other one. At this point, her skirt had ridden pretty high up and he started caressing her leg, and then I heard her sigh deeply as he then slowly moved up to her freshly shaved cunt, which by the way was now was dripping wet! He fingered her while she continued to stroke our cocks. At this point he began to squirm and moan rather loudly, stating that he was about to cum. Without any warning, she suddenly leaned over and took his cock into her mouth and started to suck that throbbing cock. That was all he could take, he suddenly exploded a large load of hot cum deep in her throat. She swallowed every drop, continuing to suck his cock, milking him dry. She leaned over to me, smiled and said, "Mmmmm, that was good." After a few minutes had gone by, he asked if he could taste her pussy. She looked me and I nodded my approval. He slid down on the floor in front of her (it was a tight fit), she slid to the edge of the seat and propped her legs on the chairs in front of us and let him eat her pussy. I leaned over and gave her a long wet kiss, tasting his the remains of his salty cum in her mouth. I was still playing with both of her breasts as our new friend continued to eat her cunt. By now, we had several other men watching which in turn this really got her turned on! Another man moved over by her & she immediately started stroking his cock. It was rather small, but she didnít care. She had his cock in one hand, mine in the other, my hands on her breasts and a tongue bringing her hot cunt to a massive orgasm. All of this action was too much for the recent friend as he exclaimed he was starting to cum. Laura immediately leaned over and took his cock in her mouth pulling his ass pushing that cock deeper in her mouth. While his cock wasn't as big, he just couldn't stop shooting cum in her mouth, it was leaking out the sides and it was all she could do to take what seamed like four big loads in succession! The man between her legs had been licking her pussy and asshole, taking turns sliding in one and two fingers into each hole. The man between her legs straightened up and was hard as a rock. He asked if he could fuck her? I pulled out a condom, opened it, grabbed his cock and slid it on for him. She turned around kneeling on the chair and he eased into her soaking wet cunt. He was slowly pumping his cock in and out of her. I reached across her bottom and started to slide my finger in her ass as he was fucking her pussy. The small dick man had moved off and someone else had moved in. She started to stroke his cock and moved around behind our row. The man fucking her took at least 5-10 minutes to cum, all the while Laura was going though climax after climax every few min. He came hard, thrusting deep inside of her cunt and not a minute later the cock she was sucking shot his gift into her mouth. She was a little tired, so we rested and watched the movie a few minutes. I started to lightly massage her clit and could tell she was getting wet and hot again. This time I paid more attention to her asshole. Another man came over and asked if she was hungry. She said she was ready. I stood her up and turned her around, exposing her pussy and ass to my tongue. After a several minutes of licking her from behind, I pressed the head of my cock against her asshole. She pushed back on my fuckstick, pushing me deep into her ass. Our new friend had positioned him so that she could suck his cock as I fucked her in the ass. A few minutes later he filled her mouth with a new load of cum. All the while she just let me thrust in and out with my cock bringing her to orgasm after orgasm. I grunted I was about to cum when she grabbed my ass pulling me as deep into her ass as I could go and then I filled her up completely. I could feel her ass tighten and milk my cock as I pumped hot cum into her asshole. Feeling tired at this point, we left the theater and went into an arcade booth where I spent 10 min eating her pussy and ass clean, sucking her well-fucked cunt until I brought her to another huge climax! I love to eat & suck a well-fucked cunt!!
Looking for any adult theaters in Indiana/Ohio. Would like to try this sometime. Sounds very interesting to the both of us. Anyone know? Drop us a note in our mailbox please.
Sex in an adult theater is exciting. Men or women are usually uninhibited and it can be great sucking and fucking fun. None in Indy but I can travel if you want to meet. Love the glory holes, too.
cd from New Jersey. Would love to find a theater or book store where I could go dressed. Like to look like a slut/hooker with platforms or boots and to much make up. Anyone knowing where I could go and not have problems please let me know. any woman, couples or men want to help me dress and take mew to a store to pay, please let me know
The last adult theater in Northern VA closed about 3 years ago, but it was great while it lasted. It ran XXX-rated movies full time and there were always a lot of men and a few women in the audience who wanted to help relieve the pressure that big-screen cock sucking and pussy eating could bring. The really sexy thing about the place was that you had witnesses up close and personal. I remember one session where I was offered a blow job by a fairly nice-looking guy who had a mouth that made my cock sing with delight... he seemed to know exactly when I was getting ready to cum... would stop sucking to lick my balls and finger my ass until things calmed down a bit and then he was back to work... his expert lips and tongue working my cock into a frenzy again. I was aching to bust a nut when he got off my cock and made me stand up... my slacks were already unbuttoned and unzipped, so they fell down to my ankles. He turned me and bent me over the back of the seat I had been sitting in when he was sucking me. I wanted to protest, but was way too hot from all of his sucking to make him stop... to be honest, I wanted it and it wasn't long in coming. He lubed his cock and had it pushed into me in a matter of seconds... slow, deep strokes that had me aching. I felt movement in the row behind me as a guy stood up and unzipped, pushing his cockhead, dripping with precum, against my lips. In a matter I went form receiving the sweetest blowjob I had ever had, to being fucked from behind and giving deep throat at the same time. The guy behind me started moving with some urgency and eventually groaned and emptied his load into my ass... his thrusts and the feel of warm cum running down my legs making my head spin. The guy in front of me came right after that... pulling my head into his groin with both hands and pumping a seemingly endless stream of thick cum into my throat... which overflowed and ran down my chin. The guy in my ass was kind enough to reach around and finish me while his cock was buried deep in my aching ass. Next thing I knew, I was alone in the dark theater with the taste of cum on my lips and an ache in my ass that lasted for hours.
we are searching for adult theaters in the myrtle beach s.c. area. Please help
There are 4 adult movie theaters in Toronto.I once got my girl friend totaly nacked once and fucked her in fromt of a dozen men


Many adult stores won't allow women into the video-booth area because of the risk of her being attacked. I don't see why a couple can't go into the area, but I supposed I'm thinking from a man's point of view.

Several people were arrested locally for having sex at a theater. What a drag!
I have no experience here, but a very special Lady has promised to show me the ropes & break me in right. I'm a little nerves about it but trust Her completely. I can hardly wait Sweetie...................

Be Happy:)
Are there any adult theaters, bookstores or gloryholes in Seattle/Tacoma area. I would love public sucking and fucking!
I went to one today but nothing. I want to be center of circle jerk, like bukkake!! fantasy
def looking to be a cumdump on the side for a neg married or bi dude in the philly area ... theatre or bookstore is cool ... disease free here so a regular hookup would be awesome ... or whatever else you got in mind ...
Can anyone tell me if there is an adult theater in or around Winchester, KY.
we need a lof of all of the adult theaters. how can we start one?
I am in Northern Ca - know of 2 if any one wants info
I wish that they were still as plentiful as they were in the 80's & 90's!!!
I had a gredt experience at the foster theater I got caught sucken a cock by the lady who runs the joint and right when he came in my mouth the lady blushed and he held the back of my head so I swallowed the whole load when I was leaving the lady told me to come back soon and I told her Id be back 2morrow! Thats where Ill be from 12pm until
theres some hot theatres in md,on route 40,im looking for a cpl to join me,okKiss
any adult theatres in north miami, fl. area?
Going to the Rockledge/Titusville/Melbone area of Fla. for first two weeks in Jan 2012. Would Love to know about any bookstores/Theaters.. Or Folks that would like to get together for fun...Will have a Hotel. Better half will not be able to make trip so I'll be BI myself....Check profile/ Contact me!
Any good theatres in LA/Orange co? the last one i went to has closed (on Atlantic), many fun times there, standing there waiting for your eyes to adjust, then finding a seat and pulling my cock out!
Damn good adult theater/ Bookstore in Dallas my favorite
sure do love ABS sex... had several encounters and always looking for more.. dont know if there are any in the nnj area though... anyone with knowledge of ones let me know
Is there one in EastFord Tenn. Anyone know ? Or close by ? Ringgold ga. ?
always like tohear update new locations fun stories people had at theaters have fun play safe
my gf and i went to an adult theatre one night, i had dared her to come with me. iy was dark, i could make out a few people. playing was a group of guys with a really hot asian girl. watching made me horny i was erect and stroking my cock through my pants. my gf also was getting excited. i started to play with her breasts and nipples, soon i had her top off, my fantasy of being in adult movie with my gf, i soon have her naked as she sucks my cock, we soon gather an audience of thre guys, as they watch their cocks are soon out and hard. i have always wanted to watch as my gf sucks a strangers cock, but also i have always had the fantasy of doing the same. there were cocks near my head as they got closer, without thinking i reached out ang grabbed the closest one, before i knew it i had sucked into my mouth, my gf looked up and as she watched it made her so horny, she kissed my lips with a stiff cock sliding between, then i felt a warm mouth on my cock. another man was stroking and sucking me. we were soon stripped naked and everyone was sucking on something. another couple enters the theatre, as they watch she soon has her boyfriends cock in her mouth,
One of the Dallas 'theaters' is Lido Adult Theater on the Stemmons Highway service road. Upstairs str8/bi and downstairs bi theaters. The upstairs one is reserved for 'couples' on Fri/Sat night. $10/person. Lot of hand jobs and cocksucking in the theaters, plus 'private' rooms with couches and pay-as-you-go video machines. Occasionally, aa 'wife'/gf will cum downstairs to play with the single pervs like me.
Looking for a bisexual club in kansas city
Any adult theatres or book stores that allow women in or near the Detroit Metro area? Always wanted to try one.
Love to meet and play in adult theater
To meet and play in adult theatre. Gang bang as many guys as I can.
Looking for a place in Dallas
at one time I would go to this thearter in new jersey its called the little thearter I go to the front row an take out my hard cock an start to play with it ,,an guys would wall by an look at it an then one would sat down next to me an I stop playing with it an the guy would start to suck on it an take it all in his mouth till I shot my load an after some time I take it out again an a other guy would sat on it an I fuck him till I shot my load deap in his manpussythen he get up an lick it clean an walk away..... now it hard for me to get there as im missing part of my left leg war was hell...
retired out of the army
Been wanting to go to one of those gloryholes but new to this and scared what ab diseases?
there,s a bathhouse here in Oregon that caters to gay men and it's a great place to suck cocks 24 hours a day I go alot:)
I think that being an usher in an adult theater could be very exciting. Might even get a lot of Cock. Lindawantabe
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