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69 With A Strap On

69 With A Strap On on Bisexual Playground
69 With A Strap On on Bisexual Playground
69 With A Strap On on Bisexual Playground
69 With A Strap On on Bisexual Playground
Have not tried this one of yet but it sounds very hot!;)
Best combination possible.....!
that is my bigest fantasy be able to give this kind of pleasure to a guy.
Anyone out there would like to give me the opportunity?
Let me know.
sounds like fun
This sounds right up my ally
god, i want to strap on and fuck a woman or a man, hell i just want to fuck them
I love the feel of a strap on sliding in and out of my pussy. My biggest fantasy is to fuck a man with my strap on. Can anyone tell me what it feels like to fuck a man with a stap on?
dd4fun3...I fucked my lover in the ass with a strap-on and it is so mind blowing! Not only do you feel in such control by having a fake cock but it gives such sexual pleasure to both! Seeing and hearing him in such pleasure while the strap-on pushed into my clit made us both cum. My lover acutally blew his load without an erection he was so turned on. I hope you get to experience it one day! Email me if you would like to discuss more!
Any female in newyork wanna fuck me wit a strap on get at me by email... thanks
I would love this any men in tucson interested let me know...
I have been curious about his. I have fingered myself in the ass while playing with myself, but I have thought about what it would be like to have a girl do me in the butt.
Oh yes that would be Hot Hot Hot ! Now I just need to find a sweet little lady in Mi to make it happend!!!!!!!!!:-D:-D
strap it on baby I need it. can i suck a dick during the process
I think that would be awesome if it happened to me. Feeling the thick cock in my ass and eating a pussy at the same time. I can't imagine anything better:-D
I had a wonderful experience recently. Lorene was fucking me with her strapon, which is even larger than my penis. Phil was sucking my cock at the same time. After a few minutes the combination of being fucked and sucked gave me a tremendous orgasm, and I filled Phil's mouth with my semen. Then he kissed Lorene and shared my cum with her and she kissed me and gave some of it back to me.
Strap it on and give me a good deep ass fucking. Make my fantasy come true.
Hey, any couples from north NJ on here interested in trying this out? Or have any experience. Never tried but have always wanted to.:-P
sub male from circleville ohio,, would love to have a woman or couple useme, ,, toys,, coks in my ass,, 3 some orgy on me,, love being naked,, can also dress me in panties,,, 8 inches uncut and shaved, can meet but cannot host
wOw, FUCKING Yes, Do Me This Way ---> I Do LOVE To Be SUCKING On Very Thick and Very Big COCK"S ---> Of any and all Kind"s as I am Being Very FUCKED In My Very Hot and Sweet Very Tight and Little Wide Open ASS-Hole, Doggie-Style 4 U"s Kiss JOIN in With Me any Time You are In Philly PA ? ? ? Do Say Hello ...(^_^(?... Hug
strapons are the best
I can say my Sexy Face know how to make me cream N have my legs shakin:-D like no other have ... So strap on with her have been the best i had Kiss Hug:-P I love my pussy licked first
What I would give to find a hot girl that would fuck me or let me suck her strap on. Such a hot fantasy. Never done it, but have wanted to for YEARS.
This is so hot! Any woman Austin interested in scrathing my itch!
Okay, very interested in being fucked with a strap-on by a very assertive woman, sounds wonderful to me. For your pleasure and amusement....................
Hi suck and fuck me goodFlowerKissHug
I would like for my girl and a nuther girl to use strapons on me and take advantage
I am a man who would like to experience a 69 with another man. I am somewhat submissive and fem. I enjoy my asshole being eaten out and played with and I could really get into sucking a nice cock while this is being done to me.
It is a real turn on for me and I would make sure that my partner was def. satisfied. any advice on this or has anyone any experience.
would love to fuck a couple with strapon
Looking in Las Vegas for a Woman or Couple who has a Strap-On
Ive used dildos on my ass but would love a hot chick with a strapon doing me. Or a sexy shemale putting the real thing up my ass.
Does anyone have a strap on. I wanna be able to fuck a cute girl with a strap on. I wanna feel in control 😉😊
hello I live in North Georgia and I am looking for dominate couple or dominate female to help me be the sissy I was ment to be
I am wanting a dominant female to fuck me with a strap on.
love sucking a cock while getting pounded with a strap on
I love being in a 69 and then having a strap on stuck deep in my ass
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