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Cock To Cock Rubbing

Cock To Cock Rubbing on Bisexual Playground
Cock To Cock Rubbing on Bisexual Playground
Cock To Cock Rubbing on Bisexual Playground
Cock To Cock Rubbing on Bisexual Playground
Hug Wow--I think I'd like to see this one...two raging hard ons---whoa. Show stopper right there. (smiling):-P
I agree with imJack...a hot hot hot sight and even better if you hold the two cocks tightly together and jack them both at the same time...have not done that yet but makes me wet thinkin bout it! wooo hooo!;)
We both had silky thongs on, we layed on one another and were rubbing each others cocks like crazy, both got so horny we started french kissing each other. ( Neither of us liked kissing before!) We layed in bed, fondling, kissing, licking and humping for almost a half hour. We both came so hard, we just held each other and kept on lightly kissing each other, on our necks, chest, thighs...we started deeply frenching each other again, got rock hard and started humping all over again.
The best place to rub cocks is inside a woman, no doubt about it.
its a wonderful experience and to feel the warmth of the other cock on your head...mmmmmmmmm..docking is even more intense,,,
A hot technique is to place both cocks under the same rubber and jack them off...the feeling of cum bathing both of them is unexplanably erotic!!!!!!!
i'd like to makeout with a hot guy and bob my dick of his, i like the feeling of my dick touching another guys dick. i made out with a guy once, and he opened my pants and his and we both had boxer briefs on and just our dicks touching through boxer briefs i got a huge boner and almost cum just from that but my roommate was coming back and we stopped and first time i ever done anything with a guy
Practically my favorite way to be with a man. It's so intimate. It always makes me cum hard when the other penis comes on me. Would love to dock, but haven't yet had the opportunity.
i'm fairly new to being bi,but with my last meeting i did rub our cocks together + it did feel great! I never thought it would,but it really got us both hard instantly.:-D
Many times in the book stores i have a guy come in and rush for the cock to give me head. i slow em down and get close and do some cock to cock through the clothes. if my new friend understands then i get close for a kiss, surprisingly a lot of men like this kissing, i get all handsi with em and then unbutton my pants and they are around my ankles, lead their hands to hold my cock, just hold it not to start beating it, then i get their pants down to their ankles. let the cock rubbing begin!

Holding each others cock with a french kiss is out of this world. then i will move to get his cock between my legs while i am facing him, its a ball fuck with a kiss. most men who have not tried this in the booths start grinning and pump real fast. my cock is real hard and rubbing on their stomach, i reach around and grab both cheeks and keep the fuck going. i will then go down and lick his balls to get em wet, then i get to ball fuck them.

This guy one time came all over my stomach while i was ball fucking him, it was incredible to feel the hot cum and slippery cock on my stomach. we were kissing while it happened.
When I was younger I sharing a booth with a older guy, we started out by feeling each others cocks, I moved in close and grabbed both our cocks and started jackin us both. He pulled up my shirt and started suck my nipples and lightly biting them. It felt so good, that I started moaning, before I knew it he started cumming in my hand and on my cock, between is lip on my nipple his cum on my cock I couldn't take it and shot my load. It felt so good to have our cock rubbing together with the cum running down on to my balls. I went down on him and lick is cock and balls clean, then he did the same for me. When he came up he leaned forward and kiss me, the first time I kissed a guy, his lid and mouth tasted of cum, it was so hot I got hard again but he had to go, so I went to a booth with a glory hole and let someone else suck me to a second orgasm.
I fully agree with everyone that its a wonderful experience and very exciting to feel another guys cock and the warmth it radiates when they touch...:)
:)Grasping your and his cock together and stroking them both is a great feeling. Release them and let them bang together as you rub face to face, sometimes his cock riding up on your belly, sometimes plunging down between your legs to rub away at your balls. Some of the best man sex you can have.
Anyone in Houston area want to give it a try????
mmmmmm its nice playing with myself while looking at pics wonder if there's cyber buddy room here

Eggs, meat, wife, blowjob....which does not belong?

Answer: Blowjob.

You can beat eggs, you can beat your meat, you can beat your wife (not recommended).

but you can't beat a blowjob.
I really love the feeling of a hard cock Rubbing against mine! I like it even more than giving or receiving a bj. I have a couple of fantasies invvolving this. One is I would like to have a woman rub our Cocks together for us, spitting on them to get them nice and wet. Maybe even licking them a little. I also really love women's feet. I would like to have a double cock rub footjob. It would be so hot!
how dos ti feel doing Cock To Cock Rubbing :)
Cock To Cock Rubbing how dos it feel i will like to try it :)
anyone in nwind like to give it a try?
I love having my cock rubbing against another cock! :-D
would like to find a cock rub off :-P
OMG! Sounds so freakin sexy. I would love to get into cock to cock rubbing and sucking.
looks like this subject matter needs a new post so let me express how much my SMOOTH COCK enjoys C2C and esp "oily frottage."
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