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2 Cocks In 1 Ass

2 Cocks In 1 Ass on Bisexual Playground
2 Cocks In 1 Ass on Bisexual Playground
2 Cocks In 1 Ass on Bisexual Playground
2 Cocks In 1 Ass on Bisexual Playground
would love to try 2 at one time
i've done it many times, but it takes some time to do it. have not done it in a long time (about a year) so even i would have to work my way back into it. it is one of the most awesome feelings in the world. if there wasn't two cocks i would use one of my vibrators to "take up the slack" so to speak. best orgasm i ever have is with two cocks in my ass.
I have taken 2 cocks in my ass many times. I love it and I want more of it...:-D
Seattle area - As a couple Michael loves BIG things up his ass and can take two 2" diameter dildos up his ass at the same time. Now we just need to find two well hung bi guys to come fuck his ass at the same time!!! Of course we'd also take any really hung guys or girls that like to fuck guys with strap-ons or their fist!! Patricia will be there helping and taking 'em too!
i would love to try 2 cocks in my ass at one timw
Can That really be done? I'm having trouble picturing just exactly all three bodies could be arranged to achive such a task. Don't get me wrong, Sounds Great, but HOW ? ? ?

Be Happy
D i c k:)
I have found the easiest way to set up a double anal penetration has been for one guy to laydown. Whomevers ass u plan on fucking sits on their cock and then the person on top leans forward and the other gu comes in from behind. It takes all of a few minutes to set up and it totally hottt!!!
I have had it done to me once with quite two large guys..but you need to have had your butt well worked before hand and a little awkward to start with but wow then its magic and I knew these guys so they did me BB so two guys cuming at the same time was paradise.. but this is now 10 years ago.. would love to have it done again..:)
I have done it a few times a couple years back and it was the best feeling in the world to be filled up with that much cock and also had another in my mouth but it was well worth the time they took streching my ass wide enough for 2
would luv to try two cocks in my ass.. never done it before.. but the thought of it make me wanna cum just like that
Looking for MMF,MFM in FLORIDA
Any MM in the NY LI Area:-P
:-P i really really really would love two cocks in my ass! any offers??????????? :-P
I want two cocks in my man pussy at once.
Please ...somebody fuck my ass with two huge cocks
Am a top bi male...and would love to be one of the two guys to fuck a big ass (m or f) at the same time. AM 45 yo 5'11....183 lbs...hi tup me.
have had 2 cocks in my ass (albeit 2 trannys) but it was heaven. after they cum then atm- pure heaven
Yes - Please I Want Two Cock's In My Ass As I am Sucking On One - Any 3 Guy's in Philly PA Interested in Putting a Small Party Together - Do Let Me Know When and Where and You Can Fuck Me With Two Cock's In My Very Sweet And Tight Ass - as I am Sucking and Getting My Face Fucked - Please I Want Your CUM-ME COCK's To Cum 4 Me - Again and Again Weekly In C. C. Philly PA, Interested - Check out My Profile and Say Hello Back Some Time, My Name is Dennis ...
I'd love to try this out. guys in the Delray Beach aera let me know.
He slide his big cock into my ass and start Fucking me. Then He and another guyhoist in into the air sharing my weight. Both start sliding there cocks in my as in double pistion action til they explode in extasy shooting their hot sticky load deep into my ass.:-D:-PKiss
I tried it once, but the guys back out in the last second. I'd would most definitely love to try it at least once.
I've done this before and it was the most hottest thing ever. My big black dick with a big white dick in one beefy football player built guy who was hairy flexible and knew how to take it! In DC
I love DP's....I like it deep
I'm in St. Louis and wanting to white dicks to split me, yummy
mmmmmm sounds hot to me...would love to have it done to me here in lancaster, ohio Laughing
i would love two big cock in my ass feeling both cocks cum in my ass it would feel so good Hug
would love to try it have one shoot a big creamy load in my ass other all over my ass
i want to be in sexual intercourse with 2 people
would like to share an ass with another cock that sounds hot as hell. and what about two more in the mouth same time. have done that but still have not two in the ass or two in a pussy.
I had 2 cocks in my ass today n loved it deffo doin it again x:-D
I would like that
I have been fantasizing about having 2 thick cocks fucking my ass at the same time. Mabey one in my mouth. Then all 3 throbbing cocks could explode at once, filling me with hot cum. Mmmmm.....
I would love to try it. The very thought of two guys fucking my sissy arse together makes me feel so horny.
anyone around Louisville and I could suck their cock
Some big dick guys cum give me a dp n lt me fuck u n all yo friends cum fuck this bitch don't b scared of gtn sucked of
I have had two cocks a few times in my small dousched clean hot ass and it is great..I have them as friends now so I know as they said they willl cummmmm again..I am in Laporte, Indiana and they cummm to my house evenings and ram it to me and they cummm together if they can its very erotic:)
love two cocks in my ass;
I would love to take 2 cocks in my ass then i want their cocks to explode in my mouth! I want to taste that hot sweet man juice and swallow it ALL!!!!!
Oh i would love to have two in my ass mmmmm i bet its amazing.
would love a lesbian orgy

I have a TG gf that is pre op and bi. She is a bottom and likes her ass fucked. She has a phat cock and I want a dp. I love to suck cock nipples plus lick pussy and ass. We are cool and laid back. We play cards against humanity. We are looking for couples or singles to play with she likes to whip my ass. I like to whip hers we are both switches. Rope play and toys are optional. I love holes stretched and filled. Gang bang fantasies. Sensual couple looking for friends or more. Anal autumnHugKissLaughingFlower:-P
I think it would be fun!
Hi I'm Trev a very horny bi nudist bottom in Rosebud Vic Australia n I would love to feel two or more than two huge dicks squirting deep inside my super horny fuck hole at the same time even if each cock is monster size n it hurts wen they are cuming deep inside me xx
Oh yes, I'd love to feel two man size Cocks working my white sissy ass. I 'd like to feel all that hot seed deep within me. Lindawantabe
This site is amazing been looking for this for a long time
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