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Has anyone else noticed that girls with small (A cup) breasts have very sensitive nipples? I have a friend that can be induced to orgasm by sucking, pinching and pulling her nipples................when I stretch them and apply a nipple clamp she starts to cum like crazy.......she says her nipples are connected directly to her clit.....I know she is not faking cause she gets very lubricated and I can feel her convulsing internally.

Once I have both nipples clamped and we start to have intercourse all I need to do is apply a little pressure to either clamp and she cums on que........she is 32 A and her nips are a little bigger around than a pencil eraser and almost and inch long when I pull and stretch them.

My ex wife was a 38 d with silver dollar sized aureoles and her nipples rarely got erect and she had no sense of feeling in them at all. . Comments?
Looking for s thats all my nipples are big and hard and very sensative to all...Im a 38D..I dont htink its the size I believe its the woman
It's true. In over 40 years of hands on research, the small busted female has a "leg up" in sexuality over the larger breasted.
big breasted women look great with their bras on and in a sweater. i love small breasts since they rarely sag and when on her back they stick up and don't hang over the side of her chest.
but boobs are boobs and i love to suck them all
I had a water ski partner that was 5' tall petite, with firm a cups and she would go wild when you masaged her breast and nipples. But there is more to a woman than breast. show me one with common sense and a good personality and the breast size doesent matter.
I have small breasts and it is true that they are more senitive than larger ones. I don't know why guys make fun of small breasted females in public then go crazy playing with them in the bedroom. I enjoy mine being suckled and a nice firm tongue rolling it around.When having sex in the doggie position I always pinch my own nipples and roll them in my fingers.
I've noticed that the smaller breasts have the most sensitive nipples and usually the longer nipples. I ldon't know which is more fun, sucking on erect nipples on a small breast or eating a cum filed pussy on a woman with small breasts.
Gee I learn Something new everyday. always thought large breast(nipples )were more sensitive, guess I am wrong, However, my experience has been that the larger breast caused more arousal with me. and I always found the nipples very sensitive, not so with small breast. Right now I will take either!!!!

Maybe we should do some on hands research on this topic and find out the truth. It seems we are going only by word of mouth on this one.
my bra size 36 a when i am rose and very sensitive
There is absolutly nothing finer than an A cup woman, dressed or undressed. Large breasts look ok on an 18year old, but A cups are forever.
I am a 38E and have very sensisitve nipples. I get very turned on when my nipples are touched or played with, etc. I could easily get wet and very very aroused from nipple play. This wasn'talways the case. My breasts became more sensitive after having children and nursing. Has anyone else had this experience?
I totally love small breasted women. I go crazy with such a small tit in my mouth.
Actually, little boobs or even a flat chest can be hot and wonderful to kiss, suck, and chew on. For some reason, the nipples on these types of boobs are more sensitive. Whoda thunk?
loves the small boobies too...but just hunting here

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