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420 Bisexual Playground420 Bisexual Playground420 Bisexual Playground
OOOOOoohhhhh the time we could be havin' in the 'foursome'; you, me, her and sticky-green...........we could play most any.......uuuhhhhhh........... ....dangit.........what was I sayin' ???.........
May I ask what is..."420"...??
Thank you Taffy.....got it.....and love your pictures.....delicious...!!! I see your in IL...I was born in Chicago.......and I also see you like girls....cool with that......so two strikes against me....your too far....and like girls......my luck is continuing....lol.....!!

Take care girl......Bob
Are there any people out there who love to smoke a joint right after they have a passionate sexual experience? I know I do. The 2 blend well I think. Weed and sex. No matter when or where, when I have one, I always want the other.
absolutely socal! 420+69= 489yum lol
I love to smoke a bowl just before and then right after. One not only gives the orgasm an intense punch but the other bowl let's the feeling last longer! So for those who are about to fire it up, I salute you
i would smoke a joint in a boat, in a car, iwill smoke a joint before lunch, after lunch, i will pay you tomorrow for a joint today. how many ways tosay i love you my bag o green.
Smoking ganja, maryjane, grass or whatever you want to call it is great sex estimulator. I have found that women get specially horny and enjoy orgasm a lot better with it that without it. I love it!!
Ok, anyone care to tell me what 420 is?
IS 420 two couples where the men do the men, the wmen do the women and 0 what a night??? I as you can tell have no clue what 420 is..just guessing here. Can someone clear the water for me???
Basically, 420 has become widespread code-speak for: "pot smoking," “time to smoke pot,” “let’s go smoke pot,” and “ain’t pot great?” Suddenly, the term was everywhere. There have been a host of speculative explanations about its origin: a police radio code for pot smoking in progress, the time of day Albert Hofmann first took LSD, etc. All false. It has actually been tracked to a code phrase used by a bunch of Northern California friends in the ‘70s who met every day around 4:20 p.m. to smoke out. They shared 420 with college buddies later, but how it spread beyond that is the stuff of legend. Somehow it got into the lexicon off those who followed the Grateful Dead from concert to concert, and 420 went worldwide from there.
was wonderin' what 420 is, but seems like it's smokin' some good weed. I'm very well aquainted with smokin'. And yes, it enhances the sexual pleasure regardless of what you're into......love those blue collar MEN!
did you grow your own?
do you keep it quiet
do you just smoke what you grow?
if you answered yes to these questions,
have fun your ok
as for us, richard smokes and vicki doesn't
Ok, what the hell, i can't help myself. I will take the marijuana survey.

Taffi - answers as follows:

no, yes, yes, no, no, no, no- -i already do live in a privately defined world and it has nothing to do with marijuana, no, no, no, no, no.

There are about one hundred more questions that i could answer, taffi, but you only listed twelve. lol

I agree with JolsPlaying that this is a good place for me to profess that i'm interested in marijuana. I didn't see a place to mention it in my profile, but now that i think about it, interests would have been the place. Sorry, folks, read this instead. regards, kookoo

p.s. homegrown rules!

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