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2BExtra Large Clitoris

Large and beige.
Handsome large cock
i am a large person i am funny im not rude i like to think im genuine
I'm 5'2 very curvy big bust and ass he's 5'9 very sexy abs and very large cock
Good looking educated friendly bearish guy with large 7.
Very outgoing a virgin large cock great shape it looking for the first time can you help me?
I'm 6ft 5in tall Caucasian Man, large frame with 8 inch endowment and very thick.
I am a good looking Blonde with Blue eyes. Average build. Large Penis However I like to be bottom, and will be slave to the right master.
Im cute curvy kind fun openminded and blazing bbw.He is sexy dark guy very freaky with Hershey kisses and large growing.
i am 42 5ft10 short dark hair a bit on the large side i am married i know that will put most off and looking for fun with females any age looks etc must be discreet oral meets are also welcom
I'm a beautiful plus size woman, I'm 5"6 chocolate dark brown skin and eyes. I have large breasts and full lips. I love laughter and comedy.
kind of large, open minded and funny willing to try anything once always horny looking for a good time or good friends
I am a curvy extremely Large Breasted and Big Booty Woman. I'm wanting to be with a woman either White or Latina. I don't prefer very skinny girls. My partner wants to watch and possibly record and after you have me so dripping wet he wants us watched and recorded!
I'm 6-1 300lb brown skinned well groomed easy to talk to!!! My lady is 5-10 brown skinned large breast very bicurious and eager to have a female encounter!!!
I am a very laid back, down to earth openminded guy. Here I am solo and looking to meet new people and create a friendship in and out of the play area. I live in the San Francisco bay area, I am Portuguese with a medium to large build. I am a very pressure free person and I hope that you are also.
Attractive, average body type and good hygiene. She's 5'7" and he's 5'8". I'm a experienced bi lady, large perfect breasts and very kinky . We're looking for a hot , out going lady for a three some. Long term if it works out . Just ask if you want to know more .
We are a couple that is looking to explore being with a woman. She is sweet, sexy, large breasted, takes very good care of herself, He is nice, clean, professional and loves to please. Looking for a woman who is fun loving and would like to play a little (or a lot). We are very clean and d/d free, no std's, expect the same :)
Sorry, can't help you, mine is very average but I need to ask, have you sucked a large clit before? My gf's is large but not that large and I enjoy sucking hers. Now it makes me wonder what a really big one would be like?
Have you tried massaging your 'G' spot? It is located about 1-2 inches inside the vagina on the front (belly) side. If you insert your finger you should feel an area that is a bit rougher than the rest of the inner wall. If you have a problem reaching or stimulating it with your finger try using a vibrator. Once you hit it you will know it. Don't be surprised if it causes a large orgasm in a short period of time and have a towel available in case you "squirt". In this instance, practice makes perfect. So, take your time and enjoy the experience. You can even use a vibrator on your clitoris and it may enhance the orgasmic experience for you. Let me know how it works for you.
You are correct voyajeur. Shibari is, I believe, the more modern form of Kinbaku or Hojojutsu. The Kotoi is face down suspension. I have not learned Kikkou, but have seen many pictures of the finished product, and it is truly beautiful. "The hottest pattern involves tying ropes around the breasts and then through the cunt slit, with a knot strategically placed over the clitoris." When I tie my Karada, I tie a double thumb knot over the clitoris and the anus for stimulation. Sometimes I run a hitch to insert a vibrator or two. I will try and find some pictures. In the meantime, if you're interested, just do a yahoo or a google search on it. The cultural history related to Shibari (Kinbaku) is fascinating!

~Nic & Casey
we love cut, large chaved thick cock prefereably caucasian, for now. Also, large breasted, large nippled ladies, of course shaved. We love playing with toys, viewing bisexual and, all most quality porn, exhibitionsim,voyuerism. A couple, that is comfortable with their bisexuality and, open minded, uninhibited to oral and, anal. Especially,a nudist couple.
We are seeking BISEXUAL COUPLES with ,,,,large thick cut, shaved cock on th emale and a large breasted woman. Especially, a Nudist Couple.

Thank You,

I may not be a BBW or even a large person in many senses but from what i've read I'd have to agree with the masses on this one too ... its not the size that matters(where have I heard that before) unfortunately society doesnt help those that are large or even slightly overwieght with the way it is portrayed in magazines and on TV.... in my entire dating career I have only dated 2 guys that were skinny but it was never the size of the person that mattered to me they could be pencil thing or weigh 250+ lbs what mattered was the chemistry between us and the personality and the person on the inside not the outside. Too often people will judge someone by what they look like on the outside .. are we all expected to be Barbie and Ken or fabio or whatever ... i sure hope not because someone will miss out on something great while they keep looking for that just because they will pass someone over that is a large person....
Young str8/bi, well hung,clean w/m she will like a large cock to play with on a continuing basis,we are seeking some one that lives near us,friends first then friends with benefits. especially those with shaved bodys and large equipment will get first replys.
thank you
Need to meet large cauples and women also men with large cocks to suck (I swallow) and also to fuck my bottom for as long as they wish. Second times the best longer sucks and fucks.No head games just head for all. You will not regret it I assure you.
My cock is a little less than 7" and I have sucked and been fucked by cocks from small (5" to fairly large (8" and have enjoyed them all. Also I've had a few women strap on dildos that have been as large as 9" and have liked the way they used the dildo in me. Great fun. So I don't think that size matters.
I'm interested in meeting women of any race who have large breasts I can enjoy. More importantly, I want you to lose your mind with my 42dds w/large areolas. My breasts are sensitive. If you arouse me beyond my limits, I might be willing to go further. Small bbws are welcome. Please no men. Married women or women in relationships are welcome.
if you want me im a very large man who enjoys giving blowjobs so if your having a party and you want a large man to suck every cock in the room then thats me, i will take every ounce of jiz in my mouth from everyone in the room and if the ladies want to watch me suck lots of cock then that turns me on even more.
Personally I love small cocks. I have one myself. The real reason I love them is because of the attitude of the men they are attached to. Not saying all men wirh large cocks are like this, but every man I have met with a large cock is an egotistical prick!!!
All of the small cocked men I have met are nicer, more laid back, less demanding, and more fun to be with.
heck i just like the way the head feels rubbing up & down my clitoris making me quiver & making me want that hard throbbing dick thrust in hard N fast the slow agin continuing those motions til the clit is swollen and the pussy is wet.. god do i want a hard dick in me.
Sal here this time *

We are in Artemesia here. The first time I armored up I was in Trimaris, but a bit south of you--Panama`, to be exact.

It has been my experience that people who join the SCA are less inclined to care what society thinks and more likely to judge a person on their actions than as stereotypes. SCAdians are also more likely to be part of another social minority than the general public. With a large number of social outcasts and deviants (like me ) attracted to this group, I find it to be no surprise that there is also a large proportion of Bi's included.

On the other hand, many people in the SCA spend such a large part of their lives on it that there is little time to spend on anything else. Plus, many are so busy defending their "deviant" recreational behavior that they are not willing to open themselves up to even further harrasment from the "mundanes" by admitting their curiosity to those they do not allready trust intimately.

the half.

*please excuse spelling errors and rambling. I blame sleep deprivation.
THe best thing I have found to relax the sphincter muscle to let a toy as large as a strap on be used is a Vibrating hard plastic dildo. They are usually made with a slow taper so the enter easily and the vibrations do wonders for helping you to relax and allow the wider part to slide in. also a good lube is essential as many others have said. I have been able to work my way up to toys that ate as wide as 3.5" in diameter. There is some discomfort while stretching out to take something that large but once you are stretched out it is wonderful to have something really fat penetrate you. I am not into pain but a little discomfort is worth the end result when it comes to anal enjoyment.
Thebest2012- That is a very mean thing to say and I think you should appologize. Everyone is given their "equipment" and making fun of a person's size is immature. Men and women are all different sizes, that's why some women say size matters and some don't, because, like men, they are also different sizes. So there are small vaginas and small penises, and there are large vaginas and large penises. I'm sure you don't like to be ridiculed over something you had no say in.
sunshn9: Thank you for enlightening me. I am one in the "vanilla" lifestyle who had a misconception about the BDSM lifestyle. I appreciate you for sharing that bit of information.
Recently, I have found myself becoming more and more curious about the "lifestyle" and have begun to visit a few BDSM websites. I must admit, some of it is a bit much for someone who knows absolutely nothing about it. Lucky for me that I don't scare easily. Do you mind suggesting a resource or two that are tame enough for a neophyte - that word makes me think of a nymph - with large breasts...oops, mind often wanders to nymphs with large breasts...mochaBrown~


Large Anal Toys
Where can you buy large to huge toys online that has a good selection?
Younger Men For Older
its all about enjoying sex,wether your thin or medium or large,its about your attitude about yourself,that is what counts here
A Cups
A cups are the greatest my GF has a beautiful pair of perfect A's with very large nipples. What more could a man ask for.
Men Watching Wife Get Fucked
id LOVE to have a REAL man with a large cock fucking my wife, Lisa GK....spewing ur hot load in her fertile womb too!!!!
Cum Swallowing
now i'm mild to most here.But I'm working on it.I've sucked,in fact deepthroaoghted a few large cocks in my endeavours.I did gag,it was that big!But I have yet to get that cum,always been told that I couldn't do that.Must get them to cum in my jaw.I'd prefer you to come in my waiting throat,but if you would do that?How would I taste that?
A Cups
Wow, Dated a woman severial years ago that was very thin and was almost flat chested. But had very large sensitive nipples. She is one of the few I have met that would have orgasm from nipple stimulation. She was a blast to be with.
Large Labia
to lick and suck large labia. Also love to see it around my cock
I'm not the most experienced bi guy but I have developed a strong desire to suck cock. On a trip without the family to Sydney Australia I decided that would be my opportunity. I found a mens spa located in the city. Technically a spa but really a large hook up place with several levels and different types of hook up spots inside - steam room, quiet dark rooms and hallways etc. I staked out the many glory hole rooms. Guys that want to give go into the lower level rooms and guys that want to receive a blow job stand in the upper level rooms so that their cocks are at the perfect level for the guy in th elower level. I was standing naked in a lower level room, it was completely dark, couldnt see a thing. I could hear that someone had entered the upper level. I put my hand up and waited a few seconds and felt a large semi erect cock at the hole. My own cock was ROCK hard. I knew I had to suck him. His anonymous large cock felt wonderful in my mouth. I sucked and licked and occasionally stroked his growing cock. After 10 minutes and a few moments when he withdrew his cock, he began to push it deeper through the hole and deeper into my mouth. All hesitation was abandoned as I tried to get every inch I could. With his cock far into my mouth and my lips tight around his shaft, he stiffened and didn't move but his big head squirted cum at the back of my mouth and down my throat. It tasted so good and felt even better. There wan't much need to clean him up because his cum was already in my mouth. He left the booth above me and I relished the thought of what just happened. He must have left with a smile because another guy came in right after him. I couldn't believe my luck. I had become a cum slut and loved it. I sucked him as well and stroked my own cock to a huge orgasm when he came. I never knew who they were but the gave me a very memorable and hot night.
Black Couples Dominating White Men
this sounds real nice to me,never have done this,but i WOULD LOVE TO DO THIS!Just thinking of it makes me precum.I think all people are sexy,size weight,color,Pettite,large,it don't matter to me ,as long as they can make me bend over or under + make them happy.So please use me as you'd like.
Large, small, tall, short, black, white, yellow, orange, purple...

A sexy woman's a sexy woman...
Anal Dildos
I have a pretty large real life like dildo I've been playing with for several years now. And I love that it's cock shaped! I've stretched myself pretty wide using it, starting from so tight I was having problems, to now I'm very accomodating! It's erotic to hit my prostate and cum this way. the feeling of being spread wide open! I feel a bit submissive doing so... and that's what I love most about it!

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You guys are doing an awesome job with this site.  What a great concept!  Hope to chat sometime!