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Bi Sexual Curious Men Billings Montana

We are an attractive couple in Billings, Montana. Looking for other couples or select singles for friendship and possibly more. All should be drug and diesease free as we are. No married men unless wife is involved.
Hi all, We are a fun Montana couple. He is a sexy and passable crossdresser, she is a beautiful bisexual gal. Just curious to see who is out there. Montana is SO hard to find open minded people. Drop us a line and say hi
I am curious bi bottom in billings looking for some fun, i want to do all the nasty things that i can
We are liberal, tolerant and very laid back. We are highly sexual and very free thinking. We are looking for bisexuals in Billings, MT to become friends with and to join us for threesomes! Wild sex, voyeurism, exhibitionism, dancing, kink, partying
montana male curious and open to try what others are doing
22/M from Billings looking for hookups
fun couple in Billings looking for bi woman to have some fun with
so....tried alot of these already and maybe thought this one would be better. i am a very down to earth guy looking fo r some new friends!! getting bored in billings and need some good times. so hit me back for a laugh or two. peace out
Bi-curious says it all. No pubes for years. Pierced nips and a Prince Albert. Non smoker. Smoking is a turn off. Want to suck a hard one and have my anal cherry taken. Anyone in Stevensville, Montana interested?
Hello! I am 32 single bi female that is from Montana. Being from a small cow town it's hard to meet outher women. I work on my fammily ranch and no one knows that I am bi sexual. I have been with a few women and would like to again. I would also like to be with a couple. I think that would be the greatest experiance in my life. Thank you.
we're a cpl that has been married for almost 11 yrs., we have 3 kids, and are looking for some spice in our adult life. we have played on and off for almost ten yrs. however having 3 kids in that period has not let us persue it as aggressively as would have liked. we're looking for clean attractive cpls or bi-fems. not into wierd things ....such as children,drugs,potty,pain..... .just clean adult fun with someone we would like to call"friends". the friendship can be fun in and out of the bedroom ! we seem to be at a disadvantage here in montana, as montana is not a hotbed of "open minded" people. so if your close , give us a shout and maybe we'll willing to travel for the right kind of people. if you know and understand the difference between sex and love contact us.
just a montana guy
I am a female with long blonde hair. I am 5'4" average body. I am a very clean person and I work at a job so you know I am not a slacker I am looking for a female between the age of 18 and 31 in the Butte Montana area to get with and fulfill our sexual passions. I have a boyfriend and he doesnt mind just as long as he can be there if you are interested please let me know. Thanks
live in montana... want to know anything just ask
I like females I'm from Montana
tall horny montana man
Brnlilmama is married to Blkrazor50 Bisexual female. Enjoys Threesomes, Foursomes, playing with men (that is a COUPLE with a woman) or women. Looking for FWB's for sexual fun only. I travel a lot for business to the following areas: Arizona, Kansas, Utah, Idaho, San Antonio, Chicago, Wausau, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Denver, Wichita, Montana, Illinois, Nebraska and St Louis.
Hey how far are u from montana. I am looking for someone to play with but i live by bridger, it is between billings and wyoming. You want to have some fun? I am 5 11 blonde blue eyes, 165 lbs, 32in wasit, average built, nice ass, 7 1/2 cut slim cock, will suck fuck and be sucked and fucked especially be fucked. Write back:)
What a slipp Montana......... a real beautiful slip..........You didnt REALLY just write that did YOU????????
Keep it up Montana....... Big Skies are for Big People
First thing, We are in no way trying to offend anyone. We seriously just want someone to explain the term "bi-curious"
To us, the term curious, means one has thought about sexual pleasures with a member of the same sex.
What we dont understand, is when in a profile it states, bi-curious, yet shows pictures of said curious person, in sexual positions with a member of the same sex. Our way of thinking is that at this point, one is no longer curious.If you are comfortable enough to post pics of this sort, doesn't that change things from bi-curious to bi-sexual? Someone please enlighten us, Thank you.We look so forward to hearing what others have to say about this.
I have never done this before but am very experienced at bi sexual, bi curious stuff. I seek more bi-sexual, bi curious female playmates so we can scream I AM CUMMING together ok? STD's free Hug
Had a great weekend in Billings and wanted to share a bit of the experience. On occasion I travel up to Mt. and get a motel room and then make several visits to the Victorian bookstore ahich has lots of booths with very active gloryholes. After sucking several cocks I left my motel location and phone # on the chalk board there and Damn did I get Lucky! One of the first guyz to show up was as kinky as me and I made it very clear I would love to drink his piss and suck him off. He was even kind enough to take a few photos which I will share. During the evening I had 10 visitors and managed to drink my share of cum and piss~Just loved it and had a great time! ( any Billings people interested in a nasty guy like me get in touch!)
Hey there :) I'm a bi-curious/bi-sexual woman looking to give her man the time of his life ;) I've had many 3somes, and very many sexual adventures and my boyfriend is curious and excited to join me :) if you're the woman for us, send a message and let's chat.....theres a few things I would like for that night for him ;)
This is my first post ever. That I remember anyway.
I have considered myself very bi-curious for years and years. I have always felt that until I experience another guy I have to add the "curious", reluctantly! I didn't want to be just bi-curious. The wife and I are swingers. She lost the "curious" stigma so god damn quick. It was watching her that inspired me. I also wanted to be able to enjoy anything with anyone. I am shocked that the oportunitey never presented itself and that I could not shake the title of curious. until moments ago, and seconds after I eased the big dildo out of my ass.
I am bi-sexual because I am. I have teenages and they didn't have to wait until they had sex to pick a sexual identity. My son thought it was a good idea to tell all his friends that he was gay at the age of 9. He hadn't even experienced his first kiss but he was confident in his feelings.
I hate labels period. My wife doesn't identify as bi-sexual even though she can, and has enjoyed the pleasure of being with men and woman.
I don't this anyone will read this and I am fine with that. I just had to share a very good moment in my personal growth and this a way better place than the hockey dressing room.
ok jake does make sense mate but i was the same and put my self as bi-curios as i am with and always will be with a girl and thought my experinces with men was just being bi-curious but at end of day who i trying kid i love sex with men not all time but when i do i love it there for i am bi-sexual as have tried it and more then once so really bi-curious is long gone lol at first made it easier for me to execpt what i am but hay i like sex with women and with men and as been with more than one man i am bi-sexual and i execpt that and am happy with that and love that fact i am as i get best of both worlds lol but to make a point people are what they feel comfatible with either bi-sexual or bi-curious what ever makes them feel happier or more at ease with them selfs so its all good really no matter what they say they are atleast they open to be on here and try it for first time or its their 5th time atleast we all execpt each other the way we all are no where else would you find that.
baby i live in billings and i want more then anything to exp. everything you have to offer please ge ahold of me
baby i live in billings and i want more then anything to exp. everything you have to offer please ge ahold of me
I'm a 50 something Bi-Curious Virgin who's had a few sexual experiences with men although they've been well and good to me; I yearn for the feeling that I could get from having my Clit licked and sucked on by a bi-sexual female. This is something that I fantasize about whether I'm awake or sleeping. I came to the Bi-Sexual Playground in hopes of fulfilling this desire that I have to do this. Feel free to drop me an email :)
Well if you get back to the site and are interested I get up to Billings often so feel free to reply, certainly would enjoy some hot and kinky fun!
My hubby is bi-curious because he has not had enough expierence to make the determination on whether he is bi-sexual. For one he is not attracted to men in any other manner than wanting the feeling of being a bottom. He doesn't go around saying oh he is hot or anything like that. So I believe that bi-curious is right until he makes the decision on whether he is anything more. I myself listed myself as bi-sexual because i have had expierences in the past though I like the term Bi-playful because I'm not jumping up and down trying to get in bed with a women though I would never mind doing it. I will play with a lady if I had the luck of being invited to do so. And yes hubby is conditional upon me being there with him that a turn on for him... he does not want just M on M play.
Hey, I travel through billings regularly, and the company pays the hotel room. I would love to take advantage of both your tongue and your ass
I get up to Billings often and am always looking for cock so if your interested feel free to get in me in my motel room and I'm sure we can have some hot and kinky fun!
I am a young sexy blonde that is looking for action from either men or womem around the Billings, Bridger, Red Lodge, Joliet area. If anyone is interested plz plz plz tell me.
LOL Montana !!!


Billings Montana...yes there is a great bookstore in Mt. and I often go there and recommend it highly! Its called the Victorian, you pay $5.00 for admission to the booth section and I have always managed to get very lucky. Last time I was there I not only got to suck several hot cocks but also left my motel location and phone on the chalk board they provide and had several hot guyz cum visit. I also leave pre printed notes in each of the booths giving my motel location and its great fun to lay in bed waiting for the phone to ring! My notes always explain that I'm very kinky and on my last visit I had calls ( and lots of nasty guyz) cum visit ( for photos see Forum on Kinky sex) So if your traveling through Billings its a Must visit!
Gloryholes Montana
Montana Gloryhole locations (Adult Bookstores):


Fantasy for Adult (2) locations


Ball Bookstore
The Victorian

Great Falls:

Pretty Girls


Rocky Book Store
I found some glory holes in billings, MT... I visited there a few times and get looked at like I'm a fresh piece of meat! :) I am.. I love sucking cock.. don't want to get it back.. if you are around billings, cum down for some fun.. I'll be there.. sucking away.. dont look through the hole.. I don't like putting my fingers asking.. just stick it through and I'll be on the other end...
Big Cocks
Im interested in bi couples and bi curious males but only under the.condition the man has a large juicy.cock im mean since its my first time and im very curious i might as well do it right if interested ill be waiting to hear from you hopefully theres other bi couples and other bi curious males with juicy fat cocks that would love assist me in my first sexual bi curious or bi couple experience ?
Gloryholes Montana
Gloryholes exist in Montana and there are several cities that have some of the best gloryholes I have ever been too. Come on Montana lets show the fun of playing at Gloryholes.....
Are there any in Billings wife wants to try!
I agree fliriting can be a good ice breaker. I Love flirting with woman and men and couples. Love flirting online in chat rooms or IM's. Gets both parties in the mood and to get to know eachother better. I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota married bi-sexual female looking for BI=SEXUAL FEMALE/BI CURIOUS FEMALE FOR FRIENDS //WITH SEXUAL BENEFITS... THANKS
Lesbian Pictures
i'am a bi-curious female who's happily married, i'm looking for a bi-sexual, or bi-curious female who's serious about pleasingme and my hubby. thete are benifits to the right person(s)HugKissFlower
Couples Searching For Bi Males
Hi, I'm new to the bi scene. I'm a bi-curious male looking for a bi-curious/couple or a bi-sexual male, that would love to be teachers and participants. I've had very minimal experience and want to know more. If you're in the O'Fallon, MO area, check my profile and let me know what you think. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.
Bisexual Couples
Hi, We are a couple looking for a couple in the Kansas City area for a true friendship and sex too and we would like it very much it the other couple was bi-sexually curious as well so that we all can enjoy the sexual pleasure together without limits to the sex of each other. Just write to us and we can all see if it will work, you will never know unless you write.
Dean & Terry
P.S. We are equal opportunity sexual addicts, apply now. We may have a postion that will fit you and us just fine. LOLHug
Bi-Curious Women For Couples
Couples With Bisexual Men
hey guys. well I definitely feel its so natural for anyone who has a huge sexual taste to wonder what it would be like to be with someone of the same sex.. even if they prefer the opposite. I consider myself straight to border line bi-curious.. mainly because I feel I could never be one on one with a guy. The only experience I had with a guy, was during a threesome.
I've tried to picture myself alone with a guy.. but it never really clicks in my head. So thus why i put I'm bi-curious because I do want to try oral again with a guy sometime. Only scenario though.. that I can picture it happening for me is during a threesome.
So if any fun couples from NY area want to meet a cool guy.. just say hi :)
2 Girls 1 Guy
Looking for sexual bi curious female to join me and my beautiful wife
Bi-Curious Women For Couples
I am looking for a bi-sexual or bi-curious female who is willing to bring out my curiousity have fun with a couple. Email me so we can get to know one another and go from there Kiss
New Jersey
Hi, this is a spot for all south jersey people to cum and meet and greet...
I am Bi-curious, leading me to the Bi-Sexual lifestyle. I am looking for single men and couples to explore my Bi-Sexuality. Couples must have a Bi-sexual male. I cannot host. I can travel within reason. Atlantic City is a great location. I am definately looking to suck and swallow some cock. I am definately a great pussy licker. I rim females only. I don't kiss...

Contact me for some fun...
Friends With Benefits
Hello All
My name is Brandi, I live in S Minneapolis, Minnesota. I am bi-sexual and married.Looking for females for Friendship/with sexual benefits. I have tried to find female friends in my area on this site and it is a little difficult to locate any. So if u are female and live in Minnesota plz check out my profile and if I interest you please leave me a message thanxs Brandi
Kiss, Hug, ::)Flower:-P:)
Bi-Curious Women For Couples
I am lookin for a bi-sexual or bi-curious female who is between the ages of 18-21 who want to have a little fun with me and my sweetie. We can take it slow or go all the way if you know what I mean. So if any ladies interested holla at me! ;) Thanx:)Kiss

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Thank you for letting me become a member of your site. We are a little curious about watching & being watched and some inclination to having a woman of a couple join us. Thank you once again for the power to learn about people and there way of life.