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Bi sexual Male Friends

56yo bisexual male. first love will always be women, love everything about them, being Bi sexual for me means having fun in whatever feels good, with women, couples and men. would like to find a group of friends that would like to get together for bi-group parties, MF, MFM, MMF, FFM, MM and MMMMFFFF......the more the merrier. like oral with both M&F, yummy pussies and big cocks are all ways a turn on. Being nude with friends in and out of the bedroom, camping, hiking or a nude beach.. Would like to find Female playmate/s into this lifestyle. not ready to come out to family or friends not in the lifestyle, so if you wish to see a face pic. ask shaved and trim down below.
Easy going professional male who would like to enjoy the company of a single bi-sexual male or a couple where the man is bi-sexual. I've experienced a threesome with a bisexual male who enjoyed oral sex and also was a top. We had a great time but would also like to explore the possibility of meeting someone who enjoys oral sex and being a bottom. I'm not out to pressure anyone into doing anything they're not comfortable with....but also don't have alot of time meet people who only think they might be interested. Please drop me a note if anything you've read so far peaks your interest and we'll go from there.....Thanks!
I am an average guy looking for some new experiences. I have been in a couple of threesomes, but with very limited male to male contact. I enjoy sex and like to explore! I would like to meet a male/female couple or a group that contains females for some sexual fun.
I'd love to hangout and then have some intimate fun with a couple. Hopefully we'll get comfortable with one another soon after we meet. I'm also someone who's interested in exploring new things sexually. It's upto you guys if you wanna be friends or wanna do a one time thing. I'm also a little Bi-Curious now-a-days but that's upto you, if we wanna bring that into play. I have some experience, have a lot of knowledge about sexual activities and I believe I'll be able to pleasure both of you and enjoy myself too while doing that. I'm a Male, 21, Fit body, Energetic and attractive. Thanks.
We are happily married and have always been Bi-sexual, we`re hoping to met couple for friendship and shared sexual experience. Male is 53 but young looking, medium penis, Female is 35, sultry looks with gorgeous pussy and tits.
First,I chose the name "smoothbottom"becaus e I lost a bet and had to let her shave me smooth front and rear,been six years and I'm still smooth and Single,open minded male,love the outdoors,fishing riding my harley,the four seasons we have here in ohio.Kind of quiet at first,but warm up quickly.Seeking friends&friends with benifits if the situation allows-singles or couples,let's chatt& see what happens
We are just here for friends must be a shemale ( female to male
44yo male Looking to make new friends and chat, see were it goes.
********NOT ACTIVELY LOOKING RIGHT NOW,DUE TO THE RECENT PASSING OF MY WIFE, BUT OPEN TO PLAY IF YOU ARE AN INTERESTED COUPLE OR SELECT SINGLE MALE OR FEMALE(PARTICULARLY A SF WHO LIKES BI MEN) WHO CAN HOST CLOSE TO MY LOCATION (WITHIN 60 MILES OR SO), MOSTLY INTERESTED IN FWB FRIENDS FOR NOW, BUT OPEN TO LTR WITH THE RIGHT WOMAN IF THAT DEVELOPS. I WILL BE CHECKING IN TO THIS SITE TO STAY IN TOUCH AND MEET OTHERS WHO SHARE MY INTERESTS AND MIGHT LIKE TO USE ME AS THEIR LIVE SEX TOY SOMETIME, ALTHOUGH I AM NOT ACTIVELY LOOKING, , IF YOU CONTACT ME I WILL RESPOND TO SEE IF WE CAN GET TOGETHER FOR ME TO SERVE YOU. HOPE TO BE BACK PLAYING MORE WIDELY SOON. Leaving pics for you to enjoy :) ****************************** ********* **** Nudist, passively Bi male sub/switch senior boytoy widower*** **** I have been a home nudist for years, but am looking for ways to practice clothes free living more widely with friends and acquaintances. I would love to find other nudist folks to hang out with and spend some naked time just hanging out and doing whatever. ***Seeking couples interested in SAFELY using a senior boytoy/live sex toy for their pleasure: - open to m/m bi play str8 play, I'll follow your lead, or Domme female interested in oralBlowjob, spankingThong, and straponCock dominance. While primarily intereted in couples, I have and will from time to time play with singles of both sexes*** Shaved or closely trimmed, uncut, loves giving oral to both sexes and is good at it. My free time is very limited, and I'll need some lead time to set up any meeting, but that doesn't mean I'm not for real and very interested in being used as a sexual toy and submitting to your desires, as you'll find out when we are able to get together.
22, Male, Bi-Sexual, looking for a good time.
57 yrs old 6ft tall 195 lbs ddf bi male light smoker drinker 420 and popper friendly looking for friends
nice looking bi white male here lookning for casual friends and nsa adult play
Recently from Southern California. Swung for about 6 years, same group of friends. Always safe always clean. Moved to north Georgia almost 4 years. No friends, no play. Wife a bit shy. However once warmed up, good to go. Looking for bedroom friends.
Mature, in shape, very groomed, professional male looking to meet new friends who share the same interest.
Very bi-curious male. Just the thought of it being Taboo is what turns me on and want to experiment with the right person - friends with benefits!!!
61yo Bisexual male, looking for a fun time. I like to give oral the best until i please those i am with, hope to make new friends.
older male on the large side looking for fun sexual times
We are looking for friends that can relate with our sexual view. My husband is bi-sexual as well as me, don't let that stop you if the male in your couple is straight. It's not like homosexuality rubs off. Get ahold of us and we'll see what happens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!

I've engaged in some bi experimentation, but have never had a woman go down on me. I've eaten pussy before, but the women I've met have been afraid of there own sexual attraction to other women so I they didn't want to go any further.

I am married. I want several months of just me and my new friend one on one. If you would like to help me experience the full range of bi sexual feelings then send me a note. I'm also interested in finding a friend to help me double team some other male friends of mine. I'm willing to help her with her friends too. This would be just between you and me. I would not want my hubby to know I enjoy double teaming men. Its a fantasy of mine. Flower
Hi I'm a bi-curious male 6'2" 215lbs.I live in central Ky.I'm married and my wife knows of my sexual preference.I would like to have a sexual experience with another male either taking or recieving.I know I would be very good.My wife and I would also like to have another male join us in bed sometime.E-Mail me at BP.
Hi everyone! We came across an issue and we wanted your input on it. In a members profile, a 20-something year old male wrote about how he comes to BP because he feels he can't be "himself" around his friends in real time. He went on explaining how they are straight and not into his lifestyle, and don't understand his lifestyle. He constantly struggles with himself because he wants to show he is open-minded, and not hide his bisexuality when he is around his real time friends. Even more of a concern is that if he does act like his true self, that his friends will treat him differently. He understands that if they treat you bad then they propbably aren't your true friends, but he also understands that in order for people to be THEIR true selves, they need to be honest with their feelings and reactions (no matter how negative they may be). So that led him coming to BP, to try to find real time friends were he can be himself and not offend anyone.

So here is our questions for you all:
Do you hang out with anyone that is NOT in this lifestyle, either for fun, work, family events? If so, do they know that you are IN this lifestyle (bisexual, swingers, open-minded sexual situations, etc)? How do you ACT around these people who are NOT in the lifestyle? Do you totally keep your bisexual (etc) side hidden or do you talk about it openly with them (for example: discussions, sexual things you have done) and act on it openly in front of them (for example: flirt with someone of the same sex in front of your non-lifestyle friends, try to pursue sexual things WITH your non-lifestyle friends)?

For those that have non-lifestyle friends and they KNOW about your lifestyle (sexual preferences, sexual situations), how do they react towards you? Did they treat you differently when they found out what you are into this lifestyle? How? If they treated you in a negative way, do you still hang out with them? Hide your lifestyle from them now? Have you ever had a friend reveal that they are into this lifestyle BEFORE you were into it? If so, how did you respond back to them?

I know these were a lot of questions but hopefully they will give others the insight they need to deal with everyday situations with non-lifestyle friends. This subject caught our attention because even we have a wide range of non-lifestyle friends who have reacted in an variety of ways... including praising and admiring us for being so close and open-minded with each other to others who look at us like we are aliens. So let's hear it, what are your answers to these questions, experiences, advice?

The Webmasters
w/bi/male looking for str8/bi male in pigeon forge tn. for some fun time sexual and non sexual. depend on how it go's between us. if your looking for that then write me.
Im a bi blk male avg build very very sexual and long lasting I love to suck cock and lick pussy and just anay that makes us feel good ( no water sports no pain or blood). Im looking for a bi male and or couple in my area with a bi male that is open mind and as sexual as Im am your wife and join in or watch or what ever make her pussy wet.

I'm a 47yr old pre-op female to male transgender looking for an intimate male friend to spend afternoons with in pleasurable sexual activities. Need to be discreet and we'd have to meet at your place or have you get us a room somewhere. I'm very sexual, love sex, and have never been known to say 'no' when asked for sex. Drop me a line if you're interested
I'm a MWBi male in my early 60's looking for a couple with a Bi male for long time relationship for fun times. I enjoy pleasing men and women and enjoy giving and receiving oral, ass play, toys and lots more. I am also looking for friends for non sexual time together, like movies and dining out. I enjoy big/huge toys, but if you can't handle the big ones I can play with small ones for your pleasure. Once we meet and have some fun together you will quickly realize I enjoy giving lots of pleasure to males and females whatever you enjoy, I love to please and be pleased.
I am married, but my wife isn't interested in sex so I masturbate a lot and wish I had a fun couple to play with and give sexual pleasure to. I enjoy having a hard cock or strap-on up my ass so if the male or female of the couple wants to take me anally I will enjoy it and will take your male load anally or orally if you want to cum in me. I figure there is no point in wasting good hot cum... Hope to hear from a sexy couple soon.

for the past 3 months my wife and her supervisor at work have went from not talking to each other, to "best friends". A little over a month ago he left his wife and got an apartment of his own, since then I have found my wife goin to his place a couple of hours before work everyday, and lately she has been staying the nite there, especially if we have been arguing! She says there is nothing sexual between them, I don't know what to believe. I have told her that if it ever becomes sexual to let me know, bring him to our place, and we can all enjoy it, but at the same time I feel like they already have more feelings than just friends and that it probably is sexual. What should I do??
I'm a 46yr bi-sexual male bottom looking to service men and women who can host. I am open to most things and I'm looking to just have some fun and meet new friends. E-mail me and I will answer all questions.

Thanks - Tom
I'm an interesting male for a sexual or non-sexual relationship,(perfer sexual)
I'm a 46 yr old married bi man. My wife knows but chooses not to be a part of the lifestyle, in fact she chooses not to be sexually active at all. She and I have never had a very sexual relationship as we simply do not fit together well physically in that area, so she lets me have my bi friends and hook ups,and prefers not to know when they happen and prefers that her friends never find out so she doesn't have to deal with the drama. That being said, I have alot of male friends and aquaintances, the str8 ones I do not discuss my bi lifestyle with because I don't believe it is necessary. My bi friends are just that, friends I have made over time through the internet mostly, that I can talk to about the lifestyle and hook up with once in a while when the urge hits me. I have a tendency also to make women friends easily, maybe because I polish my nails and wear toerings and ankle bracelets, or maybe because I find women so much easier to talk to openly about more personal things. I am out to many women, and no woman that I ever came out to has been shocked or against my lifestyle choice and in fact most of them and I joke about guys and send eachother pics of guys with huge bulges in their shorts or whatnot. My family will never know unless my parents pass on, then I may come out to my sister. My sister in law thinks I am gay because of the fact that I polish my nails, but that has nothing to do with my sexual freedom but more of a fashion choice. I think my nails look nicer with polish on them, and since I have been doing it now for about 5 years, when I take the polish off, I think my nails look unfinished, or just BLAH! So anyway, Bi sexuality is great, and it is good to have friends that you can share it with, whether physically or in conversation. But not everyone ever needs to know how I live my life, for their protection as well as my own.
Bi male, looking for someone to train for triathlons, or trail running, and also discreet sexual encounters. Male or female does not matter. If you are a guy, I prefer almost no body hair, and you must be cut, I'm into oral but not anal. I live in the SE, and swim at the Acadia pool in the mornings. I do most of my training early in the mornings. For sexual encounters, I cannot entertain.

Hope to hear from you soon.
Hello! We are a couple in the Northern Virginia Area interested in meeting other bibbw's for friendship and fun! If you are male there is no need to reply, we are not in anyway interested in sexual experiences with males. My fiancee is straight and I prefer women in bed! If you are a single bi female or a bi female in the Northern Virginia area who plays without your partner. We are sincerely looking for a friend to spend time with not just for sexual pleasure.............that would be a bonus! If you are looking for friends and think a hot 3some would be an added bonus please drop us a line! Kiss
Nice looking male with extra sexual needs,horny very often prefer to receive but open to any type of sexual pleasure. Check out profile and get in touch.
As friends here at BP will tell you, I like the description of being fully sexual as opposed to bi-sexual. Congratulations on finding fulfillment. That is the best part, being comfortable and having fun in the fullest way. I'm glad you picked us over the hockey locker room to share.
am in north central ohio and looking another male for a male to male sexual exploration and or a couple to teach me what this new life and experience is all about. it is very interesting to visualize being with others but want to actually experience what i day dream about.


Boytoys For Couples
Sweet FUCKING Yes, I am Just LOOKING To Be With One oF 3 Fuck Buddy"s ---> in and For One Of Any Of The 3 Group"s Of The Sexual Life Style"s - Male on Male on Me - Female and Female on Male - Female and Male on Me and Sweet FUCKING Yes A SheMale and a Lady-Boy on Me and very Fucking Yes ( ALL ) Of Them On Me at One Time ---> Sweet Very Sweet Yes I am Up 4 That ? ? ? Kiss Hug Flower
Women Dominating Men
For all those women who like to aggressively throw themselves at men, I like playing the defenseless male, too. I'll pretend that I don't want your sexual advances and that you're raping me. But you'll act like I really want to be raped by you. Cuz I do!
Bisexual Men Getting Fucked
Hey to all females who do enjoy a tight male ass to fuck with there stray-ons - on do feel free to say hello and I am a very good Cock-Sucker guys I am 100% bottom and I do enjoy getting my tight ass fucked- Interested say hello by going to my profile and let me know who and where you are at OK my very horny-ass friends.
Friends With Benefits
I totally understand this.Its useless to go on with out having some friends with benefits.We are currently loving them both+ all our friends are with benefits.:)
Gang Bangs
Say Hello My very Sweet and Naked Horny Friend's ? Hug Male or Female ? I Do LOVE To Suck and Fuck With Both of the Sexx's 1 on 1, Male on Male - Female on Male or With a Group of - Male's or Female's and Or With Both ? So If You's LOVE To Get To Suck and To Get To Be Fucking Me Kiss and I Do LOVE To Fuck ...(^_^(?... and Hey ? The Bigger The Toy You Got - The More I LOVE To Fuck - So If you are Interested and Want To Be Fucking Me Again and Again as You Need Hug To Be Getting Off ? Just Write to Me and Ask If I Will Be Interested In Meeting With You Off Line OK - All are Very Welcome to Say Hello - :)
Men Eating Cum
At the very least, I think most humans feel a connection to consuming and tasting semen because it's the seed of life and is the essense of male human sexuality, and at most some people are obsessed with it. I think that there's a natural attraction to semen by both women and men alike, but it's much harder for men to accept because of cultural and religious taboos. A lot of men in US are coming out and admitted that they are interested, and I believe a new paradigm for male sexuality is emerging because of this new outwardly bold awareness. It may be breaking up some marriages, but it's likely causing others to reevaluate and consider what male sexuality really encompases, and how men's needs can be met while they continue to fulfill their duties and obligations as fathers and husbands.
Sex With Male Cousins
I'm 6 weeks older than my cousin. We grew up living around the block from each other. We were as close as brothers as you can be without being brothers. And we both started having the same sexual urges that you have when you're growing up. We just acted on those urges as they came to us. We had been taking baths together for years and we did kiss when we would play spin the bottle with his older sister and her girl friends. Once we saw a porn or two we would play dress up and dyke out with each other just frenching and dry humping each other. Being fans of pro wrestling we started doing more by the loser getting jerked off as humiliation. After jerking off in front of each other and jerking each other off we turned it into the winner getting the reward. Combining the dress up dyke out and the wresting rewards we moved onto playing boyfriend/girlfriend as we saw it in the pornos. After that it was pretty much no holds barred. We did everything. He was my first cock sucking, ass rimming, anal fucking and all those other things in return. We would wear each others underwear because we started to wear bikinis, thongs and g strings. I used to go over his house just to blow him. We did all of it from the time we were eight to the time we were twenty. I miss those times and I am thankful that we had those times. I wish we still got together.
Cock Slaves
Hug ---> Hello To You's All That May-Be Interested in Doing This With Me ? Kiss
Male or Female's - Yes I am Looking To Meet and Get Off as Manny of You's as I Can at One Time - Weekly or Nightly - I am a Bisexual - So Sweet Yes, I Do LOVE Being With Both Of The Sex's and Yes, I am Up For a One on One Meet, With Both Male or Female's :) You's Can Get To Do This ?
1, Get Me As Naked as You Want Me To Be,
2, Take Some Photo's or Video's Of Me,
3, You Can Get Off With or on Me, In A Group or One on One ?
4, Lady's Can Get To Put There Strap-on's - On 4 Me ?
5, And What Will You's Want To Do With Me - You's Can - Just Ask ...((^_^((?... Flower
i love to meet a ts for sexual fun an longterm Hug
This is what makes sex so special, I think, intelligence with sexual overtones.
Kinky Sex
I love having partners use me for their sexual pleasure pretty much however they like:) Kinky Fucking is great!
Friends With Benefits
I like to bimale, bi couple for friends with benefits in Missouri.
Friends With Benefits
I like to bimale, bi couple for friends with benefits in Missouri.
Friends With Benefits
I like to bimale, bi couple for friends with benefits in Missouri.
2 Or More Men For 1 Woman
I am eager to meet up with kinky friends in my area:-P
My stepdad introduced me to naked ass spanking at a young age of 7 and it continued on till age 16. I'm not into it for sexual reasons if other guys are too.

Dennis J
Message me if you want to 69 and then mix our cum together and have a nice long passionate session of kissing with it in our mouths. This is one of my favorite sexual fantasies! Kiss

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Hello, how are the two u doing? Well I am doing good lots of studying and typing. I am in my last year of college. I am 28 year old male. I was married for 5 years but I lost her to cancer at the age of 24. I am bisexual and looking for a couple to become intimate with and long term friendship. I love your web site and I feel that u have done a wonderful in helping pursue their sexual interest. Also, I wanted to tell the two of that both of u are sexy and u make a good looking couple. Thank u for the welcoming letter.