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I am new on this, bisex curious, looking my first experience as bottom, open to listen options, but like to try with a bisex TOP, married, older, with fat dick, if your have a discrete place is a +++++. only safe play.
So ready to move from bicur to!
Discovered that I enjoy sucking cock in a bisex experience. Especially when the load shoots down my throat.
I'm 5'10 - 190lbs 6"cut (nice cock for sucking & playing with)... my wife loves bisex!
Mature bisex male with fit active body looking for sex with singles couples male or female
anyone looking for some bisex fun with a 18/m message me.
want to try bisex with a crodresser local
Here's a series of piXXXs of a Bisex .

I know none of these people personally but really wish I did!

Looking for a Bi couple in the Jacksonville, Fl., area willing to take me aside and teach me how to play. Am in need of some experience.
i wanna have bisex on the computer hit me back im in a horny mood!!!!!!!!
wanting bisex fem who is lonely and wanting to spice up her life and may want consider long-term relationship with me.
if u r interested please im us . xoxo
I think the thing here is that you were not only honest with your wife but yourself.. This is the best part. Basically, what u have left over is; A relationship is a two way street as we know. She is right in her feelings but that still does not dismiss the facts concerning the lifestyle you are intrested in. Your bisexual feelings probably did come from your past ultimately, Not sure from a past ordeal.. However, science studies suggest that this lifstyle maybe an inherent trait of some individuals. Nevertheless, You are gonna have to make some decisions in your happiness and your sexual Pleasures and preferances especially if she does not want to participate. There is nothing wrong with you for expressing the lifestyle that u know and like. If you know in your heart that u are bisex and that is want you want then follow your .... Otherwise u will be living a lie and hiding your whats in your heart. OR you can live free in the truth and be happy knowing u followed your heart...By the way you have one other option and that is; Don't do either. The biggest reason i replyed to your ad is because i was there. Just not quite married, I had a live in girlfriend for 5 years. Might as well been marreid. She saw some stuff on the computer and at first i denied it vehelmetly i said no way that is not me I'm not bisex or whatever i said. Then it dawned on me, i just lied!!... Well i decided that i can never be happy in my life if i don't face the truth, so i took an approoach similar to yours just tell her !!! Wrong thing to do!!! She reacted the same way as your wife did; Nothing to do with it; go get some counseling and somethings wrong with you. What i told her next was i also had a similar experience when i was alot younger thinking this would help matters. Well it was some what relieving in my defense and things settled down. But that was not the end of it Oh No, it got to the family, Now i had been living a straight life up till now, not Bisex, so now at this point i was like wow now i have to face the truth so i did and now, everyone does not accept me in this lifestyle but atleast i faced the truth and i live happy in my lifestlye. I am a bisexual and that is what makes me happy and satisfied. Now the question is do i still have my Girlfriend.... yes i do. I cannot tell you what to do in your situation, Everyone is different only you know what is best for you....but i can offer this, Everyone will not accept you in this lifestyle Period .... Thats the cold hard facts... But there those who will... you will have to decide what is best for you otherwise heads will keep bumping and one day it will come to you again and Then again... She will be watching and now there is an issue with trust... Make some decsions and be happy....This is just an opinion... toall
The first post tells the main thing we are looking for. Check out our profile for more! We are very interested in meeting others for fun times! Bisex is the main thing we are looking for!!

Anyone interested in rooming with us would be most welcome to share the cost of the room> We are a fun open bisex couple so please join us and share our room
Looking r bisex couple n columbia area im a bi male i need to FINALLY let go and want a sexy sexy couple
Hey , I am a bisex male not married. Maybe, Could meet at a resturaunt so that we can get to know each other .I live in Mcdonough Ga. So, this should not be a problem. Please let me know when would be a good time and i will try to hook up. I have to work all weekend this weekend. so, maybe in the evening hours we could meet for dinner. Go from there... Drop me an email here
one of the rules say we have to be open about bein bisexual.
the only people im open to are the people i have bisex with.
Hi! I'm looking to webcam threesome with bi-couples who are looking for some safe fun. if you're new to bisex, then webcamming is an easy and safe way to introduce a woman into your sex life. I use lots of toys and masturbate for you while you two watch me and I watch you playing. I'll even perform for you just as a titillation act for the two of you to watch and get turned on by (though I do love reciprocation please :D)

inbox me if you're interested! If i don't reply right away, its the crazy holidays- i'll definitely get to you after new years
The bi girlfriend who opened me up to bisex told me the fastest way into a straight gals panties was through kissing. Casual kissing comes easily to women, she told me & it's just a small step up to a slightly hotter kiss, and if the girl takes it, you're in. She said that in the long run, the kiss also ended up being he most intimate part of the lisbian sexual encounter. Neeldess to say, when she finally got me to start performing in front of her with another guy, she wanted to see fellatio, she wanted to see sperm, but most of all, she wanted to see lots of kissing. I was relived to find that other bi-curious guys found the male kiss as difficult as I did. So for gals, I guess the kiss comes first, for guys, last (if at all). What do you guys think?
Yes, I must admit, everyone's been really friendly & open here, and the women seem pretty supportive. But at the same time, most of those women are in m/f relationships. I've had no input from single women (OK, I know my pix aren't exactly what women like to see, but they're the only digital pix I have!). But on several other bisex forums, a lot of men have echoed my expriences. I was talking to a woman not long ago who claimed to be bisexual & into group parties, so i told her I could go bi & was up for it. Her response: "any man who gets into another man is a disgusting faggot!" Se told me it was different for women, that they can have lesbian sex and not be gay (!?). One bisexual forum, run by a bifriendly woman, recently enacted a policy of deleting any woman who joined with a profile stating "no men," which was, sadly, most of the women.
It seems a lot of women claiming to be "bisexual" seem to have issues with men in general, and biguys in particular.

As I said, I'm bi-curious, but mot strongly bi. I'd love to explore it with a girl who'd encourage me, the way i have helped encourage bi-curious girlfriends before.
I've been thinking about this one for a bit, when I came across a hot MMf bisex Mpeg that I'd had on my computer. In a flash I saw, as a sexy girl & an equally sexy guy took turns gobbing on a fat cock, where the differece lay. Hands! The girl in the video, like most girls who've nursed from my cock, was barely holding the head of the penis in her mouth while she worked her hand up & down the shaft. The guy on, the other hand, never used his hand at all. He took the cockhead with his lips & went back & forth, from tip to base with no problem at all.

So, thinking back on the good & bad blowjobs I've had, if I were giving a girl (or a guy) advice, I'd say

2) Don't put on a show, don't keep changing what you're doing, don't keep looking up to see approval on the guy's face. Just work in earnest. (it's funny that these are the same complaints women have about guys eating pussy).
3) Some girls put their mouth on a cock as if it's a loaded shotgun. If you don't want to suck it, it's better for both if you don't, cause no one'll have a very good time.
4) A mans orgasm lasts longer than a quarter of a second. Don't take your mouth off till it's completely drained. Better yet, try to force the cock to come again (my cock, at least).
5) Not liking the taste of latex is a lame excuse. be honest instead.
Had my 1st M2M today. I had been surfing the bisex playground and other hookup sites. I got an e-mail to my ad by Phil. We started shooting e-mails back and forth So I get an intresting response and I email him back

Thanks for your interest.

I am new to this and haven't had any m2m experience. I have been fantasizing about it though. I really like having my cock sucked.
Any way I want to keep this separate from my normal life. Just would like to find a regular suck buddy to get off on. I like to give facials.

Tell me what your interests are. Do you have a photo it could be grated with the face blocked or whatever?

I am a very oral person and very masculine. I love to suck and deep throat.......have never been fucked but would like to explore that with someone that I could trust.
I am just a normal guy that enjoys getting together with a guy when he has time.
Mickey, Lets get together. Would love to give you head.
I started getting horny and so I asked if he was into a lunchtime protein slurppy and he emails me back his address.

I drive over to his house I am really kind of nervous cause I have never done this before. I keep thinking about getting a blowjob and my cock is getting hard on the way over. I pull up into his driveway and He has a nice house I knock on the door and Phil answers the door and he invites me in I was hoping for a hunk and Phil is around 55 or so kind of chubby but not flabby. We don’t talk that much I just sit down on the sofa and unzip my pants and pull out my cock. He looks at me and said “ you really are 8in “ he gets down on his knees in between my legs and starts to suck my cock putting the tip of his tongue into my cum hole and then goes all the way down on me. He is sucking and licking my balls and asks if I like that. I just kind of nod yea and he goes to work on my cock again. I am getting harder and he can taste my precum and say it tastes so good.

Now I grab the back of his head and start fucking his face. In and out I am going crazy now so I grab my cock while the head is still in his mouth and start jerking I know a slow stream of man cream is oozing from the tip of my rock hard cock.

I tell hem to pull out his cock so he can jerk off while he sucks. Man I am really getting hot now and I am rubbing my cock all over his face and I am still oozing a steady stream of cum out of my cock I can feel it building up so I fall back on the sofa and let him start deep throating me. I start to cum but not a blast just more oozing and he is digging this then after about a min I just explode into his mouth and he just keeps swallowing and not a drop is wasted.

He looks up at me and says nice load. I have been there about 20 min so I got to get back to work because I only got an hour lunch. I told him I wasn’t into kissing or romance because I basicly straight but want some hot blowjobs from time to time. Phil says that’s no problem that he gets off on sucking straight guys till they cum in his mouth. So I say bye and Phil said to email him anytime I want to deliver a protien slurppy.

That’s all for now folks and any of you guys or gals who like to play cocksucker to a 8in cock drop me a line. I was hoping for a couple sometime I think I could get into sucking a cock if I was really attracted to it.



Bisexual Orgy
Would love to take part in a bisex orgy. Having a few cocks to suck and pussies to eat. Oh, and all the cum to swallow. I`m in S. Fl. if anyone wants to organize one.

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You guys are doing an awesome job with this site.  What a great concept!  Hope to chat sometime!