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Bisexual Curious Men Billings Montana

We are an attractive couple in Billings, Montana. Looking for other couples or select singles for friendship and possibly more. All should be drug and diesease free as we are. No married men unless wife is involved.
Hi all, We are a fun Montana couple. He is a sexy and passable crossdresser, she is a beautiful bisexual gal. Just curious to see who is out there. Montana is SO hard to find open minded people. Drop us a line and say hi
I am curious bi bottom in billings looking for some fun, i want to do all the nasty things that i can
montana male curious and open to try what others are doing
22/M from Billings looking for hookups
fun couple in Billings looking for bi woman to have some fun with
so....tried alot of these already and maybe thought this one would be better. i am a very down to earth guy looking fo r some new friends!! getting bored in billings and need some good times. so hit me back for a laugh or two. peace out
Bi-curious says it all. No pubes for years. Pierced nips and a Prince Albert. Non smoker. Smoking is a turn off. Want to suck a hard one and have my anal cherry taken. Anyone in Stevensville, Montana interested?
we're a cpl that has been married for almost 11 yrs., we have 3 kids, and are looking for some spice in our adult life. we have played on and off for almost ten yrs. however having 3 kids in that period has not let us persue it as aggressively as would have liked. we're looking for clean attractive cpls or bi-fems. not into wierd things ....such as children,drugs,potty,pain..... .just clean adult fun with someone we would like to call"friends". the friendship can be fun in and out of the bedroom ! we seem to be at a disadvantage here in montana, as montana is not a hotbed of "open minded" people. so if your close , give us a shout and maybe we'll willing to travel for the right kind of people. if you know and understand the difference between sex and love contact us.
Couple looking for a bisexual female in montana. We are looking for someone to join us in bed, nothing serious but something that we could more than once. We are an ordinary couple with an ordinary life. Just looking for some fun.
just a montana guy
live in montana... want to know anything just ask
I like females I'm from Montana
We are liberal, tolerant and very laid back. We are highly sexual and very free thinking. We are looking for bisexuals in Billings, MT to become friends with and to join us for threesomes! Wild sex, voyeurism, exhibitionism, dancing, kink, partying
tall horny montana man
Brnlilmama is married to Blkrazor50 Bisexual female. Enjoys Threesomes, Foursomes, playing with men (that is a COUPLE with a woman) or women. Looking for FWB's for sexual fun only. I travel a lot for business to the following areas: Arizona, Kansas, Utah, Idaho, San Antonio, Chicago, Wausau, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Denver, Wichita, Montana, Illinois, Nebraska and St Louis.
we are a fun loving couple living in montana
Hey how far are u from montana. I am looking for someone to play with but i live by bridger, it is between billings and wyoming. You want to have some fun? I am 5 11 blonde blue eyes, 165 lbs, 32in wasit, average built, nice ass, 7 1/2 cut slim cock, will suck fuck and be sucked and fucked especially be fucked. Write back:)
What a slipp Montana......... a real beautiful slip..........You didnt REALLY just write that did YOU????????
Keep it up Montana....... Big Skies are for Big People
I am looking for a bisexual female in the Montana area in between the ages of 20-30 to come and have some fun with me. My husband will not be intimate with the girl. Only with me..
I find many of the labels of bisexual and bi-curious nebulous at best. I consider myself bisexual but I dislike anal sex, even with my wife. I enjoy oral sex, both giving and receiving with a man, I enjoy touching, caressing and kissing another man, I can see myself in a relationship with a man, but the fact I don't like anal sex discount me as bisexual?
With my wife, she enjoys being with woman, eating out a woman, being eaten by a woman, engaging in nipple play, but only if she is sufficiently aroused and is not turned off by that woman. Would that make her more bi-curious or is she truly bisexual?
Ah, so many questions....

David Male
I was in a very similar position with my first wife a number of years ago. I wanted to see her with another woman...she was curious about it as well. However, she said "I'll do it if you'll suck another guy's cock, first." I was curious about it and agreed. It was with a friend who we had a few 3somes with....I told him what she had said and he said "you can suck my dick if you want to try it." So, that night I arranged for him to come over and we got into a 3some and I sucked his cock (8 1/2 inches, by the way). I found out that I enjoyed it and was very turned on by it. I consider my self bisexual because I do enjoy that activity as well as playing with or touching a man's penis (I have never had or done anal sex with a man - although I'm curious). Now, here's the difference...if I had tried that first time and not enjoyed it....I would not consider myself bisexual just because I did it one time. so, you are bi-curious at this point...if you try it and don't like're certainly not bisexual as one lady put it above....if you try it and it's a turn on...and you want to do it're bi-sexual but that also doesn't mean that you are not as masculine as are just more in touch with who you are and what you enjoy. Good Luck!
Had a great weekend in Billings and wanted to share a bit of the experience. On occasion I travel up to Mt. and get a motel room and then make several visits to the Victorian bookstore ahich has lots of booths with very active gloryholes. After sucking several cocks I left my motel location and phone # on the chalk board there and Damn did I get Lucky! One of the first guyz to show up was as kinky as me and I made it very clear I would love to drink his piss and suck him off. He was even kind enough to take a few photos which I will share. During the evening I had 10 visitors and managed to drink my share of cum and piss~Just loved it and had a great time! ( any Billings people interested in a nasty guy like me get in touch!)
I would rather them claim bi-curious and be full blown bisexual than claim to be bisexual and not be. Had that situation already. Claimed they were bi. They would blow the man just to have sex with the woman. It isn't right to lie and some people are smart enought to see through the lies. My husband is still exploring his sexuality and people like that make his bi-curious nature want to shut down.
baby i live in billings and i want more then anything to exp. everything you have to offer please ge ahold of me
baby i live in billings and i want more then anything to exp. everything you have to offer please ge ahold of me
Dan you raise a very good question, and yes i to believe that the word "bi-curious" has different meaning's to different people..i guess its all in the way one perceives it. But you actually did bring up a valid issue and point, to be in someone elses shoes, kinda like on the outside looking in. For me being bisexual started out as a curiosity, and then i found that it has always been a part of who i am, i am a bisexual woman but being bicurious didnt make me bisexual, i beleive i have always been, just ignored it or tried to anyway. Curiosity is just that, and its a normal state of being, if not a sexual curiosity then a curiosity of another nature, why is the sky blue type of thing. the saying goes"curiosity killed the cat"...but if that cat wasnt curious then he would perhaps miss out on what was going on in heaven!;)HugFlower
I am bi curious rican male looking bi couple Or bi curious couples with the mAle been bisexual Or bi curious bottom for the wife to watch or join in in new York
Hey I am a bisexual woman looking for bi-curious female who's interested no couples please also looking for a bisexual man
Well if you get back to the site and are interested I get up to Billings often so feel free to reply, certainly would enjoy some hot and kinky fun!
I'm a single white guy looking for my first encounter with a bisexual or a transexual person here in San Antonio Texas I'm sexy single bi curious always had a fantasy to be with a bisexual person I have a 9/2 inch cock uncut big juicy Mushroomhead too long and fat I like to shave my balls and shave my ass always had oral sex with her bisexual and a gay man that would suck the f*** out of my cock but let me they let me eat her ass out but they never let me know stick it in her ass but now I want to go all the way with a bisexual person for my first time if you're that person give me a call
Ok, What I have experienced was that I wanted my lady there and was willing to share her to have a familiar person who knew me there when I explored my curious side. And it did help me to get over that hump, and realize that I was more than curious. She was involved with us both. I understand the comment also about that one could be considered gay if he was to go it alone with another male. It is a big step for a person to take that step from being curious to actually becoming bisexual. And he may not like it either. The thing to understand is that most bisexual men do enjoy sex with BOTH sexes and can have fun with either sex and usually just for sex. I'll never marry a man or become gay. Nor would I marry a woman that I would meet on here. What I'm trying to say is that we should all be open enough to be able to explore each other with total honesty with our lovers and our spouses And its very rare and really odd to me for someone to go astray for being curious. So my advice would be, be there in person only and let him explore another man and don't participate and be honest about your interest up front with your hubby and the other man. It is a must to be friends and interested in all involved, to really enjoy yourselves and have a good time. So I recommend talking about it more between yourselves and just be honest about it.
I have been slowly more and more curious about some bisexual fun and adventure. I would like to meet a nice couple and enjoy a fun bisexual education so to speak. Let's get naked and make each other feel great.
Hey, I travel through billings regularly, and the company pays the hotel room. I would love to take advantage of both your tongue and your ass


Billings Montana...yes there is a great bookstore in Mt. and I often go there and recommend it highly! Its called the Victorian, you pay $5.00 for admission to the booth section and I have always managed to get very lucky. Last time I was there I not only got to suck several hot cocks but also left my motel location and phone on the chalk board they provide and had several hot guyz cum visit. I also leave pre printed notes in each of the booths giving my motel location and its great fun to lay in bed waiting for the phone to ring! My notes always explain that I'm very kinky and on my last visit I had calls ( and lots of nasty guyz) cum visit ( for photos see Forum on Kinky sex) So if your traveling through Billings its a Must visit!
Gloryholes Montana
Montana Gloryhole locations (Adult Bookstores):


Fantasy for Adult (2) locations


Ball Bookstore
The Victorian

Great Falls:

Pretty Girls


Rocky Book Store
I found some glory holes in billings, MT... I visited there a few times and get looked at like I'm a fresh piece of meat! :) I am.. I love sucking cock.. don't want to get it back.. if you are around billings, cum down for some fun.. I'll be there.. sucking away.. dont look through the hole.. I don't like putting my fingers asking.. just stick it through and I'll be on the other end...
Bisexual Masters
not one entry for bisexual masters? curious. well i am a bisexual master and from the look of it the only one! which i can safely say elevates me to bisexual master of the universe!
Mature Married Bi-females
Being married to a bisexual man I am interested in finding another mature Female who is bisexual or bi-curious that would be willing to teach me the joys of making love to another woman...
Gloryholes Montana
Gloryholes exist in Montana and there are several cities that have some of the best gloryholes I have ever been too. Come on Montana lets show the fun of playing at Gloryholes.....
Bisexual Women
I'm looking for a bisexual/bi curious woman to have a threesome with me and my man we are from Springfield Illinois I am bisexual and he has always wanted to be with two females at once so we both will be getting what we desire lol if interested contact us we check our mail everyday Kiss
Are there any in Billings wife wants to try!
I would really like to be in a relationship with a bisexual couple tried it once we were bi curious couple They realize it wasn't for them I'm also bi curious
Straight Men Who've Become Bi
I definitely have chosen to beCUM bisexual!

Was not even really curious until it just sort of ....HAPPENED!
Single Bisexual Women
My wife and i are looking for single bisexual or bi curious women around buckley wa that would like to become friends and possibly ltr for her and a 3rd for us pls no men this not a game or open invitation.
2 Guys One Woman
any one in montana??? :-P
Black Bi-curious Males
I am always willing to bring the bisexual experience to curious men. I suck & swallow, rim and am bottom. fuck my mouth and ass and let me tongue out your asshole :-P ;) email me and let's do this :-D
Bisexual Women For Couples
We are looking for a bi-curious or bisexual women to join my boyfriend and me. We are in the Western slope of Colorado or eastern Utah. we would like to have someone more then once, we will take a one time basis. Please let me know if you can help us out. Hug
Females Who Use Strap-Ons On Women
Bi-Curious Men
Having been a bisexual Male for several years now who loves to Blowjob cocks, :-P a clean ass, and bottom during anal Sex. I Love being able to help introduce bi-curious men to this lifestyle...:)
Couples Searching For Bi Males
we r looking for a bi male in missoula montana

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Thank you so much for being so attentive to your members. I never invested for a lifetime membership before. I have a warm fuzzy feeling about your site. You are really doing a tremendous service to people like myself who feel like a lost kitten. I don't like raw sex but I do enjoy multiple relationships within a group. How is that for an explanation. I guess what I am trying to say is I believe in polyamory. I did not know this until after I married for the second time. My husband is straight but I really believe he is curious about other men. I do not have the patience to convert him into his real nature. I have lost a lot of time not addressing my bisexual nature. Thanks for listening. And thanks again for this wonderful playground.