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Bisexual Wives Husbands Watching Their Wives Loving Women

easy going guy who likes to have fun with couples and singles. i am nice looking with a hairy chest and 7.5 x 5 cut cock. i like to help wives with their husbands and help husbands with wives. i also like one on one
Just a really cool and laid back guy willing to help single men, divorced men, or even married men come to terms with their curiosity, desires and needs. I don't do wives, but they're more than welcome to join their husbands and play. I love being lovers with the men and friends with their wives.
I fuck men in the ass, let their wives watch, then i force them to eat us both out. But what kind of man likes getting it up the ass? not a real. Only a little slut does, a slut that dresses in make up and panty's, and does not have the privilege of fucking their wives pussy. I show the men that they're nothing, and they should only worry about their wives needs. I am not into hardcore BDSM. Other than that I also enjoy women, and sucking cocks if the man is worthy.
fun loving bi guy, married. Love 3 somes, especially with husbands and wives.
I love wearing panties and having fun with men and women. Or husbands & wives & daughters
5'6 180 lbs 6.5 cock bubble butt. I love to eat cock and pussy, pref at the same time!!! Love to hook up with couples where wives are turned on by the performance. Love to clean husbands and wives after they make love while the cuddle or hold one another. can be with one or both. no prefrence. love cock and pussy the same
Two of my three wives were hot wives. I loved the lifestyle and couldn't get enough of it. Now I live with my memories and fantasies.
Tall, dark and handsome English chap. White, sexy, fun, gregarious and bisexual master to help wives cuckold their husbands.
In the past I was what cuckold couples would describe as a bull. That is, I was the guy that fucked the wives in front of the husbands. Sometimes the husbands would join in if they had been very good, but more often than not they sat in a chair and watched or took pictures. Sometimes they would clean their wives up afterwards. Now I'd like to get back into the lifestyle. I've missed it and after trying to be 'normal' for a few years, it's obvious it isn't me. I'm generally the dominant one, not aggressive or harsh, but I know what I want and I tell you. I've also tried just about everything at one time or a another and find I'm more 'adventurous' than 'vanilla' Always wanted to have anal sex, but embarrassed to ask for it from your man? Want to be tied up or collared but don't want someone judging you? Maybe you just want sex more often or the excitement of an elicit rendezvous? If so I'm your man. Tell me what your fantasy is and we can make it happen. I'm also interested in cuckold couples who would like to get together. If your husband wants to watch you suck a strangers dick or go down on you during or after sex, we can make that happen. I have a professional life and live in a small town outside Austin, so you need to be discreet above all else.
i am a normal guy with an office job. it i go to the gym regularly. i am interested in guys who cheat on their wives and wives who cheat on their men.
we're fun, sexy, adventerous, with big boobs. wives of best friends. curious and this is still new to us but planning our next 'get together' while only one of our husbands knows anything about this and trying to involve the four of us this next time
Bisexual (comfortable with males , females or both), educated, professional, respectful, and in all a nice person. I like 3 ways -MFM - and like working with first timers. I have luck with working with two husbands in getting their wives to join. That was slow but rewarding.
New to this lifestyle but have been thinking about it for a long time. I am very interested in women and have the full go ahead of my husband. We are a couple who are looking for another coupld for a discreet friendship/relationship between the wives only. Discreet is a word that we both like. We are both open-minded, easy going, and are just looking for a couple to get to know and have some fun. We are both 52 years of age, enjoy our cottage and the outdoors. We are looking for a couple that we can establish a friendship with as well as the wives having a little extra fun.
Well endowed (8") and dominant personality without a lot of bravado. Some bi top experiences with the husbands of wives I've enjoyed. Prefer couples for partying. Looking to explore -- let's connect and see where it goes!!!
Luv hot, cuckolding wives and their hot little sissy slut husbands. Also luv submissive, sexy tv and cd sluts that act like the woman at all times. I'm straight, athletic and hung, baby.
Professional photographer working in Savannah during the week and living in Long County on weekends. Average guy who loves to participate with husbands and boyfriends who have willing wives.
That gorgeous derriere of hers certainly can get a guys attention! I'm sure you get these messages alot from other horny guys lusting at her. I'm John, I'm bi, attractive, sane, happy healthy, discrete and respectful of others always but especially in these situations. Also, I have all of my teeth and I can complete sentences. Isn't that amazing? LOL Simply put I love to have threeways with wives with their husbands. I've done this with two other couples before and it was a great experience for everyone (especially the husbands!) In fact we met again and again monthly for a couple years.
I was reading an article online about how morman men can have multiple wives so why couldnt women have multiple the end of the article the woman stated that it was a nice fantasy like it couldnt be possible. I am asking for ya'lls opinion on this if men can have multiple wives why is it so impossible to believe that women can have multiple it so crazy to believe that women want this or is it just me. Thoughts, opionions, comments, anything.
With so many countries now embracing Gay Marriage, should there be a push to do the same with Plural Marriage?
After all, assuming that ALL the parties involved are fully consenting adults, what's wrong with say four guys becoming husbands or a man having two or more wives etc.
Some religions and sects encourage it and until the later middle ages it was common all over the world - Although this was almost always one man with many wives.
We're open to the idea, indeed a couple more husbands and another wife would be quite useful to us right now!
By the way, this post isn't intended to sort out the issues of human relationship and the problems that would happen in plural marriage, just the principle
My interests are bi women ,couples menwho dont mind letting their wives get penetrated by my husband and women who dont mind me having sex with their husbands? we do not want bi men because my hubby is straight. with that in mind we urge beautiful women-n- men to step forward.from beauty

Jeannie first saw me suck cock twice in Maryland, with all wives watching. :)

Women, especially bi women, want to see how men make love to each other.

BTW, they sucked mine, too. And, she loved it. She gets so hot she doesn't even care who wants to fuck her. She's ready! :)
a couple of wives have watched my with their husbands, a great turn on for all of us
Some husbands like to surprise their wives by showing their Boobies to their friends !!
Yeah thats what got me doing the reading online and started my interest in what others opions and thoughts are. I guess i just cant firgure out why so many people seem sto not want to think of women having multiple husbands and it seems so ok for men to have multiple wives. I would so be all for it if it wasnt illegal. Thanks for your input nessa.
Have you considered a local swingers club - while there is play at the clubs, many go for the social connections - just to meet others, and straight husbands with bi wives is the norm, although a lot of the husbands are bi, just don't admit it openly. I have talked to many couples that have given up trying for on line connections, just because of all the BS involved (fakes, posers, etc.). Connecting on here takes a lot of time and patience, and the ability to sort through a lot of chaf.
You all got it wrong! Our wives could care less about sex, other women our age think that they should have a "young" stud, younger women want what most of can't provide time(if we are married). So, we look for sex where we can find it. Some pay to play with prostitutes, others say a warm mouth and a tight asshole is no different with a man or a woman. "Bi-curious" BS everyone is bisexual just some are afraid to admit it.
Yes it is very understanding that we are here to find what we like and I'm here to find cock and I'm also like to find some pussy too. The thing that gets me when you see men with their wives or girlfriend and they say they are bisexual and only interested in women so don't you feel you should say your straight instead of saying that your bisexual. So what I'm saying is that I like both men and women like to suck a good cock and I also like to eat a pussy but first it be nice to get to know you first and give nice complements on pictures but when you do that then its like they block you especially the ones that are saying they are bi and then only interested in women its just giving you a great feeling knowing that people like what they see. Let it be that we are here to have fun and maybe hook up to get to know and find out what we truly like. With all that said everyone have fun with what is offered here on the BP site. Hugs and Kisses to everybody that reads all the remarks and good luck on your search and happiness. :)
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From a non personal level to a personal level. Non Personal: I work predominately in an all male business for many years. Many men talk to me over the phone regarding business and then their personal lives. Some men have admitted they have had a bi-sexual experience and then state it was only one time in their lives. They test the waters to see how a female would react. Many admit they cannot tell their wives of their desires because the wives are very jealous, closed minded. Not all women will accept their husbands being bisexual. I am always sorry to hear this, yet it is a fact. They also cannot come out with their true identity due to the nature of the business and do not want to be labeled. Many men would loose their jobs, their positions in society. Society on a whole has not accepted bisexuality with men. This is a fact and a very heavy one to weigh. One good note the high schools here have many clubs for gays, bisexuals, lesbians, and so on. The future generation is so much more accepting than ours. Personal: Our story is very different from others. While moving him into his new apartment I was unpacking a box that contained bisexual dvd's. I broached the subject when he came home from work and stated he had liked to watch them now and then and it was part of the past. A few months later I was on his computer researching places to go, lost my search and went into history to try and find what I lost, low and behold I see another email address and MM movies and MMF movies. He came home from work I broached the subject at midnight and we did not have a good conversation as he was exhausted and knew it would be a long conversation. I left that night and drove to my house. We spent 6 days barely speaking and I had many questions in my mind. I finally called him and he clearly expressed to me he had things to tell me. I drove to see him, we went for a drive, parked the car and he told me everything of the past and that he was bisexual. I sat there part surprised part not, yet he was completely open, honest and I knew it was one of the hardest things to tell a woman you fell in love with and you are only together at the time 9 months. I actually respected him even more after our conversation and we became a stronger more loving couple after that. Not to mention that night we made such wonderful love to each other :). My point from a personal level, I respected, admired, accepted and loved him more for his honesty, openness and bravery. He admitted he wanted to tell me many times and was fearful. That conversation brought us together in a deeper relationship of love, respect, understanding, sex, friendship and no secrets. Like some stated above, not all outcomes will have a fairy tale ending. This is a real touchy subject and much to loose for some. Much to gain for others. The scale is not always equal!
I know this has probably been talked about on here but I'm new and wanted to ask the women a question. How do you feel about watching or being involved in 2 men ? I've had 2 experiences with men and they had their wives involved. The first one was the wife wanted to see her husband give oral to another man and the second the wife knew her husband was Bi and it turns her on to be involved. Just curious as to how some of you ladies feel about it. Thanks......
What Is Polyamory?

I have been asked that so many times. And yet I didn’t even know until a year ago when I watched a special on television.

Polyamory can mean different things to different people. But in general it is described as being in a romantic/sexual relationship with more than one other person. There is no control over a certain person or gender; everything is equal as it would be in the typical monogamous relationship.

Do not confuse this with Polygamy.

Polygamy is normally when a singular person (usually a man) has several “sister/brother” spouses. Typically, most Polygamy relationships have one husband, and at least two “sister wives” who either live together or in separate houses. Sister wives are not permitted to have sexual conduct between themselves and the other wives, and are generally in a place of “total submission” to their husband. The man makes a decision, the wives follow through.

However, in Polyamory, it is quite different.

In most Polyamorous relationships, there are at least three people involves in a committed and loving relationship. Sex between all members is normal, and no one is “excluded” because of gender. Most Polyamory people are bisexual, however there have been heterosexual or homosexual men and women involved in a Polyamorous relationship.

A lot people today (and in the past) have been taught that Love is between a man and a woman. That a good and honest relationship can only exist in the terms of a “man and wife”. One man, one wife.

However, I think most people reading this would think a little differently.

Slowly but surely, over the last hundred years the public has been becoming more and more accommodating towards bisexuals and homosexuals. What is far more recent, however, is the thought that not only can a loving and healthy relationship exist between two people of the same gender, but so can multiple people of different genders.

Gone are the days when the thoughts of a “threesome” are saved purely for the occasional fantasy. Many people today have more than one lover in a constant relationship. And the typical dynamics of these relationships are as greatly diversified as the people themselves.

A polyamorous family could be a straight/bi man with two bisexual women, three or members of the same sex, a large group (3+) of people of mixed genders, and even include members that are either heterosexual or homosexual.

In that case, any genuine homosexual and heterosexual members of this family, though they would only have sex with partners of the ‘appropriate’ sex to their sexual preferences, they would still be expected to love them as a spouse and would have the same drive to care for them as any of their other spouses.

In some cases, only one member of a “couple” may be polyamorous. When this happens, especially when that member is bisexual, things can get very confusing and even worse, possibly leading to a break up.

However, this does not have to happen.

Here is an example:

John and Jane Doe have been married for over 10 years and are very happy in their relationship. However, John has always felt that he needed something more in his life. Not less or different, like someone other than Jane, but something (or in this case someone) more.

Added to this, John is bisexual but Jane is heterosexual.

There are a few different ways for him to deal with this. One is to hide his feelings and repress them, which only leads to betterment and misery over the years. Another is go behind his wife’s back and seek his pleasure elsewhere, either with another woman or man.

For obvious reasons, I recommend neither of these ways nor are they very healthy or conductive to a long-term relationship.

Another option, though, is available. John could speak to his wife about his feelings openly and honestly. Reinforce to her that it is not that he no longer loves his wife, nor wants to leave her. He just simply feels as if he needs something more.

Now, if the two of them each share their feelings on the matter, different things can be done that both of them agree on and could wind up keeping them happy and together for many more years to come. Perhaps Jane would agree to let John date others either with or without her knowledge. Some women prefer not to know, some would welcome a third to their family. Whether or not John and Jane accept a “third” (or more) into their relationship would depend on their personal feelings.

And don’t get me wrong, I am not condoning cheating on a spouse, or people using this as way to “sleep around”. I am simply describing one of the many forms of Polyamory.

And sometimes, both people seek either a singular addition, or even another couple.

I’m sure many people (but not all) people have confused “swinging” with a desire and need for a Polyamorous relationship. In this case, it would simply mean that both couples develop real and lasting feelings for each other. Either couple may not feel the need to seek pleasure from outside of their “foursome”, because of the feelings that have developed for the other couple.

Truly, the possibilities are endless.

As I said in the very beginning, Polyamory can mean different things to different people. In general, it is described as being in a romantic/sexual relationship with more than one person. There is no control over a certain person or gender; everything is equal as it would be in the typical monogamous relationship.

And if anyone has any questions about this or any other topic that I have posted or even something they are curious about, email me. I am more than happy to help people.

After all, I believe information is the best defence that anyone could ever have.

Peace and Love people. Stay safe and happy.
ENCONIUM. Translated loosely means TRIBUTE. What Roman men would do was tie their wives down and bring in a cocksman. This cocksman would then proceed to perform sexual acts as ordered by the husband. The husband would also take his pleasure with both the cocksman and his wife when and how he chose. It was done as a ceremony which was called De Visitatione Rara, (a rare visit).

The cocksman wears a mask so as to remain annonomus throughout this ceremony. When it ends he is escorted out and thanked, it was considered vulgar for the wife to know the identity of the cocksman. This method was used many times when two male members of the nobility admired each others wives. If you have eight fat inches or better and are bi drop me a line that is if you have interest in such a thing.
My turn...with my unpopular response to this question ;)

I've been in the Lifestyle for 20 years, and this same question has come up time and time again. The various responses I've heard over the years led me to my own conclusions. These, of course, aren't meant to paint everyone with the same brush, but they have held true with quite a few people.

I really believe the main reason that bisexual, Lifestyle women will say they don't like or want a bisexual man is...because that's what their partner wants to hear! That has even been shown on this thread with a couple of women stating that they wouldn't be with a man (bisexual or not) because their husband wouldn't like it. I have heard that same statement too many times, and at times, it has actually made me mad. Especially when in confidence, these same women say they would love to be with a man (bisexual or not) but are just too afraid of what their husbands might say or do. And that's supposed to be a loving relationship?!

Why the double standard? Why is it perfectly fine for the male half of a relationship to live his fantasies while so many women are left to only do as they are told in the Lifestyle. That just is not an open and honest relationship. You should be sharing equally, and be able to talk and discuss, without fear, your wants and desires.

More women that you would think are excited about a bi-male relationship. They just won't be honest with it. Due to fear, shame, or whatever personal reason.

The same thing goes with threesomes with straight males. Look at the personal ads, and see how many couples are just looking for women only. Of course, the women will say that she only wants a woman, but I've found that typically isn't true. The women would love to experiment with another man (I'm not talking about cheating), but won't because she believes her husband won't even like to hear about it.

I do have a lot to say on this issue as I've helped women deal with it for many, many years. But, I've said enough for now ;)

Carol xoxoxo Kiss
I can understand this, but I am wondering, if they put down bicurious, or bisexual? Some sites have this distinction, I've explored both sides, so I am very able to say bisexual, but it's also true that I've not had sex with a male in over 2 yrs. That I'm more attracted to females, and that I feel awkward around men. The thing is, I don't know how to act around some guys, I want to act my feminine self, and be coy and actively seek their attention, but with their wives there it's the straight 'acting' knee jerk reaction to explore that option first. Truth is, I've been with straight couples, and the man wants nothing to do with me. But I'm bi, and I think it's true that I feel most humans are bisexual, just don't know what they are missing, so instead of pushing their limits and getting kicked out again, I gravitate to the ladies...

I think these straight acting bi's are just that, all talk, but when you push them for male on male action, you might be surprised by what they are willing to do...


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I was at a party one time and I got on my knees and was blowing one guy and as soon as I was finished another put his cock in my mouth. That continued with a total of 7 guys and I gave each a blow job while two of the wives watched. It was one of the most exciting nights of my life. Believe me when I say I would love to do it again with the women watching.:)
Cheating Wives
The great news for cheating wives is there are lots of cheating husbands. We can satisfy each others cravings, and not mess up the home front because its in everybody's best interests to be discrete.
Love mature women and wives of different races. In So Cal.
Women Watching Men Suck Dick
I have recieved requests from women who wanted to watch me suck off guys and I have been very happy to oblige. I enjoy sucking cock and having a woman watch me do it makes it more fun :-D I have had the pleasure of sucking off a group of several men while the wives of some of them were watching....deliteful.;)
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this site is so hot.
this journal entry page is such a smart idea.
anyway, i want to share a related fantasy i have.
sometimes when i rub myself i think about a bi swing club with a special initiation rite. for each new couple to gain membership to the club, they have to go through the following initiation: husband (or boyfriend) sits in a specially designed chair. it's designed to optimize space around his cock so that all the wives (and girlfriends) who are current club members can kneel around him and suck his dick together. the chair is facing a plush, circular bed. on top of the bed sits his wife (or girlfriend). all the other husbands who are already in the club are gathered around her. the new hubby watches his wife get gangbanged by the other hubby club members while all the other wives devour his cock. once every male member is done cumming in or on the new wife, the new hubby is instructed to make love to her. once the new couple cums together, the initiation rite ends and they are admitted into the club.
I added some of my bi-swinger blowjob party pics of me doing two cocks at once in the living room. The wives loved watching a guy doing all the work for a change. I got two loads at once and had fun.
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HI I am a Bisexual TV. I love to fuck guy while thier wives and gielfriends watch.

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love phone sex with married couples, guys wives and occasionally with guys and single women. very much love chatting about family experiences or watching online porn together while chatting on the phone. its so horny chatting while getting off together
Bisexual Married Men
I have been married to my wife for 25 yrs and I have to say that it has been wonderfully fun and sexually charged. However, as my wife realizes she does not have a penis and that I enjoy not only Blowjob on a beautiful thick hard Cock but that I Love having a hard thick throbbing Cock sliding in and out of my ass. She has consented to allow me to enjoy myself in this lifestyle with other men and will sometimes join in on the fun if she feels comfortable with a bisexual male we have befriended. Therefore, I am (we are) looking for bisexual single men and married bisexual men who honestly have their wives permission to play and have fun with sexually... ;)
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Thank you for such a warm welcome. I am Danielle and my husbands name is Henry. We never realized a site like this existed and have been interested in the life style and finding people is so hard. Thank you we love the site!!!